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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Oct 2011 paulo im 11 and am fat and have died hair and every one calls me gay and fat and my dad is so mean to me because hes the one who calls me gay and i take it out on my mom by hitting her and i just cant stand hurtting her any more i just want to end my life. plz tell me how.
09 Oct 2011 Ashley Cox I really dont know ; but ever since my grandma died , my family has fellen apart , it ant the same anymore . My mom & dad got a dirvord & now shes with my uncle which is my dads brother . Smdh !!! & None of my family has shit to do with me , I really only got my boyfriend & My Only bestfrand ! But I wanna kill my self , But im scared ! Idk what to do ! Or How to do it ! I NEED MY GRANDMA </3 So TELL ME WHAT TO DO !
08 Oct 2011 Tanishk y mother died wheN I WAS LESS then an year ago. My dad after losing his wife became mentally unstable. So my uncle adopted me and my twin brother. My uncle loved me but as i grew older i realized life is not d same. We bought up luxuriously but without love and support.we were blamed for anything bad that happened stating that we were jinyxed. I just stayed alive cause of my bro. Then d worst happened. I was only 6 when my cousin assaulted me. I was young and DId not understand it. Now i am 21 and i am gay. I am all lonely and want to die. I never had friends cause i was different and kept away from boys. Being a gay is d worst thing that can happen. Ur am outcast. I keep d feelings to myself but Its too difficult to see d guy u love getting married off next month. I want to die and erase my existence from this world. Want to find peace
06 Oct 2011   the best way to kill your self under 13 is to not your only 13 you have alot to look to go for you there is a saying that beautie is in the eye of the beholder everyone is beautiful in there own way
05 Oct 2011 Victoria All of you please dont do it...ive been depressed I wont go into details but I know how it feels life may seem horrible right now but yes people do have it worse, my teacher from africa well one of his relatives in his hometown in uganda got beaten badly and then tied and burnt alive just for stealing potatoes to try to feed his family :( point is imagine how depressed him and his family were bcause they were so poor and had to live shittier lives then all of you...people suffwr everday from all kinds of bs..dont take your own life please keep holding on im here to talk someone will love u someday u all are not worthless underneath you all have a big loving heart the people that bash u are just insecure or taking their anger out on you bc of sometbing that happened in their life that they cant get over they shouldnt be taking it out on you please stay strong <3 I love you all.
04 Oct 2011 abagaile i feel like there is no great way to kill yourself. i am 13 and i have been hospitalized and i now take medication for my depression. my life has gotten so much better after a failed attempt at suicide.jus 2 years ago i tryed and now i have the best life any 13 year old could have. a boy freind , lots of loving and caring friends. anda great family. keep living. lifes a great quality to have:)
02 Oct 2011 jamie mi name is jamei im12 im suffering so bad ive never felt this im not teling mi story its2depressing i kan help to pleas im going2b a therapist&i tink i wil help6023675741
02 Oct 2011 jamie Dont do it please yu dont know the beuty of depression its better then being happy happyness is an elusion depression is real the relest thing iv ever felt even tho im drownding in the thoughts of mi Xbf&i plan suicide.still dont do it yur days might not get betr but yur prespective can change please i want help&im trying2help suicide is not going2help its just going2numb the pain.please dont yur all diffrent&speicial&ment for life or else yur mother wud hav had a miscaredge lik mi mother did it tore mi famly apart be happy4yur life lots hav it wors
02 Oct 2011 unknown mi name iz unknown im cold alone in mi own zone a nonody i fell inlove&he left me he says i left first.ever since last year wen he left iv been severly depressed thinking of suicide since acouple months the days get wors the pain goes deeper i miss him but he sed he wishes he never met me i usd2slit mi rists but now i just plan suiice tho im2coward,
01 Oct 2011 Ashley Hanging yourself with a belt
30 Sep 2011 kristy I feel so bad for those of you who wish to kill yourself! Do you honestly think life will be better without you? Keep in mind that there are kids and people who are dying of diseases, and people who are homeless and have nothing! As for the girl who is over weight, please email me
28 Sep 2011 Starling Write your pain across your sleepy skin with a silver blade and your very own brand red ink. Let the red run.
28 Sep 2011 Sophie Seriously non of you should even think of committing suicide...if you want someone to talk to add me on Facebook or send me an email and I will listen to you and just be there....
28 Sep 2011 gabriella garland Life isnt fucking worth living. Death is solace in this hell we live in. Die anyway and everyway possible. End this shit we call life
27 Sep 2011 Alyson My best friend killed herself earlier this summer, and she was only 14.
She hung herself with a shoelace in her closet.
So, I mean, that works.
26 Sep 2011 lili ok seriously who ever created this website is cruel ,everyone has problems so why would you want to kill yourself just be strong live on life does get better,its not worth thinking negatively about all the things in life yes life is not perfect but who said it was going to be a walk in the park ,life isnt just bad there is good to you just got to focus on the positive first.Remember you choose wether you wanna be happy or not,you choose you emotions its all your choice and god is here for us he died for us he gave us this life its your choice on how you wanna spend your life dont waste it seriously and for those who dont believe in god trust me there is always someone out there who loves you and even more who do aswell death is the last solution to your problem .stop running from your prroblems and face them because you the only one who can fix them .be strong and for those out there who wanna kill themselves stay strong there are people who love and care about you people .if you want to comment on this please do cause i want to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Sep 2011 yfthcygfytyt Need help?
in the U.S, call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
24 Sep 2011   what the hell kind of question is this?
22 Sep 2011 jackie This game is so stupid fuck you creator everyone deserves to live!!

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