Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Mar 2011 caimacd-at-gmail btw, if you do want to talk my email is below in the name section.
i mean... about fucking anything.
08 Mar 2011 rattss taking lots of pills.
07 Mar 2011 the bird why kill me if I can kill you??
07 Mar 2011 Jewels Well I dont know the best way but definatly not cutting. I tried it and mathew it didnt work. I no that I dont have it as bad as it could be but its all the little things. I still have both of my parents and my sister but its fuckin sickning when I go to school and get called every name in the book. I try to tell someone but why should I matter? My parents try to act nice around my friends but when they leave I have to do everything its Pissing me off and I want it to end!
07 Mar 2011 BRI BRI im 14! my mom is a total bitch and tells me to go cut my wrists. my dad kicked me out when i was 13. me and him were really close.... and now i live with mom and two brother. my baby brother clayton is the only reason why im not dead now, i was goin to kill myself two days ago but the n i thought off clayton and i thought of what if i cut mmy throat right now my baby brother will get my beatings. so i will be beatin for my brother. he is everything to me. and juss yesturday me and my boyfriend broke up. so right now i think of killing myself A LOT!
06 Mar 2011 Alex With a cartoon knife.
06 Mar 2011 Julianna moran No
06 Mar 2011 emotype Ecouter Tokio Hotel
04 Mar 2011 Isaac Do it or dont just think about the people it will affect
04 Mar 2011 death is just another path take an overdose of sleeping pills
03 Mar 2011 Adam I am 12 and the thought of suicide has just started to come to me. Please email me, I want to solve this before it gets to far.
03 Mar 2011   DonĀ“t even think about it! Live your life and let friends, your family and music help you!
02 Mar 2011 kibeet why bother anymore?
02 Mar 2011 Guancestry I would say the best way to commit suicide is with a shot in the head!
01 Mar 2011 maggie garcia Dark out, you still gotta light up.
01 Mar 2011 maggie garcia The times you dont want to wake up
Cause in your sleep its never over when you give up
The sun is always going to rise up
You need to get up, gotta keep your head up
Look at the people all around you
The way you feel is something everybody goes through
Dark out, but you still gotta light up
You need to wake up, gotta keep your face up.
When I feel down, I listen to this song because it keeps my face up.
01 Mar 2011 frank (yes this name is fake) i believe the best way to kill yourself is via electrocution and sleeping pills. get in the bath, take all of the pills, plug in a hair dryer and turn it up to max. sit in the tub holding the live dryer over the water, when you do doze off....the hair dryer will make it clean, quick, and painless. if anything you might have a little fun. but that is if you are going for clean and quiet. if you want to go loud and proud, buy a high key piano wire. make a noose around a strong supporting beam about 8 feet off the ground. make a snare out of the other end and make sure it is close to tight with your neck in it and no slack so the short fall is sure to do its job. then cover your hands in super glue, put your neck in the tension snare, hold your glue covered hands frimly to the sides of your head till your hands fuse with your head, then jump. short fall makes there be no splatter, decapitation by the wire is instant, and those who find you will at first think you ripped your own head off. classy, clever, and messy....if that is what you want.
as for actually doing any of this....idk im not to sure. parents have been divorced since my first memories, i hate most everyone, and doctors have determined i actually have a chemical imbalance in my brain causing my emotional melee. that said, i wont do it cause im not that weak and although i may be intollereable, i at least have to try to work on it, so i will. who knows what happens next :D
01 Mar 2011 kameron khaos go to north korea and wave an american flag around
28 Feb 2011 roya participate in Mouchette
26 Feb 2011 idk iam 17 and since i was smalll all i thought abt was how and y to commit suicide in the end i never did because in my casse i hate living iam always alone no one understands me or care for me i have turn into some i my self dont recognize anymore. i have a gf which idk she is fine but iam always depressed just to keep her happy i act happy i know this is wrong but i feel good making someone elses life betters and easier i wont kill myself because death itself isnt the solution to ones problems its just the weaker way to go if u want to kill ur self it means ur weak and i dont want to be weak so everyday i tried to survive making my self into a new person everyday the solution to everyones suicidal thoughts is your self think abt yourself instead of other ur the one that will suffer u shouldnt want to rely on someone elses feeelings for u to feel better all u need is your self in the end BE STRONG LIVE LIFE AS U WANTED TO BE STOP BEING SCARE EVERY MINUTE U WASTE THATS SUICIDE ITS SELF

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