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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Nov 1999 Ian Cholesterol. It's a slow build up really. Fried egg every morning and in 20 or 30 years BAM!
Well, you can start when you're under 13. Running with pointed sticks, they had me believe, but that was just to throw me off from the real danger.
01 Nov 1999 stufff Strap yourself with dynamite and run into a building with people and lite the fuse and try to get into alot of people
01 Nov 1999 jojo be a nigger and live in maud
31 Oct 1999 BackLarau Find those little bottles in your moma's medicine cabinet that say "keep out of reach of children" and take a whole bunch of what's inside.
31 Oct 1999 ... You aren't even 13 yet but i can already tell you grow up to be a dumbass. Go ahead and rid thew world while you are ahead.
31 Oct 1999 Chris wear a hanson shirt to a TOOL concert.
31 Oct 1999 Ick The best way to kill yourself is do a bunji-jump without a rope.
31 Oct 1999 notanybody There are a great many other women named Mouchette I am sure of that. You can look in the history books to find if any did anything great and if not maybe you can do something great to change the fate of all Mouchette or even discuss better ways in your art of how to survive such terror and suffering. Mouchette saw no hope in her life for she had never seen anything pleasant. It is the nature of unpleasantness to overcome us at times... but look at Anne Frank she made sure she was happy in all adversity and she was surrounded by much greater misery and suffering than Mouchette did... and she tried to survive to the end... eventually she was killed too but she wrote a book that made her a legend. Movies are done to make money, to make comments, to pay bills for adults... to make a name and increase economic reward. I see very little hope in what transpired with Mouchette and wonder if indeed she committed suicide or if that was just assumed... In such a horrid environment is it not possible she was murdered?... You have the ability to change what her story wa,s interpreted to be, if indeed it has any truth to it... Whomever wrote it, if it be fiction, suffers from a lack of a feeling of control in their lives... There is a degree to which we cannot control what happens to us such as raining upon us... But I prefer to say to myself if I had not decided to walk outside without an umbrella then I would not have gotten rained on. What I like to do is to learn from my mistakes and suffering such that I do not repeat the same. A great many females have suffered such fates as Mouchette but have gone on to be better parents and to never allow themselves to fall prey to such sick and weak persons as those who hurt Mouchette. I myself have experienced similar stuff and have helped a child who suffered the same so greatly she was unable to learn in school... After I worked with her she learned how to read and write from her own desire to better herself such that her children when she had them would not suffer in the poverty that she had. She has received an Ebony award, has done antidrug talks, performed in public, danced in public and when I began working with her she could barely talk she was so afraid ....she is a snotty teenager now but she talks back and stands up for herself and no one will ever hurt her the way they did when she was a helpless child with a crack addict mother who was so out of it she had no idea what her boyfriend was doing to her child. She is a very very beautiful young lady now and hopes to go to college to be a lawyer...helping her helped me overcome what I went through alone. At least you have stood up and exposed what has happened to Mouchette ...Why not have people discuss what they feel about the movie and what she could have done to escape or that we should have more protection and help for abused children like Mouchette ...Those type of people hide in cracks and crannies and look for those they can victimize so don't go in such places and make children aware of such with the power of your art.
31 Oct 1999 notanybody The best way to kill yourself is to stand up for other peoples rights such that those who wish to oppress them kill you. That way you have died a correct and proper way. Personally I prefer to stand up safely then run away such that I can stand up again another day... Do you not worry about those who are not wise enough to care about you giving you sad bad advice because they are just as sick as those who would hurt Mouchette? Anyone can make ugly disgusting repulsive art and words but very few can give hope and help others overcome especially those who have quit or been allowed to quit... It is much more difficult to build than to destroy ruin or impoverish others and the world... I know because I have experienced both sides in my life and regret if I ever did any harm as little as it may have been or as great. It seems that no matter how I try I cannot quit thinking about how I may have ignorantly caused anyone suffering. I know of a man who lost hope... a very beautiful man everyone loved... he had a child too... he took a hose and put it in his car from the exhaust... and left this world to miss him and a daughter who will never know how wonderful a person he was. I just wonder if he ever knew how much he was loved by the mother of his child and all his friends... I guess we all forgot to tell him or were not there on that day. All it did was leave grief and unhappiness behind because he made so many of us feel good around him because over all he was a good man. And we will always wonder what sent Kenny to the point and brink of such despair... I should only hope that others realize it is not so bad and it will pass and some day you can over come it if you continue trying... I have my days... but suicide is very dangerous... I know of a woman who survived shooting herself in the head she is now disabled... Such a shame for such a beautiful young woman. Think of what it is like for those of us who are left behind who have to clean up the mess of such selfish people ...If you decide to leave at least do not leave us a bloody mess to make the grief and misery and guilt any worse because we had to do something like work that day to pay for food for our children on the day you decided you could not cope and did not have the wisdom to seek out someone to help who cared.
