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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Feb 2000 mystic To drown. It preserves the innocence
13 Feb 2000 Dan Ebben Accidental ingestion of anti-freeze
Accidental ingestion of Pesticide
Accidental ingestion of Hydrogen peroxide
Accidentally getting caught under daddy's car (for fun car jacks could be put on it so it looks to mommy like daddy ran you over when he was on his way home from bowling)
Swallowing a whole salmon
13 Feb 2000 Juniper 1. 1 pouch of Pop Rocks, preferably Cherry flavoured.
2. 1 can of Coca-Cola Classic.
13 Feb 2000 Christine If you want to make a mess, force yourself to vomit over and over until you finally get the bile left in your stomach that burns your throat. Then keep on barfing. You will probably die.
12 Feb 2000 drew Go to the top of a very high tower with razorwire (10 feet) and a bungey cord that is half the length of the tower. Bolt the razor to the tower then tie the bungiecord to your waist. Superglue a kazoo in your mouth. Superglue your hands to your face upsidedown then jump. When you reach the 10 feet mark your head would fly off. Then your head would be in your hands as you bounce up and down. Picture it .
11 Feb 2000 AssLicker Let an old geezer such as myself ....rape your tight little ass. Let me rip a gaping hole so huge, it was large enough for an elephant trunk. Then, SHOOT you with a load of my hot steaming SHIT!!! I'd then stab you. Yes I know that would be considered murder, but in this context, I AM SUICIDE!!!!! After you die I would cook you up in a nice ketchup sauce. Perhaps leaving your lips intact so I could kiss them while I slept.
10 Feb 2000 A Fan Get a ticket to the next Republican Convention.
09 Feb 2000 MyEvilTwin Tell your parents you're a queer robot with AIDS
09 Feb 2000 Whispanic Go to one of MS teen chat rooms and just keep typing till you die!
09 Feb 2000 clown™ €-DANCE WITH A TRAIN-€
08 Feb 2000 Celestina Hm...I will go back to that lovely age and mentally bundle together everything I tried, or thought of trying, into a neat little package, suitable for mass production.

The kit, of course, includes a nice knife - shiny, sharp, with a black handle. The edges have scalloped serration. This is good for those nights spent holding it to one's wrist and mentally calculating how long it would take for the blood to empty from one's whole body.

A pretty, glass-stoppered vial of pills marked "Sweet Dreams". The vial is cobalt blue, the pills are white and bitter.

An equally pretty vial containing a special fluid with which to wash down and activate the pills. This vial is clear and also stoppered, with delicate golden designs covering it. The fluid is also clear, and sweet, to help kill the taste of the bitter pills.

A shiny new icepick. When properly inserted between the ribs and quickly pushed in, it will stop your heart almost instantly. Instructions are included.

A small, but elegant collection of preprinted suicide notes, complete with envelopes. There are some generic, and some to address various reasons why one would commit suicide, and some that allow you to check off the reason(s) for your suicide. I always say, what's a suicide without a good note? At least you will die looking somewhat literate.

A black mourning veil to place over one's head while waiting for death to arrive after using one of the other kit elements. It creates a suitable atmosphere of darkness and drama for those who find you. (If you choose to use the icepick, you may want to don the veil beforehand, as this method of suicide leaves you no time to put it on properly before death.)

A very small, but unobtrusive, effective and easily hidden kit.
08 Feb 2000 alea stop eating till your body digests your muscles and you are too weak to even move and you will slowly die!
I'm sure most anyone can do that, especially when you're under 13
Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die
08 Feb 2000 mike Put a few drops of gasoline in a glass bottle. Cap it and shake it up. Open it and let it sit for a while until it's dry. Add a some potassium permagrinate (sold at pet stores as part of a snake bite kit). Cap it, shake it, and break it over your head. Splat!
07 Feb 2000 amir man dahaneto gaeedam ! :)
06 Feb 2000 Marilyn Manson Self-crucifixion.
06 Feb 2000 Coll Slide down the local park slide head first directly into a large sharpened stick. The all natural, simple and fun way to go.
05 Feb 2000 Nathan Wells Cover yourself in peanut butter, then jump into a pool of piranahs.
04 Feb 2000 David Well do you want it painless or spectacular?
Painless-Take a long rubber tube, connect one end to the exhaust and thread the other end into one of the car windows. Get in the car and close all the windows.
Spectacular-Climb to the top of the tallest building in town. Drench yourself in gasoline. Just before a bus or large truck comes light yourself on fire and throw yourself off. Timing it so that you will be runover the second you hit the ground. If this does not kill you then you are not meant to die.
One of the problems with finding someone experience with suicide is all the competent ones are dead.
04 Feb 2000 Alex piss on electric wire
02 Feb 2000 Miki Dear Mouchette,
Dress yourself like a cat and go to the cat carpet shop.

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