Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jun 2011 hassan Jump from a very very high building
17 Jun 2011 Melanie I remember when I was 9 and tried to commit suicide. I tried to do several times more. I was unsuccessful and I am sneaky enough that my way of doing it now, no one would ever know.
17 Jun 2011 Kezaahh!!! i honestly dnt kno but i wish i dd coz im sik of living i just want it over PLEASE GOD KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!
17 Jun 2011 singh dont know
17 Jun 2011 MeaningInTragedy Empty,bAgitation,bWorthlessness,bI just belive there is no real reason to life, do not pitty me for i pitty you as you live on in this pointless world... No GOD NO HEAVEN JUST BLACK EMPTY NOTHING, this is what i seek, and since u will never know what i truley know, or how i truely feel you know its just that feeling deepinside you that saysWHY? I do not find life enjoyable.... goodbye
we all die alone.
17 Jun 2011 Navkiran Drownd into deep water
14 Jun 2011 not important there is no good way to end it. who i am and what iv done have effected alot of ppl. i have nt had a easy life and have tried more times then you can count. i grew up with a feeling of uslessness. i was arrested many times and very often i would make a attept on my life. finaly i realized that there s so much of life to live. and i ill not let hatdshipps get to me, my advice for ths of you who are really contimplating this horrible act is theat even though things sem rough if you end it you will never get to fix it
13 Jun 2011 darkness why am i still here? i found out about suicide before i moved out. that was 2006. now why am i still here even when i still feel like shit and always looking for a way to end the darkness?
10 Jun 2011 Bridget This subject is stupid. -,-
10 Jun 2011 bus rider hang yourself quietly in your parents bedroom before they wake up after drinking a gallon of drano while smoking a pack of menthols.
09 Jun 2011 you some people never asked to be placed here, nore think of it as a gift. i also from a young age have wanted to end my life, nut sense i am typing this now seems i have not done so. why not you may ask,i have two children ages 6 and 2 months, and even though it kills me to be alive every day it just might kill them every day if i was dead.
09 Jun 2011 God Buy a Necronomicon; join your local Cthulhu cult (or form it) and perform horrible rituals.

Then the Cthulhu will eventually rise and all will be destroyed.

Take everybody with you!
09 Jun 2011 NT I want to die
08 Jun 2011 ji-hun everything
06 Jun 2011 Troy Collect 20 cigarette butts. Unravel the paper from the cigarette butts. Put the cigarette butts in glass, and pour hot coffee over them. Allow the cigarette butts to soak over night. The next day, drink the entire cup of coffee. You should die within 15 minutes.
P.S. I am not suggesting you commit suicide.
05 Jun 2011 Rob M 15 I wanted to die becaus im not a machine and thay are perfect and i am not it isent fear that im no machine so. i kill my self in a way mostly painful way i can think of i chose to drink acid it dint kill me so then to buy a chain gun its to exspensive i cant even aford a gun yet and i am too young to use one so i try to make an bomb and place on my chest and that is all to make the bomb.its not for vilent use on adaults i hate adaults do becaus i cant have eny use of wepions yes i like wepions my suicide is complete and now good bie...........unless you have an idea that i can use a wepion or become a machine i may have another day of life..........I will give you 16 days for an awnser then it is bie bie for me.
05 Jun 2011 Stacy Helium exit bag
04 Jun 2011 amador killin yourself would hurt i wish i could die and go to heaven cause earth fuckin sucks you have to do everything on your own fuckin ugly bitches dont help you out its funny cause im way better looking than most people but im not treated well because the way i act fuck everyone just jump of a buiding time to rock out to metal my only freind
03 Jun 2011 Seeker I am putting together a video of:

1. those who committed suicide and survived.
2. The family members of those who committed suicide.

3. Reasons why YOU want to commit suicide.

Please email me so we could arrange to connect.
03 Jun 2011 Seeker Hey, this is seeker. I suggest we post videos of the people who committed suicide and survived, and conversations with the family members of those who succeed.

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