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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Oct 2010 loquita drugs and alcohol.(if you take this seriously, read all of this, if you arent willing to do that, read the last few paragraphs)
i say this because i have spent the last four years of my life killing myself slowly with these tools.
i was fifteen when i started to drink "socially". also the same age i tried marijuana for the first time.
i found a great escape in these things. when i was drunk and high i could forget about how worthless, insecure, disgusted with myself and depressed i was. i thought i had found a savior in these things.
i speak from experience, and it can be debated all day whether pot is a gateway drug, but for myself, and many my friends it was. pot lead to coke, then to mushrooms and lsd, then to ecstasy then to pills, and not to mention the array of drugs that the pot was laced with out of my 4 years i spent wasting myself.
at first it started out doing these things in the summer. but when school started back up, i needed an escape from the pressure and stress of highschool and the troubles i was having at home. my parents have been divorced since i was 1 and i didnt get along with the stepfather. so drinking and drugging became a weekend hobby.
i graduated from hs a semester early and started college. i found many of kids with the same habits of me and the drinking and drugs became almost an everyday activity. pot and alcohol became my life. i lived to get high and drunk. so much that i quit going to school. then on st. patricks day of this last year i got a wake up call. i was arrested with a dui, and spent 7 hours in jail. i realized i was spinning out of control. but what was i supposed to do, its hard to stop spinning once you start. i tried to quit, but i had addictions rooted for 4 years. i stayed off drink for about 3 weeks, saying if i just smoke ill be alright. but it didnt last, pot alters perceptions until it was clear to me, as long as im not driving i am alright to go on as i please.
i spent april through august in a drunken stupor until i got another wake up call. i had been on a two week straight drinking binge, every single day from the time i woke up til i past out the next morning, fucked up. a friend i hadnt seen in awhile came to pick me up to hang out from this house i was staying at. i was still drunk when she got me at 9 in the morning. i passed out in her car on the 2 hour drive to her house, and when i woke up i couldnt remember where i was or why. i kept trying to cover up what i was feeling, that i was out of control, with pot. but it didnt work anymore. i didnt forget the things that bothered me when i was high anymore. then something happened. what i can only explain as a spiritual awakening.
later that day, by the grace of god, i found some kind of strength from with in to ask my mother to take me to rehab. now, today ive been clean for 2 months after completing a rehab program that has given me much information and support.
maybe ive rambled, but i just wanted to say all this in some attempt that maybe someone feels similar to me. and cos i know that many kids younger than 15 get into these things.
i found this site by accident, not intentional. but lately i have come to believe that nothing is accidental.
all i want to say to wrap this up is i know what its like to not want to live, to try to do anything to stop everything that is going on around me. i know what its like to completely hate the person you see in the mirror. i know what its like to want to die. and i found some earthly ways to kill myself slowly. but out of all this, what ive realized that death wouldnt of solved anything, death would have been giving up. i know at times it seems thats all we can do, but that just simply is not true. youve got to find something in life that makes you genuinely happy and hold on to that.
when youre 13 years old, you havent the ability to see very far into the future. but im telling you, if you just find that something and hold on to it, you will see better days.
and that drugs and alcohol are not the answer, the only thing they will bring is an empty band and a world full of hurt, and addictions. ive learned from my experiences, but you dont have to. you cant become an addict if you never pick up the drugs and drink. dont waste your life like i did. cos for the short time when it made me feel okay with myself, allowing me to forget, using these things. that all was a lie. it was just a cover up cos all the problems were still there. the problems in life dont go away until you stand up to them and start dealing with the demons, before they deal with you.
dont be afraid child, you are loved. by at least one person on this earth. me!
and by someone that isnt on this earth.
god is love.
stay strong, live long.