31 Oct 1999 notanybody If you want to die then you reject the awful things that have happened to you around you which would desire to consume you just as those who did awful things to you were consumed by. It is not easy to stay alive and survive and many who are here are the walking dead in spirit and body. Such a beautiful person who has now become what consumed her soul as I see it... Shame that such a person could not learn from experience and teach us how to overcome and cope against all odds and survive to not become the victimizer after being the victim of such victimizers. Many of us have suffered such tragedies in our lives and still have not allowed ourselves to accept such treatment and abuses or to become consumed by such awful things. Escape it not possible for in death the torture can continue. Shame that it be. Suicide only allows those who choose to destroy you to suceed... I myself never regretted in the future after the abuses and beatings and molestations and rapes as a child to stand up for children who suffered so much worse or similar in thier lives. I suppose I am fortunate that God helped me survive and kept me alive...It is a shame that Mouchette was not rescued by God to become a savor to those others like her who suffer silently and unheard as children. I myself understand Mouchette's feelings of a loss of hope. But in all to persevere such that those of us who reject such and do not become consumed by such terrible deceptions and adversity we still stand the ground between the lost and dead souls who still walk the earth and those who still have life inside.
31 Oct 1999 notanybody Anybody can teach you how to quit or be as bad as those who abuse you...but notanybody can give you a survival kit. Have faith and believe for there are many who were before you and after who have suffered and stood up against serious inhumanities such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Live to be such a leader and believe in what you stand up against and be willing to die for the truth and what you believe in and your soul shall know immortality if that is what it desires...
Personally I would like a vacation... I am feeling a bit down myself.. Hope you feel better soon...
31 Oct 1999 notanybody If you feel suicidal then it is as if a part of you is already dead. The objective is to bring back the parts of you that make living worthwhile. Go outside and breath what is left of fresh air or go find fresh air. Drink good clean water... Eat healthy foods and stay away from empty things like alcohol, candy, tobacco and drugs which promise you everything and give nothing and only take from the body and soul in the process... Avoid those who suck off your sould until there is nothing left to live for and remember evil always desires to destroy good spiritually or physically even if it be by mental manipulation..Is it possibly possible that evil would prefer to remove you if you be good? Go exercise healthy ways.
31 Oct 1999 Roger Take a baseball bat and beat yourself into a coma after singing a do not recessitate order with the hospital...
31 Oct 1999 Jason Mescia Stand underneath a bell that is not too big and have someone ring it over and over...then have them cut it so it falls on you and you die...when they take it will be a bell-shaped bloody pulp.
31 Oct 1999 damian just give up living, lay down and wait for death to come to you
31 Oct 1999 sailor Throw yourself in front of a train.
31 Oct 1999 mike -ADULT TYLENOL
-pretending to be a chef (playing with knives)
-seeing how long you can stay underwater in the tub
-jump off the roof, if not high enough... find something that is.
-strangle yourself (use your fathers belt)
-play in traffic.
-open up a monitor, then touch the terminals with your tongue...
-rig the microwave door so it doesn't need to be shut.
-decide to die
31 Oct 1999 my name is thea paint yourself with toxic paint and wait until your pores open and then suffocate. jiggy jiggy j oom.
31 Oct 1999 baader-meinhoff Realize, that shit is life and earth is a cemetery. That's the circle of life.

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