Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Sep 2011 track star jump off a 2 story building head first into hard stone.
04 Sep 2011 dii by cutting deep through ur veini guss!!
or faster jumbing from sumwhere high :S
04 Sep 2011 melarie I am 23 years old and i have bipolar disorder i found out i had this my freshman year, i have always felt depress but i have lived my life to the fullest also ive accomplished a lot and continue to fight this illness. till this day i get suicidal toughts and i try to find out what triggered these feelings so i can help myself, its not easy but we can all change ourlives to positive and better. delete the negative and find what makes you happy. I know what it feels like to feel hopeless and like no one cares about you, but maybe is just that they dont know how to deal with it. Be strong and find people that you feel a positive vibe and that make you feel comfortable.
04 Sep 2011 God-King Equal to Heaven Puny mortal children! Tell me where you live and I shall devour you piece by piece, ripping your weak flesh off the bone with my golden dagger-teeth. Your cowardice enrages me, my balls are aflame.
I will gorge myself on your inferior souls and then urinate on your pathetic mangled corpses.
02 Sep 2011 joseph ray rivera well im 14 and i feel like shit....????what do i do
01 Sep 2011 Loura I tried suicide so many times. at school im always made fun of and my bestfriends act like im not even there. I feel so alone so depressed im tried of evryone calling me the emo chick. I hate cutting but dont kill yourself its not worth it at all. Just forget about everyone else n focus on yourself get good grades be whatever you wanna be . Just FUCK EVERYONE. there arent no friends in this world.
31 Aug 2011 kelly this is to every1 i hope u all read it! wen i was younger i wanted to kill my self i had alot of friends with depression who tryed to kill them selfs all the time yer n me everytime i got drunk or stoned id run infront of cars hoping theyd give a ditect hit! sometimes i still want to kill my self but i can see some light i guess, killing ur self is the easy way out all you have to do it make new friends get away from those who put u down and make u wanna kill ur self and the best place i found to do this was BANARDOS theyss helped so much when i was like that id just take off and go there even from school i could just go there clear my head talm to the best woman eva lol love u vivy! i ise to be a good drawer thats how i beet depression!
30 Aug 2011 venus i tried to kill myself once before, i tried it again coz i hate living with my mum, i want to live with dad but when i told her that she said i will give ur room away, when i just spent ages painting it, how is this not blackmail?!
30 Aug 2011 soniya i have incurable disease i am in chronic pain all the time but unfortunately this is not a fatal disease
29 Aug 2011 Alexis Wen i was ten years my mom skreamed at me and my sis treated me like shit i would always crie in the dark with my old teddy ber and i feal im alone in the world and no one kares for me and a found a anima and i brot i home and wit that i felt less pain but i still cried and now that i movied its been wors my dad fuken hate me and wont let me go and hav fun please i need help im 12 and i need help
29 Aug 2011 ilona ryvak just review this vid. its gonna change all those ideas from your mind forever.
as it did to me.
faith or not
26 Aug 2011 J Being cut up, baked and roasted and fed to your parents in the form of chili.
26 Aug 2011 michael first i want to say that i know what all of you are going thru i have a scar on my left wrist where i cut my wrist to the bone i have also took 90 pills and chased it with jack and ended up in ICU so trust me none of anything in this world is worth taking your own life probs come and go i have walked down the road that you wonderful few are going down if any one wants to talk to me my email is and if you ask me for my cell number in the email or leave you number i will call and just be a heartfelt ear for you to talk to
25 Aug 2011 amy Dont kill yourself!
24 Aug 2011 Rachel I want to die sometimes, but i want to be a happy person thats nice and kind, theres still so much to live for like my friends, boyfriend and sister that i love to bits.. its my parents and brothers that hate me. One brother Inpedicular.I want to DIE. But I dont. I just dont wanna live with my mum and brothers anymore. Help!
22 Aug 2011 clone jump off a building.
22 Aug 2011 wiseman the best way is ,forget the past and give your life to jesus,because he dies for you 2000years
21 Aug 2011 Ghost spectre knife
21 Aug 2011 paigesuggashie the best way to kill yourself is by hanging yourself when alone in the house with any rope you find
21 Aug 2011 satya with laugh!
perceive the thought not examine it...

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