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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Oct 1999 Nathaniel Langworthy Holding your breath
29 Oct 1999 Melinda jump out in from of a truck, jump off of a high place- dive off. drown urself. slit ur rists wit a kichen knife. stab urslef with one.
29 Oct 1999 dougie To stab your self in the heart with an icecicle.
29 Oct 1999 Sample_girl A gas oven.
29 Oct 1999 Phil with lots of presentation... jumping infront of trains/cars/trucks/busses is always a messy way to do it but sorta lame... if u want to leave someone with tons of guilt, u do it in a public place, holding a knife to one's neck while asking a stranger for assistance is always good... if you want to be really creative... when you're in school, assuming you still go to school, holding a sharp object, something like a large knife or a sharp stick to your chest and falling directly on it in front of the classroom should kill u and really mess up the heads of your classmates
29 Oct 1999 EspÈrer The best way to kill yourself under 13 is to choke on doll accessories, such as a doll-size hairbrush, or perhaps a small doll shoe.
29 Oct 1999 Shadow Highmoon I have always thought that, were I to kill myself, I would not want to leave a mess for my family members to discover (or worse, have to clean up)!
Ergo, I would have to promote a more "outdoors" approach to my final exit. I also do not want to leave grieving people in my wake wondering what they could have done to prevent my demise. Previously I would have strongly suggested dancing in an electrical storm wearing as much bondage gear as possible. (don't ask)
However, as I have attempted this method, and I am writing this, I must sadly report that it is not very reliable. Not only that, but it has often re-established my zest for life, often delaying the next attempt for many weeks, even years! So this would not be my first choice (but damn! it's fun! ..and clean!)
I have also attempted placing myself in the path of approaching tornado's, but I know that this is not very affective for children as transportation would be an issue, and tornado's are notoriously moody and hard to predict (and hard to find outside the USA, so lets go with something more globally accessible, shall we?
All these things taken into consideration, I feel that a well timed dive into a frigid (hopefull ice-covered, but not so thick as to prevent you from getting in, pond or river would be best suited. (if you live somewhere warm, then.. well . tough .. try one of the first two). Freezing to death is rather peaceful .. but it's a slow process.
So lets add the variable of extreme hypoxia by drowning. Death would be quick, mostly painless, and the layer of ice above you would most likely defeat any of those silly "last minute" epiphany's that you should not take your own life. You're in the water now. Just do it!.
In the unlikely event that you *are* rescued before clinical death, you might even get to look forward to one of those "miracles" where a a person was entombed in ice for hours, only to be revived with a totally new outlook on life, and no ill effects.
If this happens .. try again later.. *smiles*. Thanks for a good read, beautiful web site!
29 Oct 1999 Shakal Lay down, close your eyes and think only about you want to die ... you want to die ... i dont know if it is functional, but one of my friend was trying it and she is still alive, but it is simple and you maybe will be surprised ... (she was ...)
Or fall very very deep (really very deep) in love ... and when he'll leave you alone, you sure will find your own way ...
29 Oct 1999 mistoffelees jump in front of a subway train.
29 Oct 1999 SLASH DIE FOR OTHERS......!!!
29 Oct 1999   pretend(?) you're gay in a small american town
29 Oct 1999 michael wells I'm sure any idea i could of given to you has already been given... and if you still cant find a way to kill yourself just draw into yourself, cut all contacts with civilization, stop eating and drinking curl up in a corner and die.
And if that doesn't work. well i'm out of suggestions (writing this while im trippin)
29 Oct 1999 richard naples Get a mother with munchhausen by proxy.
Or perhaps a metal spoon?
Ou les morpions.
29 Oct 1999 jon* the best way to kill yourself when you're 13 is the best way to kill yourself when you're 80, or 20. or 40... with pain and suffering that you let burrow it's way into your heart and mind, and... enough pain can kill someone emotionally, which is the most painful way to die....
29 Oct 1999 vittoro Take lots of ether, go on a high bridge, wait for a semi and jump before it comes . That way if the fall don't kill you, the semi will.
29 Oct 1999 Diana Wu You could try killing yourself by sawing your body in half, horizontally, with an electric chainsaw...painful probably and gruesome for those who discover your body but at least it's something a bit original.
29 Oct 1999 Acuma Get a gun, automatic if you can, grenades, whatever. Find a busy place, mall, stores.....
Start killing people, as many as you can, just keep going until the cops get there, start killing them, take out as many as you can. They will HAVE to start shooting at you.
Then you are dead.
29 Oct 1999 Acuma If you wish to cut your wrist, don't do it left to right or right to left. That can be fixed. Go up and down. There is a main vein that runs from your rist to your elbow. Using a sharp knive or razor blade cut it open as long as you can. That will do it.
Or you can mix bleach and lime away [lime cleaner] drink it if you can.
Put a hole in your temple, using anything sharp and long. Just kinda stap it.
Jump off of a bridge into traffic.
29 Oct 1999 peter take a trip and then play barbie dolls with tonka trucks

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