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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2008 idoesn'tmatter Jones Kill myself before 13? Are you outta your freakin' mind!? The average life span of a human being is roughly 80 years! 13 is not even 10 percent of that! To evem think of killing yourself at such a rediculous age is assinine. Sure i've thought about it. But who knows who you'll be, what you'll be, or how your life will be in ten years? If your life is that horrible seek guidance to help the situation get better, because killing yourself will prove nothing.
05 Mar 2008 Miss Anne Thropy Are any of you people aware that this site and question were posted 9 years ago? The first response is dated Oct 99!! Either this little girl is already long gone or she is over 20 now!!! GO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO PLAY YOU FUCKING FREAKS!
05 Mar 2008   Put this in your "blame me" section crap.

This isn't funny. I don't care if you try to make this look like a childs game but this isn't funny at all.

I almost commit suicide and its not fun and for you to come close to mocking this is fuckin ridiculous. You have good art but this is fucking stupid.

Best way to kill yourself when your under 13 is not to. Don't even fuckin think about it.

And don't make websites like this bullshit.

So fuck you, you stupid fuckin little girl.

You make me sick.
11 Feb 2008 tom To all of you morons,
when you have been born with a heart disease an cystic fibrosis, got cancer a twelve, both of your parents have died a year later, been taken to hospital unconcious and in a coma for 4 months and have been abused by foster parents. that is when you have the right to complain you self indulgent selfish bunch of bastards, you don't know how bad life can be.
shut up and try to enjoy the only life you will get.
10 Feb 2008 BitchAss um why would a person under 13 year want to kill themselves. are you guys stupid? why would you show this information to little fucking kids. wow and wow you guys are fucking homosexuals and fucking retarted who don't get anything and don't understand shit. FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT

1. you are so fucked up
2.get something GOOD to say at least otherwise stfu
3. its not a game cuz sum ppl are actually going to kill themselves cuz of ur retarted little "funny" comments
4. GOD PPL LIKE THAT JUST MAKE ME WANNA KILL THEM ( no kidding) yall should die urselves for saying that)
15 Jan 2008 thehated hmm you didnt like my message so you got rid of it how harsh. well i did break some recommend rules of the church enthusia it does tho help the beliefs live tho.
12 Jan 2008 doughboy nigga look i dont know who the fuck made this site but its fucking sick i will fucking have this site i dont see how yall can put this shit on here....
21 Dec 2007 Just No Honestly, You are a Sick Fuck. Suicide is no joke. And you are encouraging children to pretend to commit suicide?! You are not funny. You are not cool. You are not smart. You are not creative. You are stupid and narrow-minded. If you think I'm making a big deal out of "a little fun", just go to hell, seriously. You obviously have no idea how sad this topic is, you really should know more about the world around you. Nobody will buy this. You will make no money of this. You are a sick fuck. You are just sick sick sick sick sick.
I'm only trying to help.
12 Dec 2007 dfgklaw listen, how stupid are you... wanting to kill yourself at your age... are you out of your mind? look what you still have left to do... get married, ave children and all that... and if u kill urself u wil have nothing... so just grow up!!!
05 Dec 2007 my world if it isnt your time you cant die. that is if god has a purpose for you. so if you succeed in killing yourself god dosent care about you and so u will burn forever anyway.
now u see your existance for the bleek nothingness it is. welcome to hell.
12 Nov 2007 pfft. Mouch, i hate how u didn't post what i wrote about nunga-nungas yet u post all of lucy's stuff? wtf?? i took that from the same books she did. pfft.
05 Nov 2007 Hardcorepawn I don't personally care about anyone posting on this damned website. The "shit" you people have been through... well its mild to say the least. There is always someone worse off than you! Do you see them killing themselves? No because they aren't atenttion seaking Idiots. My only advice to anyone seeking to kill themselves is run through a major cities subway system with a backpack and a scarf round your face screaming ALA ALA! That should do the trick. Suicide: The act of killing ones self when said person has no balls! Or the courage to just deal with the4 probelms life throws at you.
I only have 2 more words for all of you;

Your Cunts!
11 Oct 2007 Be The Best to anyone who wants to kill themselves!

your all weak!you dont believe in yourselves and the people around you! you need to fight for to make your life better! just takes time a patience

to everything negative theres allways a positive you need to find it and build on it, take the good from the bad! stand up and have some self pride your alive for a reason not just to make up the numbers, so stop kiding yourself and make something of yourself,

everyone meens something to someone
11 Oct 2007 Be The Best suicide is a one way ticket to hell!!
Join the army, it gives you free food and accomadation everyday so u dont have to worry about bills, family members or friends, you will meet friends for life they will be like brothers and sisters to you! you'll get the see the world, kill iraqi's not yourself!!
the army will take you away from all your problems and make you a stronger person physicaly and mentally and will also give you a bloody good pension!, thanks fo reading ;)
04 Oct 2007 prep101 you people are FUUCKED UP!!! Emo bitches
30 Sep 2007 FUCKER. Yeah,
your fucking sad.
If suicide is so brilliant,
why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Jesus died for you and the least you owe him is to live.
Sad that your such a waste.
Maybe you should go back to school
and learn what really is valuable
pathetic shit head.
27 Sep 2007 impale yourself. stop being a little baby. grow the fuck up. oh im gonna kill myself cuz i have problems or cuz i have depression. abraham lincon had depression. he was president of the united states of america. so dont kil yourself. but i wouldsay the best way would be self impaling on a tall tree trunk thats been topped and sharpened to a point.
it will hurt bad but will make such a bold statment the pain will be worth it.
17 Sep 2007 Perplexed Agony pfft All of you every single person on this thing, if your so god damned irritated by stop posting on it. The fact is EVERY GOD DAMNED PERSON ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH IS SUICIDAL!! Every one of you bastards. Some people take it to far and some people are to afraid to. You whine about your problems seeking help because you cant deal with it yourself or just want attention. Let me tell you something. IF LIFE WAS FUCKING EASY, EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT!!!! Fucking suck it up. All you little emo bastards who cut themselves because there depressed and want attention, come to me I'll show you real masochism. You stupid little kids think you know what pain is and brag about it, and say you hurt so much. you have no fucking clue. Pain Is not something as childish as you are. Pain is something you honor and cherish for having it there. It tells you that your still here, and makes you feel alive. If you knew what real pain was you would find pleasure in it because thats all that life is, a big fat fucking ball of pain. If your gonna kill yourself just fucking do it, Dont try and get attention from every for, because that means thats all you really wanted was attention and thats babyish. and if your to fucking afraid to do it stop fucking whining about it and get the fuck over it.

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