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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Nov 1999 christoph selbach chocolate until you burst
04 Nov 1999 Richard Set up a website and advertise yourself as being thirteen and available for functions - bhar-mitzvah's and ritual child abuse as long as it is super super violent.
After a year on the circuit, asuming you live that long, I'm sure you won't need any more suggestions. You will be a positive font of self termination ideas
04 Nov 1999 Doc Cut your dick off.
Prove you have the balls to do watch yourself bleed to death
04 Nov 1999 friendlybunny The suicide kit must come in an elaborately decorated and colorful box. It must be designed to make you want to kill yourself. Not many kids have the urge to commit suicide, so the kit must convince them. Maybe the kit could contain 100s of hours of news clips or political speeches...
04 Nov 1999 Derth Goadly Go into your school. Fuck the hottest person in the school. Stab yourself to death in front of everyone. Blame it on everyone in a note.
04 Nov 1999 MonTon Des`Coup Study, become a nerd, the rednecks will make your life a living hell, then get daddy's gun and blow your brains out.
04 Nov 1999 simon Piss off the localpedophile so much that he rapes you and then kills you.
04 Nov 1999 SiE I suggest slow, highly painful and overly elabortate repeative motions, i.e. carefully insert one finger (id suggest the marriage-ring one, for sake of dramatics) topped with a sharply pointed silver tooth (fashioned like a nail ring), into that small delicate hole you claim to not have yet breeched. Make sure you reach far enough up (towards your womb, not bowles, as that could get messy!) and now using quick flicks of the wrist try locating your 'cherry', this is sure induce much bleeding. Now with the other hand enject your arm with "drano", for the last preformance was just that, a preformance (it wont actully kill you), to be captured on video (so every last one you left behind will wittness your legacy!)
p.s. make sure you keep the "drano" off camera, maintaining the glamorous illusion.
04 Nov 1999 Corwin Take your parent's gun, hold up a gun shop with it, and take all the assault/automatic rifles you can carry. Then go to an NRA or other Right-to-bear-Arms (shoot somebody and take their car to get there unless you can walk). Rally and spray everybody there with bullets. Save the last one for yourself.
04 Nov 1999 Sarah Take all of those pretty little stuffed animals you have, douse them in gasoline, light a match and BURN baby BURN! It cheap and yet, oh so effective!
04 Nov 1999 James 1.) Find a pedophile chatroom on the internet.
2.) Make a friend.
3.) Agree to meet this "friend".
04 Nov 1999 Robert Loder The best way to kill yourself if your under thirteen is to go out and sit down on the train tracks nearest you and pray that your life be taken from you. Wish that you had never been born, then if our father realy subspises you he will take your life. But before you die ask yourself one question? Is this fucked up world worth your precious time and energy.
04 Nov 1999 roberto hang yourself
04 Nov 1999 Daniel B. Carnahan Jr. -Jumping out a window.
-Drinking milk if you are lactos intolerint.?
-Hanging yourself.
-Shooting yourself with your dad's gun, that is fucked up.
-Riding your bike in to oncoming traffic.

When this game is made i want to be the first to own it.
03 Nov 1999 Patrick Noland Take a knife and stab your self repetedly untill you bleed to death.
03 Nov 1999 Robbie kelly the best way to kill yourself is if you take a rope and hang yourself from the celing
03 Nov 1999 Jason Allow yourself to believe in the lies perpetrated by our 'society'. :)
03 Nov 1999 amber Walking on thin ice in the wintertime, early in the cold cold morning
There's a book by Edward Gorey that illustrates children dying, many of them self-inflicted, in "the gashlycrumb tinies," you might want to look at that.
03 Nov 1999 TSCHOATSCHI The best way is to become grown up like your parents
03 Nov 1999 BOB, GARY Gun's and Roses

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