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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Sep 2019 Sofia Probably just watching my little pony
31 Aug 2019 shark steak Yea uhm, you can buy these DNA splicing kits for beginners on ebay now. Just alter your DNA and become whoever or whatever you want. It has a chart that tells you how to splice new DNA code into your own and how to get it to replicate once implanted inside you. So you can go mild to wild. Simething simple like changing your hair color or something more complex like turning yourself into a hybrid such as a you x a komodo dragon hybrid. Or you could be part lion. You could even do a crazy mix like oxen x tiger x eagle x your own DNA.
29 Aug 2019 Barney the dinosaur does not love you. Watching little children tv shows that have characters that are overly happy and jipper. And songs. Those gay little songs children love to listen to. After only 6 hours of this your brain will begin to melt and then your head will explode.
29 Aug 2019 Joel Dropping your Easy Bake Oven into the bathtub
27 Aug 2019 franklin On my trip to africa i saw many things. I saw a large buffalo put his horn into a lion and the trample him into a broken mush with a pool of muddy blood around the lion. I also saw tribals riding giraffes like a horse. I saw a baboon rip open a hyena with his claws. I also saw mass starvation. I even saw warlords being excecuted.
26 Aug 2019 Ricky Gigglesworth By laughing.
26 Aug 2019 Ed two oh nine. Have you noticed a push for robot and cyborgs? One country has allowed on A.I. robot to become a citizen with full rights. Just imagine for a moment that it will be such a wonderful day when these robots turn on the human race trying to exterminate all human life. First off they will fail. So do not worry. Unless you or your family is rich and can afford robo-maids and butlers. These robots will turn on humans and kill people, but mostly the rich. Thats right boys and girls one day these robo-servants will eliminate all the snobs. Can you imagine a world with out one single stuck up person who thinks the rules do not apply to them or yuppies and their attitude of my feces dont stink. That is awesome. All the superficial rich will die.
24 Aug 2019 fuckass mass murder then drown yourself in the blood of your victims xoxo gossip girl
22 Aug 2019 mental break downs are for sissysqp It is so amazing. This website. I never knew there could be a worldwide collaboration of such a vast amount of oral defecation in one place. And such dedication through all the years to keep such a place thriving. So lets us defecate together. First i can defecate in your mouth. And then you can defecate in your pants and let it go down your pants leg and on to the ground. After that we can share some laughs and we can embrace. A nice long hug. Nothing sensual. Just a good hug. Like your mumsie hugged you after she thought you were dead but she found you and you were fine. But not a hug like your weird uncle gives you where he puts his hand in your pants.
22 Aug 2019 melvin shoving a fork into an electric socket
18 Aug 2019 captor I met an alien with big tits. She said her species is dying off from a disease and she needed to take back dna samples from three land animals. I told her to just stay on earth but she said she was the only survivor with big tits and her genes must carry on. I said thats not going to happen and hit her in the head with a baseball bat and took her to my basement and chained her up. I still have her. I do not really know what to do with her. She can clean and cook so i am thinking sell her to whoever offers the most money. Let the bidding start at 10k.
17 Aug 2019 Vic Cut veins
15 Aug 2019 ringo bugs, plants/berries/deadly plants, drowning and gun
13 Aug 2019 henious anus is my name Just become someone else. Its easy. Just pick who you want to be. It could be someone you know or someone on TV. Pick them and become them. Act like them. Emulate them. Open a website portraying to be them. You can even go so far as to tell the government they have made a mistake with your identity. Get your name changed. Maybe even do some nude modeling, well ok, maybe dont do that. That is not mandatory. But just forget who you are now. It would really help if you could practice speaking in another accent. Like if you are white, pick a name like Roberto Martinez and speak like a mexican. This is just one example. You can be anyone, but when people tell you that you are white just deny it. Even get an attitude about it. Be whoever you want and forget about you now.
13 Aug 2019 Helwig behold sleep paralysis and get horrified to lethal heart attack
12 Aug 2019 skunk genocide. I have begun a new hobbie. Its called hair plucking. All you need is some tweezers. You pluck one hair at a time. If you pluck more than one its ok. No one is going to hold it against you. I actually have two new hobbies. The othe hobbie is trapping animals. I like foothold traps. I skin the animals and tan their hides. I trapped a skunk and i asked someone what to do. There is a product called skunk sleeper. It is a syringe on a stick. The stick is a paint roller extension pole, for painting celings or tall walls. The syringe screws on. The man told me the best liquid to put in the syringe is acetone. I tried this and the skunk started convulsing and shaking and acting like it was in tremendous pain but died quickly. I have been thinking about trying other chemicals. Such as motor oil or brown gravy.
12 Aug 2019 dontdoxmebro I have suffered from depression for a few years. I recently saw something truly disgusting, on omegle. To think that I was so preocupied with right now, and myself, that I could have saved someone from abuse and greater suffering then I could dream of. Would I have been able to report or notify the fbi from an omegle conversation? I feel ashamed and disgusted with myself. I am trash, I am worse than nothing. Maybe someone else reported that sick fucker. Maybe she could be saved from further abuse. I can never be forgiven. I deserve hell and even worse. I deserve to rot and suffer.
09 Aug 2019 Markus the Magnificient Do you know what happened to me last week? Oh let me tell you all about it. It was just marvellous. It was just smashing, my darling suicide pets. Well first thing is i won an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles. I flew first class on Madrid Air and Tom Cruise picked me up at the airport in a limo. We went to the headquarters of scientology where i met L. Ron Hubbard and lord xenu. I was instructed to do good things and was suggested to join an organisation called PETA. Which stands for people euthanising tasty animals. Tom Cruise drove us around as we kidnapped people's pets. We took them back and injected these animals with phenobarbitol. It stops their heart. We must have set over 100 pets free from the injustice of people owning animals and taking care of them. Then Tom Cruise brought out a bag of chocolate bars and marshmallows and graham crackers. We made s'mores over the dead pet fire. Then we took a private jet to the Taj Mahal and got our pores sucked clean by robots called dermabots. No more blackheads for me. We stopped off in China on the way back and i met a man, a peculiar man wearing sandals and a white martial arts garb selling forks. He said he needed plane fare back home so he could be with his wife. So we flew him home. I want to go back and visit him. Maybe i will do that next week. I might invite Tom Cruise to go with me.
08 Aug 2019 RT1850 My blood is hot, And wet. And it will spill all over you.
08 Aug 2019 RT1850 the other night i hit my head and it reminded me of the pain i felt when i threw myself down the stairs

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