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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Dec 1999 pablo felmer I'm 13 (I'm not 13), and this age is very dificult, so first I fuck with all girls and then I go home and drink a lot of bad yoghurt then i get a diarreA and i die of intoxication.
Sorry for my english.
01 Dec 1999 Matt Ridenour Growing up.
01 Dec 1999 gloria Get a gun and carry it down to the local police station. Tell the chief that you have a serious problem: that you have a gun going off in your head. Wait for the confused look, then the look of comprehension. And right before it's too late remove the gun from your pocket (make sure you're standing far enough away so he can't grab you) and pull the trigger while aiming at your head
30 Nov 1999 Darlane Darling child, simply anger your mother!!!
30 Nov 1999 kel there are so many ways to kill oneself... so many of which are faulty with our medical technology. For the slow and painful death, I would suggest obtaining some nitric acid and injecting it into your stomach, head and heart. not pretty, but it will disolve all of your majors... for a less painful way, i tend to find the idea of the american refrigerator romantic as well... so coffin like, and you can arrange flowers about you for a truly romantic discovery... and aromatic too.
30 Nov 1999 kel When you are under 13, you may try pills or a razor blade, but these are all too common. I think that the thing to do at 13 is to drink something sweet and put on a favorite outfit, then go to a highway overpass, spin in circles until you are so dizzy it feels wonderful, then jump off the overpass in the line of oncoming traffic. It will probably hurt, but the spinning should remove some of the sensation.
30 Nov 1999 matthew What the hell is wrong here? I dont want my kid to pretend to kill himself!
30 Nov 1999 JennKNEEfur You can snore really loud and have your little brother or sister smother you with a pillow.
You can make your own milkshake with the liquid in all those shiny bottles under the sink.
You can see if you can make the swing do an entire 360 degree circle on the swing set.
You can see what electricity tastes like.
30 Nov 1999 zero branco
30 Nov 1999 Robert Wood Go to church. You will be reformed and no longer recognise yourself. You will become property of the church and the old would have died.
30 Nov 1999 AxlCobain the best way to kick tha buggets is drinkin your favorite medicine untill you get unconcious
30 Nov 1999 Caleb Stewart Probably putting some strichnine in a cold glass of mountain berry kool-aid would be best.
30 Nov 1999 Brennan Clarkson Go to public highschool, play pokemon, and be just like everyone else.
30 Nov 1999 Steve Find some people that make snuff films and if you ask really nicely they might let you have your moment of fame on the silver screen. If you are lucky you can send the videos out as stocking stuffers just in time for the holidays.
30 Nov 1999 Miss Elanius Find your parents prescription pills and wine, and consume them both. But that's only if you dont have access to anything like a knife. If you have a knife, get on top of an important building, (i'd say the new years ball in america, but you're french) and slice open your abodomen, then pull out intestines, and shove them in your mouth and begin to consume them, as much as posible, before you die.
29 Nov 1999 phillip cannon to swallow a bottle of tylenol, or inject an air bubble into your veins, which will make you heart explode.
24 Nov 1999 salva manger beaucoup de chocolat
21 Nov 1999 Antony Widoff Just go through life as normal. That should do the trick.
20 Nov 1999 Maddy Well -- you could try making your own noose... Or how about a simple guillotine? You could make something creative with popsicle sticks and tin foil.
Are you mechanically inclined? What about some kind of elaborate contraption involving electricity?
Or maybe, now that you are 13... you are onto something
new.... like life?
17 Nov 1999 Hanna Perttula It's scientifically proven that a baby can starve itself to death if it loses its mother under the age of 22 months. So I think that if you want to commit suicide the sooner you do it the better. There's no need to hesitate.
Starve yourself to death right after you have born.

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