27 Oct 2010 4vrdead I was just laid off from my I have plans to kill myself
27 Oct 2010 already dead fuck being under 13 i wish i had died years ago and saved my family a lot of pain and trauma i hate me and
wish i had a way out without hurting everyone.....want to see nic -_- ....x
27 Oct 2010 heartbroken fairy well probably get bitten by a snake or something...
26 Oct 2010 kali I think im too much of a pansie to do it, but i wish i could. I was molested by my step father and uncle. I ran away and was brutally raped by a few guys. I ended up trying to get my life together, had three kids before i hit 24, and was married to a "great" guy, that worked and didnt do drugs or cheat, great guy? nope. he has been kicking my a** for 6 yrs.I wasnt allowed to work or leave house. he hit me Infront of the kids. i finally called cops, now im losing my house, my kids have no food, i have no help. i know my kids will miss me but i just want to give up. they will understand if i do. idk why im writing this.
23 Oct 2010 Jessica Climons I was 4 when I was officially depressed. I was abused mentally and emotionally everyday of my life by my sister and the people in school or around the world. I secluded myself from the world and being young I learned that hating myself and not having friends was the way life for me was suppose to be. I hated God, life, my parents and started to become sexual at ayoung age. As I grew older the looks became more important and the people jugded me more untill I drunk cleaning supplies to try to kill myself. It was God in MY heart always telling me to vomit or pass out when I took pills and to not go on with it. I tried to get my life to god but the devil always had his clutches on me. Because of my low self esteem he always had me. I hated my father and mother because I felt they werent there. But when my mom found one of my numerous death notes she took me up for pray and a man told me something that mom told me but it meant more from a stranger saying "I love you. It will be alright, and YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING!" you kids werent put on this earth for no reason or to be an example of imperfection being stupid or being full of flaws, or whatever thats bothering you people to kill yourself you were put in this world to do the good. I LOVE you people e-mail me I LOVE YOU i can be there for you just dont give up life because the devil is urging you it took me almost 10 years to be free and Im only 13 right now. The devil is going to show you what pain is if you kill yourself being in gods light is work [hell yes] but it worth every second of work to noitce you feel happy. God bless you e-mail me im there!
22 Oct 2010 skye Dont kill ur self i no how u feel every day like ur nothing i feel that 24/7 but u r better than that im only 13 and iv all reday tryed 2 kill my self twice and i regret it like the time i cut my arm with a sharp knife i regret it coz now i have a ugly scares on my arm 4 the rest of my life i also hate going 2 skool everyday coz of what ppl say bout me but i dont care let them think what they want and if u need some 1 2 talk 2 send me a message my MSN is so if ur thinking bout killing ur self dont do it ur better than that
21 Oct 2010 Annon. I am 13, and would love to share my two sense. However horrible life may be, there is always some brief moment that you live for. If you play soccer, you would understand. You can either sit on the bench for 45/60 minutes, but kick butt when you play, or you can play 45/60 minutes, and not really try. If life sucks, just try to wait it out, and when you get 30 seconds of fun and joy, make it be worth the year it has taken you to get to it. You were put on this earth for a reason, so decide what it is, and do it. If you are considering suicide, I beg you to put it off for a day. Just 1 single day, and in that day, make life count. As I said at the beginning, I am 13, and am just sharing my thoughts. I can only beg you to not kill yourself, but I con not force you to not. If 1 single person reads this, and finds 5 seconds of happiness in their life, Then they may reconsider suicide, and in turn, I will have succeeded. If you need someone to talk to, just email me.
21 Oct 2010   Omg who r u what the fuck r u doin to kids u dumb....
20 Oct 2010 Oscar Bleach, and plenty of it. Nom.
20 Oct 2010 emily i am 14, my sister is bipolar and is a constant witch. she sometimes physically attacks me, swears at me, and belittles me. my parents are divorced, it was a violent breakup. now my dad basically lives with us and mom and dad are dating. i cant take my family life anymore. i cant take my life anymore. fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, i cant kill myself. so im not suicidal but i wouldnt mind dying. i just want a break.
20 Oct 2010 haha watching porno and jerk yourself to death
16 Oct 2010   O, Enzyme.

