Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jan 2000 Special K -Hit yourself constantly with a hammer
-Eat chinese food
-Eat cement and shit bricks
20 Jan 2000 digital d How about the old fashion way: you could pretend to kill yourself with kindness?
20 Jan 2000 dingdongwongbong Hair dryer in the bath.
20 Jan 2000 billy jo bob Put a rat in a straw and suck it through the straw eventually it will be caught in your windpipe and from there you will suffocate or be killed by the rat picking at your insides, hence killing yourself. :b
20 Jan 2000 Ghost I think the best way would be for him/her to jump into a pot of boiling water, he he!
14 Jan 2000 zoh rainbow a) there are many poisonous substances to be found in medicine cabinets and under kitchen sinks. These are usually easily within reach of short children and relatively easy to consume when mixed with rasberry cordial.
b) knives and other pointy objects are plentiful. Jump in a warm bath and stab yerself a-plenty. Bleed it up bebes.
c) jump off something high. no-one ever questions a child's right to climb.
14 Jan 2000 Brak Moczygemba Heroin or crack overdose -- that's the best way. But the funniest way is to stop eating for a while so you get really light-headed and you feel weird and then... you try to fly! That's fun.
14 Jan 2000 Geoff Milder Put a high-powered vacuum cleaner in your mouth and suck your guts out.
13 Jan 2000 daniel mueller Start by meeting someone whom you love dearly and truly. Then live watching them go on with their life and do nothing about it, it will eat away at your soul and deteriorate your well being.
Stop eating.
Search for the answer to the questions that don't exist.
Think about how nobody loves you and the world would be no different without you.
Learn that you existing means nothing to anyone and everything you do is a waste of energy as you only end up hurting others; most specifically the one that you love the most.
Cut all connections off with your friends.
Avoid everyone and any scent of conversation.
Sit in the cold bearing inadequate clothing thinking of the world's hate.
Plan death with a gun, but then later learn that you have no gun.
Plan to live life until you get drunk.
Make your plan to die go as this: drink extremely much alchohol while also using drugs. After you are completely out of mind go into the busy road and lay down. Lay there as the cars go by. Stab yourself with a rusty nail repeatedly in the road. Let the blood slowly drool out of your body. Puncture yourself until you have no strength and then make one last effort to stab your neck, right in your jugular.
13 Jan 2000 ccorradi Drowning is the best. Failures are rare, but those rescued report a very peaceful feeling after they inhale water, those not submerged long enough report only tremendous anxiety. I suggest jumping from a low bridge. You will not be jumping to an immediate death, but will have the pleasure of the fall as well as the pleasure of drowning. Make sure the water is deep. A fall of less than thirty feet will avoid excessive shock of impact. The pills and bleeding routines are horrible, don't bother. Guns are thrilling, but if you think about it, the jump to a drowning death really gives you the most complete experience of the possibilities, you may want to take a gun down with you, and experience the anticipation of the trigger, really live those last moments to the limit.
12 Jan 2000 Kevin Johnson When your under thirteen the best way to kill yourself is to live in a boring little fucked up town where everyone does there sister and believe me it will kil you. If not jump in front of a snow plow.
12 Jan 2000 kingrock A gallon of rancid milk and moldy oreos.
29 Dec 1999 catherine Drink lighter fluid
29 Dec 1999 James Jump in front of your school bus
29 Dec 1999 svjetlana kovrlija I'm sorry but this idea is absolutely not attractive for myself... I think that life is the most precious gift that we have and we should make the most of it...
Why would someone like to play death when there is so many interesting things to explore in the world... Maybe even exploring death may be some kind of artistic expression but in my opinion it is not, for sure, for kids...
29 Dec 1999 martin Have a surgeon attach the end of your large intestine to your stomach. This would allow excrement to be deposited in your stomach. ick!
29 Dec 1999 mykel Drown in a bathtub of jello
29 Dec 1999 shannon You're prolly too stupid to do anything complex or anything at age 13... So I would suggest sitting in the bathtub and drop an electric appliance in with yourself.

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