Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Aug 2018 Johnny:( Covering your self in honey and letting bees sting you to death
30 Jul 2018 xxxxxxx It will be our little secret. You musnt tell anyone. If you do i will wait until you sleep, tie you up and pour boiling water on you. Slowly pour it on you. And then ice water bucket you. When you wake up i will cut off... oh. Uhm i forgot what i was going to tell you to be our secret.
30 Jul 2018 adadadd idk man
29 Jul 2018 Die laughing Watch videos on americas 2016 election of people who voted for hillary clinton, but trump won the election. These people wig out hard.
29 Jul 2018 Professional under 13 suicide nerd Suffocation probably, be it drowning, or any other lack of oxygen
29 Jul 2018 Mr. Happy I do not know if this can help you but it has helped me out so much. You should at least do what im talking about just try it because if it can help you it will help so much that your life will be way better. It will help so much that if you are suicidal this can make you want to live again. And its so simple and easy. If you reach back with both hands and spread those butt cheeks when you have to fart it makes the process so much more plesant. You wont be able to wait until the next time you have to fart. Try it and see.
28 Jul 2018 Bill mayher the dumb fuck. Just watch CNN. They will tell you so much fake news your head will explode.
28 Jul 2018 Sgt. Davis I am Sgt. Davis, commander of Alpha pod space station 061297. I am in charge of the space monkey operations. If you are recieving this transmission you must act before its to late. My crew was undertaking a deep space exploration operation, code named Irene, when we traveled into an electromagnetic storm that shut off all power to our space station except our reserve battery banks. I followed protocol and sent a small pod flown by a monkey into the storm first to see if it was safe. As the pod entered the eye of this storm electric charges began flashing all around the pod and a time warp opened sucking the pod inside never to be seen again. The gravitational field that this warp created was so great it began drawing the entire space station into the storm. Our battery bank did not have sufficent power to activate the thrusters and we to were drawn into this time warp. We were transported back to earths upper atmosphere. We began dropping altitude until we crashed. We are no longer in the year 2018 and this transmission is being sent back in time. The year is 2487. All of the earths people have gone tribal. All of the cities are ruins and overgrown like a forest. There was a war and biological weapons were used. Man made disease was released and killed over 95% of earths population. The only people left are immune to this disease. Your mission is to stop this war that plunges man kind back into the stone age. All the animals are dead and all men are either canibals or vegitarians. There is a constant war between the two factions. The vegitarians are called meat sacks and the canibals are called outcasts because they are not allowed in the camps where they grow food. In this new world no one is safe, its constant chaos. My entire fleet stays inside our crashed space station, drawing oxygen from outside and energy from the sun. We have traded some of our monkeys for water and food but the inhabitants of the earth eat these monkeys. Sources of protien are scarce. If you can not stop this war or the biological weapons to be manufactured most of you will die, and those that survive will be less fortunate. This is space monkey
Force of alpha pod commander, Sgt. Davis, out.
28 Jul 2018 piss miss mary mackmackmack
all dressed in blackblackblack
she has a knifeknifeknife
stuck in her backbackback
she cannot breathbreathbreat
she cannot crycrycry
thats why she begsbegsbegs
she begs to diediedie
28 Jul 2018 Matteo 21
27 Jul 2018 Taia Pills overdose
26 Jul 2018 Faggot help i am a faggot and i want to die. fuck. shrek is love shrek is life. Daddy kinks 420, alcohol is the only answer 69 XD lol
26 Jul 2018 Level V security clearance for Today the most bizzare thing happened. It was a very hot day. So i decided to sit under my favorite shade tree and sip on some ice tea. As I sat enjoying the fragrance of the blooms of my cookaburo tree I saw a faint shadow on the ground forming just outside of the edge of the trees shadow. I began to hear a faint and distant fearful but constant shout. In less than 3 seconds before i wondered what on earth is this, a man fell from the sky. He sank into the ground nearly 13 centimeters. I thought for sure he is dead and began wondering if someone else or even if a plane might fall on top of me. Or even worse damage my favorite shade tree. As I looked into the sky. The man began laughing. He slowly stood up in pain. He shook it off and seemed to be fine. I asked him if he would like a ride to the hospital and he refused, only asking for some low dose asprin. I always keep a bottle with me and so I gave him some asprin. He thanked me and told me he wanted to repay me for my generosity. I told him its quite alright the asprin only costs me about 14 cents a piece. I asked him to sit with me and drink some tea. He said that was a delightful and splendid idea. We began to talk and he told me about how it was he fell out of the sky. He told me that he had been born on a space station orbiting one of saturns moons. He claimed he was there to harvest a certian ore that is not found on earth that can be used in making steel alloys that are 1000 times as strong as any steel and be virtually weightless. He said his crew was harvesting this element to be used in manufacturing devices to torture people. He told me how aliens had ambushed him while he went deep into the mines one day. He said they did experiments with him and how he was going to be ,take back to earth. He escaped and jumped out of the alien space craft falling to earth.
25 Jul 2018 Alexei Strangling yourself in your restroom with a cord/wire.
25 Jul 2018 amelie i want to hug all of you
25 Jul 2018 ........... I would say either jumping off of a tall building of some sorts or slicing your wrists with a razor.
25 Jul 2018 evasil кола и чипсы
24 Jul 2018 Conceited and Ugly. Hello. I am 15. I was in the hospital for three months. I have seen my friends die. I have seen my family die. I have seen so many things. I used to starve myself so I could be seen as pretty, however now I know pretty does not exist in this world. Ugliness thrives. Everyone you know is ugly, inside and out. Every smile you see is an attempt to hide the vile person living inside the mind. The mind is a tedious game. It is constantly trying to find a way to escape this awful reality. I have been beaten and ridiculed. My entire existence is a pitiful joke. My mother loves many elder men who are abundant with disease while having a lover at home is the poster child for generosity. I can not keep my mind imprisoned anymore. My upmost desire is for myself to be gifted the most painful way of death. A disgusting creature like me does not deserve the tranquility of suicide. This is why I have not taken my life, yet instead wait for it to be taken away as my mind rots in this everlasting hell. Truly, living is the best way to commit "Suicide."
23 Jul 2018 Fucking killing myself I just wanna fucking end my life I think I have adhd or some shit but I don’t give a fuck. Right now its a do or die imma fucking kill myself hanging,drowning,burning,bleeding any way just gunna fucking end this miserable worthless shit life that’s not worth living if anyone else wants to kill themselfs just fucking do it one moment of pain boom then you happy no more shitty situations to have no more grades and fucking tests email me or try to help but just a heads up this is more of a last moment memento to make myself known before I go so fucking peace out
23 Jul 2018 Traveling salesman Ahh, its time to relax. Put on those favorite fuzzy slippers kick back and sip on your favorite beverage while you enjoy another session of suicide fanatics worldwide. This is the one place you can not only be yourself but you will also find fun for the whole family. So get ready to share laughter, tears, and disgust in peoples self rightous judgmental personalities. Just be careful about giving out your information or someone may come to your house and kill themselves on your door step after knocking on your front door.

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