Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Dec 1999 lambda_dude Take a knife and ram it down your throat and twist it!
22 Dec 1999 Mavin Take your fathers power tools and first drill small holes in your body, go for you legs and other places where you can drill deep without killing yourself in doing so. Now carefully fill the wounds with salt from the table. Slice your wrists with a plastic knife and let yourself bleed to death in constant pain and agony, make no noise and let your parents find you lying in your own blood hugging your favortie plush toy.
22 Dec 1999 roy Fearing the fact that I am apparently quoting a movie - I will proceed...
::the world is more interesting with you in it::
22 Dec 1999 cynthia Maybe you could just pray and the good lord above will take you painlessly and swiftly. That way your soul can be in heaven with your cat.
21 Dec 1999 Jonny Fall in love... You will be able to die a thousand times over.
21 Dec 1999 johnny demarco Overdose on crayons. They dont taste bad and you'll die with a colorful personality.
21 Dec 1999 mary lynch Take a lot of orange flavored baby aspirins and then go to you elementary school and kill everyone you see before you die.
21 Dec 1999 Muahahahahah... Well, if you're living with a, seriously, try... living. You'll die... eventually. Old, broken, beaten, tired.... but you'll die.
21 Dec 1999 NO No way! SUFFER, IT'S THE ULTIMATE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Dec 1999 Snarg Suicide... na... murder is better...!
Cut someone's head off... pick it up... and face them towards there bleeding body... their brain will still function for a few seconds... the last things that person will ever see... is their own body draining of it blood... pint after pint...
20 Dec 1999 JULIE ELLISON AND TAYLOR JEWELL HENSLEY The 101 Best, Most Clever, and Most Disturbing Ways to Kill CREATED AND PRESENTED BY:
C 1999 Happy Days Inc.

1. Slit your wrists.
2. Drink cleaning supplies.
3. Put your dad's rifle in your mouth and shoot.
4. Cut yourself along several major arteries and slowly bleed to death.
5. Fill the bathtub up with hot water and get in. Go underwater & breathe until I say stop.
6. Give yourself a homemade tattoo with toxic silver pen.
7. Fill the bathtub up. Grab a toaster & plug it in. Get in the bathtub and bring the toaster with you. Push down the button & enjoy!
8. Boil several gallons of water on the stove and "accidentally" spill it all on yourself.
9. Bash your head in with a hammer.
10. Get an axe from the woodpile & split yourself in half.
11. Use your telekinetic powers to make the house fall apart.
12. Tease the elevator by not letting it close until it buzzes loudly. Stand in the door's way and let it close.
13. Break a mirror. Take two sharp pieces of the glass and shove them in your eyes, hard and deep.
14. Shove a Chef's knife up your butt.
15. Kill someone else and plead for death by lethal injection.
16. Break a bottle of wine on a table and shove it in your stomach.
17. Have your best friend run you over with a steamroller.
18. Turn on the iron until water dances on surface. Put it on several places on your body, keeping it in each place for at least 45 seconds.
19. Jump off a building, aiming carefully to impale yourself on a lamppost.
20. Drive a wooden stake in your heart.
21. Induce vomiting until you black out and slip into a coma. This coma should last for several months, in which time your family will certainly decide to pull the plug.
22. Put your pinky, as well as any other digits that will fit, into an electrical socket.
23. Purposely catch your clothing in the escalator at a local mall and fight off anyone who tries to help. Enjoy the ride!
24. Swallow vanilla bath beads.
25. Drop a lit match down your throat.
26. Eat three tubes of toothpaste - and I'm not talking about trial size.
27. Hang yourself in your closet with an electrical cord.
28. Unbend a coat hanger and slowly & carefully shove it up your nose.
29. Crash a car into a department store window displaying a nativity scene. Merry Christmas!
30. Lodge your head in the toilet bowl and flush mercilessly.
31. Get your hand caught in the CD-ROM drive and attempt to cut it off with a dull pocketknife.
32. Make a pipe bomb and blow up your house with you inside, of course.
33. Stuff toilet paper down your throat until you choke.
34. Eat baby powder.
35. Eat deodorant.
36. Take a walk in the ghetto with a giant boom box blasting Vanilla Ice.
37. Anger a cannibal.
38. Drown yourself in a spoon full of water.
39. Get a friend to throw a few CDs Frisbee-style at your stomach and throat.
40. Swallow fifteen razor blades.
41. Drink 2 bottles of cough syrup.
42. Lock yourself in a room. After you've eaten the carpet and peeled the paint off the walls for a snack, you'll eventually starve.
43. Swerve into the left rear wheels of a moving transfer truck on your bike.
44. Break a battery open and pour it into a glass of Dr. Pepper and drink it.
45. Live on top of an active volcano.
46. Piss off O.J. Simpson.
47. Eat a string of Christmas Tree lights.
48. Give yourself a million paper cuts--if the paper cuts don't kill you, the counting will.
49. Nail yourself to the side of a federal building.
50. Scalp yourself. If you're not dead, make photocopies.
51. Cry your eyes out:literally.
52. Burn plastic and breathe in the toxic fumes.
53. Charge into a big screen TV.
54. Lag behind when participating in a Bull Run.
55. Walk around in downtown New Jersey with a Target store shirt on.
56. Smash your head in the safe door again & again & againÉ
57. Spray a bottle of air freshener up your nose and inhale at the same time.
58. Eat a dog with heartworms raw.
59. Strategically place yourself in the middle of a very busy intersection at rush hour during daylight savings time while wearing a tight, black jumpsuit, being ever so careful to hit every car you see.
