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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Dec 2011 Lotus Mouchette I love your website so very much. When I come here depressed and ready to die, all these posts never fail to cheer me up. Tell me, what does that say about me? That a suicide kit keeps me from suicide.
19 Dec 2011 living empty failed. suicide wins. there is no reason for me to stay around. the 1 reason i had/have is not around and therefore i am going to end my life. im sleeping in a fucking car taking sleeping pills and i just dont give a fuck anymore. razors must meet my arms and wrists. i must die. life is nothing but an empty abyss of darkness. darkness that no longer turns into light. the happiness is gone. the love is waned. and the soul is hurt. i cant take any more of this. i want out. he does not care. its all my fault. tonight will be the day i hope i die. if he cared he would see its not all on me. hes says he does but i highly doubt it. he thinks hes a god and im nothing more than shit on the bottom of someones shoe. there is NO reason for me to stay here when my life is pure and utter pathetic bullshit. good bye u worthless cowardly life of pain, bullshit, and hurt. im done. im out. end of discussion.
13 Dec 2011 Lia Well i want to kill myself with no pain. i have been severely bullied my whole life and have been concussed twice and have cryed many times. i have no one. I think to kill yourself run into a car but no idea 4 no pain me pls.
12 Dec 2011 kooky put your knives in your vagina all in one
12 Dec 2011 rocker suicide is the best..we r greater than humans because we can suicide and get rid of this hell life... so dont spend more ugly moments and get hanged....sleep in such a way no one can awake u .. rest in such way no one can distub u...even our god and angel committed suicide ... many hindu gods committed why worry
04 Dec 2011 Spuden Find some railroad tracks. Wait for the train. Walk into it right before it passes. This has been my fantasy for many years when I was young... Ah, memories.
03 Dec 2011 Sun Hye Jin suicide kit?
03 Dec 2011   Knives, jumping off your roof, pills in parents med cabinets, starve your self, hit your head on a wall until you split your head open, hit your self with a rock repeatedly, shoot yourself, hang yourself, break a window and slash your neck with a piece of glass, lay on train tracks when a train is coming, run onto the street and dive under a car, put a garden hose in your parents exhaust pipe and put the other end the window next to you or just in your mouth, hit yourself with any tool in your dads garage/shed.
03 Dec 2011 miscreant of death suicide is for those who are not capable of pulling through and moving forwards. suicide is for those with darkness that overrides light. there is no purpose in life and it is now my time to die. good b ye world good bye sun good bye moon. my soul has taken off and i am now allowed to be set free.....
01 Dec 2011 kimdonghun Drowning
21 Nov 2011 suicide goddess the world is a miserable place with no one to give a fuck. im a empty lone living corpse and all i c in this world is bullshit misery. i must cut and let the red river run. there is no hope for me and no one has ever proven to me that ive won anything. deepest inside the blood must flow to the outer. this world is soon to forget me. fuck this world for insanity killed me.
19 Nov 2011 shameful Delicate line between heaven and earth…
The calm of the ages,
all the world’s worth.
Such minuscule measure,
while we think it so grand…
Just five specks of smallness,
This soft quiet land.
So frail and so fleeting,
in the end you will see
Simple dreams were Horatio’s philosophy.

For all the truth,
all creation,
all secrets of yore
Can be told in an instant,
by then they’re no more.

Ah, The Unexplainable
All worries unsettled,
heartache unresolved…
All questions unanswered,
with death, shall be solved.

We already teeter,
this sheer cliff so high.
When we fall to corruption,
insecurities die.

To end is to start;
to surrender is to know.

Despair and depression,
together they grow.
Hope shall meet hopeless
when there’s nowhere to go.

Misao Fujimura
18 Nov 2011 goddess must die fuck my life. i must die. there is no one or anything that gives me reason to stay around.
18 Nov 2011   someone shoot me please. im so over my fucking life. wristcutting no longer benefits me to the point of i will die. boyffriend thinks hes a god, and im a puss, so obviously it wont mean shit if i kill myself. please give me some ideas to get out of this fucking miserable existence. im going to let the red river flow for awhile tonight. write later if i make it another time without drowning from the ;lack of a red river in my empty body.
15 Nov 2011 Timothy Give yourself up to Scientific Experiments
15 Nov 2011 Ae Jae im 17 years old. Male. ive tried killing myself many times. and ive realized, life gets better. its not always roses, but hey, whose life is? 715 404 6746 text me if you would like to talk about it. im open to any age and ill listen to any issues you may have.

13 Nov 2011 Ferdyshchenko i need amphetamines and valium to keep the nightmares away
13 Nov 2011 Stephen Dedalus Somthing?

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