How great it is, to come here after a long time and find more of your delicious words to read.
I wish I knew who you are so I could move near your home and stalk you every day.

Yours truly, an anonymous admirer.
16 Oct 2010 Rafi Your going to regret alot of things after you die...
13 Oct 2010 urgent heelp <3 hi im 13 n nuthin seemsright my mum n dad hav fought ever scince my father cheated wen i was 5 but my mother stayed for me my father dsnt care i heard him say ges gonna get me married at 15 prob so he can go hav a gud lyf with his 3rd wife n i cbb explain it but yh on skool i was in the best class but everscince i started living with my dad i went down to the lowest class im just an idiot now then i gad outside skool runour problems the onlliij thing tgat kept me livvin is my fwendz mainly one my bestie but recently we had a big fight n were done so knoe i feel lyk derz nufin to live for i thought bout suicide fo a week but i wanr it painless de onlii way my dads gonna wake up to his children is by me dying plz sumone help email or add zenab_chahine@hotmail i need sumone i hav noone nymore :( i really hate my lyf im thinkin of just takong random pills but im scared i still live wid damage. help
13 Oct 2010 Chelsea I know im writing a lot, but your not a lone in this world. At 12 I got drunk and laid down in front of on coming traffic. I didnt care. My friend who lived across the street got to me before a car did. Second time I slit my wrist. Woke up at the hospital. The state i was leaving in let me decide if i wanted to leave my mom. I did. I had tried to kill myself and she was in the hospital screaming at me. She was told to leave. I never saw her until 9 years later. Foster was ok. I lost my foster dad after 3 years. I never thought i would ever have that. It was worse than the abuse loosing him. My foster was never the same at 15 i was a lone again. That feeling has never left me, but im here im trying i want to be happy everyone deserves happiness. The one thing that kept me strong and i can honestly say after i was done crying i always told myself someone out there has it worst than me. Doesnt mean thats good just reminded me not to complain because my life could be worse. I am just one of the walking wounding.
13 Oct 2010 Chelsea I tried to kill myself twice when i was 12. Im now 22. I cant really say I regret trying. It was my escape. When I was 5 my cousin who was 16 was molesting me. It started when I was a sleep at night. I woke up in the mornings with my underware off almost every morning. At 5 i could never understand why that was. I thought it was me. Until it started while i was awake. My mom and moved us away. She saved me from that monster but that didnt protect me from her. She was acholic and drug addict. Never home. I raised my little brother. My older sister only cared about herself. When my mom was home i was beat. Thrown through the front door , black eyes going to school, my sis and mines head banged together or into walls, kicked in ribs. Things that are imbedded into my mind. My grandfather tried to molest me two years after my cousin. I knew better. Mom wouldnt believe me. I was in and out of foster care more than 4 times for periods of 9 months at a time and then returned.
12 Oct 2010 Amy moir Im 14 so i guess this is irrelevant.Im so fucked up,my mums drunk right now,trying to pick a fight.i cant take this,not tonight.i cant stand the shouting,i miss my dog.he died. i miss friends dont understand,they dont know how i feel when im alone,the countles times i imagine my death. pills, hanging, shooting, suffocating,drowning, jumping, cutting. .i just dont have the guts to follow through.i want to die now,i want to die tonight,but i wont.
Add me on facebook if u can help. im Amy killjoy moir.
11 Oct 2010 Enzyme My dear, lilting, eviscerated, death-rabbits…

Too long have we been apart. Yes, it is indeed I, Enzyme. Back with hands of fire. Back to stir the cauldron of woe.

Mouchette! My lovable lil’ antichrist! Let me kiss your pale, evil feet.

Today we shall cross the river styx and look at that pernicious vortex: “Loneliness”.