60. Go to a horse race and jump out in front of the leading horse screaming at the top of your lungs, "I'm a pony! I'm a pony!"
61. Make like Sonny Bono when on a skiing trip.
62. Get run over by an ostrich.
63. Get naked and lay on 12 150-watt light bulbs, then flip the switch.
64. Cut off all your fingers then write a ten-page report on "Polyester versus Cotton Fabrics" with the stubs.
65. Get pregnant and then have your mother perform an emergency C-section just for kicks.
66. Jam a toothbrush in your bellybutton.
67. Brush your teeth with a MACH 3 razor.
68. Drill a hole in your head.
69. Find a huge pine tree. Cut it down with a chainsaw while standing in its falling path.
70. Skinny-dip in a shark tank with your favorite rubber ducky.
71. Drive with a rabid monkey in your back seat.
72. Play NASCAR with an unsuspecting fellow driver.
73. Jump off the balcony in a school auditorium.
74. Smash your head through a wooden door, making sure you get plenty of splinters.
75. Jump in the way of a moving subway train.
76. Drip hot wax all over your body, then light matches and light your feet on fire. The flames will rise and consume your entire body, but before you do that, make sure you drip hot wax in your eyes & let it harden.
77. Do back flips in a mosh pit.
78. Attempt to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
79. Jump out of a moving bus window and do shoulder-rolls across the highway until you get run over.
80. Always use the wrong tool for the job.
81. Float on your back in the Anaconda River and wait.
82. Get in a pool with piranhas and have them tear off your flesh bit by bit, eating you alive.
83. Wedge yourself in the doggy-entrance on the garage door and have a friend press the "garage open" button.
84. Use a chain saw to cut out pictures.
85. Shove a TV antenna in one ear & out the other.
86. Strangle yourself with your best necklace.
87. Bite your arm and suck & swallow the blood. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
88. Perform self-quadruple bypass surgery.
89. Take out your own spleen, cook it for 2 minutes in the microwave, and eat it.
90. Cut yourself up and feed as much of you as possible to the family dog.
91. Cut off your limbs and put them in the crock-pot for your family to find. If your crock-pot isn't large enough, put extra flesh in the freezer for later.
92. Swan dive into the 10-gallon fish tank.
93. Give yourself a buzz-cut with bush shears.
94. Gather up a group of friends to push all your pressure points at the same time.
95. Make believe you're in a psychiatric facility with padded walls when you're really in a steel cage.
96. Straddle a neon sign. Don't let go, no matter what people tell you.
97. Go swimming in an oil spill. Don't forget to open your eyes under water!
98. Smash your porcelain "Precious Moments" dolls in the middle of the street and consume the large pieces left over.
99. Roll around nude in the street at noon.
100. Drink paint. Eat the stick you stirred the paint with. Drink paint thinner to wash it down.
101. Take all the pills in your medicine cabinet, along with at least one shot of every alcoholic beverage known to man and take a little nap. Don't bother waking up.
20 Dec 1999 Digg If you want to get back (revenge) say... at a loved one, someone you love very much, but who hurt you deeply, kill yourself in anyway. But leave a note to the person, telling them you killed yourself because they hurt you...
Or... Become so consumed in the hate, pain, and anger that you feel. Then thrash about your room, beating yourself in the head with every blunt object in the room...
You could drink yourself to death. but that seems to be taking forever...
I saw a picture of a man who commited suicide by throwing himself on a bandsaw. But it's already been done...
Hmm, I'lI have to think on this some more... I'll get back to you ...
20 Dec 1999 laz Eat peanut butter.
20 Dec 1999 butcher With a knife on my neck ...
20 Dec 1999 C. Augusto Valdés Put your head in a bucket full of water and drown while keeping your clothes dry.
20 Dec 1999 Erin Why should you want to kill yourself if you are under the age of 13? When you are that young you are able to live the perfect life in your imagination. My special ingredient however would be sugar.
20 Dec 1999 §carred Ängel Wait until a huge festival or carnival then when happiness is at its peak, and when all the humans are gathered in a single area...
Sky-dive with a grenade strapped to you and only pull the pin when you about 500 meters above them...
A nice way to get in touch with your fellow cancerous Human Kind..
20 Dec 1999 F A request for the suicide kit? Who knows what you are saying but have my email anyway.....
19 Dec 1999 grant I like swallowing small lego blocks until it makes me sick. Sometimes when they come back up my stomach acid has already started to dissolve them, but most of the time they get caught in my throat - and I bleed.
19 Dec 1999 Lauri You could get out one of your dad's guns and shoot yourself, or you could overdose on a lot of pills. Or if you have one of those needles that the Doctor gives you injections with you could just inject air into your vein. But uhhh, I wouldn't kill myself cause you would be letting the world win!

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