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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Dec 1999 Katarhyne Stone Don't overdose. That's painful, and you probably won't die anyway. Slitting your wrists isn't difficult, but it requires a lot of willpower. And you have to do it vertically, not horizontally. Else it won't work. Ah....the best way is really just a shotgun shell to the skull.
19 Dec 1999 ROBENT Pickles ......... seriously lots of pickles. They are easily attainable and in the correct dosage can be quite lethal.
19 Dec 1999 scottt If you concentrate hard enough you can make your body die just by thinking it with your mind
19 Dec 1999 Taylor Induce vomiting until you black out and slip into a coma. This coma will last for several months, in which time your family will ultimately decide to pull the plug.
19 Dec 1999 x I wouldnt know, I'm not 13.
19 Dec 1999 John Watkins I believe (i before e except after c) that it doesn't matter, because you achieve the same outcome.
18 Dec 1999 Malachi I heard of a young man who, when his parents left him alone in the house for the first time all by himself, decided to make the most of his first taste of privacy and independance by doing something he had only read about. He went to the local butchers' and bought a cow's heart. He took it home, and lay on the bed, and put his virilia inside it. Then, he clipped wires onto the heart. The article he had read said that attaching the heart by wires to a battery would make it beat, and that this would make for a lovely evening. However, this young man decided to save some money, and didn't buy a battery. He chose instead to plug the heart directly into a wall socket.
But then I don't suppose that's the best way ...
18 Dec 1999 vampyre bytch o.d., slit your wrists, hang yourself, russian roulette, pierce your tongue and let your parents find out or do it wrong
18 Dec 1999 anonymous Call a 15 year old bad names.
18 Dec 1999 aubrey Eat pop rocks and drink coke at the same time.
18 Dec 1999 Mr. Alex I guess that slit wrists are always good, although hugely unoriginal. So let's say, hanging yourself, with, I don't know, a skipping rope.
18 Dec 1999 rob Get a plug with a timer on it, plug it in. Set the timer for one hour, plug something into it (like a clock or hairdryer) place the clock in the bath, get in the bath. Go to sleep, don't wake up!
17 Dec 1999 Thiago Try to eat your cat (alive) with potatoes
Brazil - RS - POA
17 Dec 1999 cat killer Take a knife, slice your chest from neck to belly button, take your skin on both sides and pull it and you get to look at your insides for about 5 mins then you will go into shock...
17 Dec 1999 Paul Graves Well, since your under 13, you should be fairly small. The first thing you need is a good reason to die. Perhaps you are angry at a parent for forcefeeding you detestable food, or for spanking you as a punishment. Maybe you are angry at another child for hurting you. Write down your reasons, being sure to lay blame on the person who made life so unbearable. Then, put on all black clothing, paint your face black (with halloween makeup) and sneak out the window. Walk to the highway, wait until there are no vehicles and lie down on the pavement. Wait and your task will be complete. Be sure to leave at least two copies of your suicide note so the person blamed won't be able to hide it.
17 Dec 1999 Vambot5 Try to give oral sex to a foot-long hot dog ... all the way down! That way the kid will feel that he or she has done something sick and perverted and morally wrong before he/she chokes on it.
17 Dec 1999 Derek A pretty little box full of chocolate-coated glass shards, maybe?
17 Dec 1999 Herny6 Meanwhile you are being injected ebola through your neck veins and having your nails taken out by the ones you love, you are enjoying a burning black dawning.
17 Dec 1999 cosby Flintstone vitamines, when consumed in large quantities can cause death to children such as yourself. Just be sure not to vomit before you finish the entire bottle. Kids only weigh 80 or 90 lbs. so I'm pretty sure that would be enough. Kids don't have access to real drugs to over dose on. Elvis died of a drug over dose, wouldn't you like to be like Elvis, oh wait Elvis didnt kill himself. Well, then pretend that you are some other rock star. It is very important that you take on the persona of a rock star.
16 Dec 1999 dennis Remove your clothing, all of your clothing, c'mon don't be shy.
Cover your bare skin with fresh honey, maple syrup and brown sugar.
Make yourself comfortable next to an ant hill (preferably fire ants), and start digging.
The rest will take care of itself.
The good part is that you can bale out at any time (while you are still concious) so it is actually a true test of determination and willpower.
Good luck and have a wonderful recycling.

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