It is a cry many of you adorable death-rabbits espouse. I know. I know what it’s like. You sit on the bus, a gargantuan, plastic maggot carting you to and from work. Or maybe in your car. Or maybe on foot. The transitions of life are the most wretched for the lonely peon. It’s the going to and from. When life grinds you down to the knuckle. That’s when loneliness cracks your skull and pours her syphilitic powder into your cerebral cortex. You think… “Wasted time. Who could ever want me? I’m too complex to love or understand. Look at these worn faces. They’re avoiding my gaze. I could spit up blood in front of them, speak in tongues, summon Achilles and they wouldn’t bat an eye. Nothing changes. Nothing ever, fucking, changes.”

Perhaps once you weren’t lonely. You cast your spirit back there. To that basement in Brooklyn. That skinned wheat-field. That wide, acrid beach. Existence seemed endless then. Full of rare, ratified adventures. And now?

I know, little mice. I know. But what IS this thing called ‘loneliness’? We use it freely to describe our maudlin state… but what does it truly imply? To be lonely means you don’t like being alone. But that’s not true, is it? Like all good creatures of darkness, I’m sure we all love our lairs, no matter how pathetic and venial. Ahhh the late hours of the night, up in my tower, playing David Bowie, watching “Twin Peaks”, reading 19th century French literature. I’m at peace. In my smoking jacket. Eating s’mores. You all love your solo time, am I right? That’s why God created Mozart and masturbation. Great combo, by the way.

So if being lonely is not really about hating to be alone, what, pray tell, is it about? Perhaps it is a need to be WITH another human being? To talk and converse, to suck on their genitals, to hold them and cry. Yes? Maybe THAT’s what we want? More people.

But let’s be honest, my little zombie tap-dancers… you don’t really LIKE most people, do you? I mean, most humans are rather boorish, dull, witless, and uptight. I mean, if MOST of the population was teleported into your cage and demanded to be your constant companion you would cringe in horror. “You??? In my lair? Messing with my collection of Zap comix? Get thee gone!”

Alright, so maybe being lonely is about wanting to be with the RIGHT person. The right person… who would that be? Well… unkempt hair… and yes, a love of film noir. Weird teeth… and a rye, pithy sense of humor… adventurous… simultaneously hi-brow and low-brow… a fascination with evil… but a tender, romantic creature at heart with a love of Cole Porter, punk rock, and good white wine. My god… it’s me! Yes, you probably crave yourself, as an attractive member of whatever sex you wanna put it to.

But wait! You already have yourself… not as another person, true… but you do have what you want. As you. And maybe if you squint your eyes in the mirror, you’re not really all THAT hideous.
So WHY do we crave another human being to love who is basically ourselves but more attractive?
The answer, little death-rabbits, is obvious.

We want to fully appreciate who we are… we want to fuck ourselves, and adore ourselves, and vindicate our misery, and lovingly molest that beautiful, perfect, innocent creature we are… somewhere deep in the recesses of our being… and say: “I love you, for the fucked up, adorable miscreant you are. I hate the monsters who did you wrong. I forgive you for your suffering. I’m on your side. You’re not alone.”

So loneliness is really the desire to truly love ourselves. And forgive ourselves. And really…. You don’t need to go through the awkward hell of internet dating to do that.

Free severed angel hands for everyone!

Enzyme of the petrified forest.
10 Oct 2010 lind I think its funny how everyone here is saying there is someone out there that loves you or it will get better. When you have no dad and your mom tells you she wants you dead at the age of 12 (im 18 now) kicks you out at 17 and you have nowhere to go. Everyone around you is of higher "status" and doesnt like to accept people who arent of the same status. You have no other family and your struggling to even pay bills. Please tell me whats happy about this at all. Ive tried making friends and all theyve ever done is terrible things to me. It hasnt been once or twice its been EVERY time. I used to be the most optimistic person ever but now its like whats the point. So youll find someone in the future and theyll upset you because they always do. Please everyone look at their lives and tell me theyve had more happiness than sadness because I find that hard to belive. Everyone is focused on themselves and their own happiness thats how its always been thats how it always will be.

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