Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Nov 2010   suicide is the option for when nothing is left to fight for. suicide is the choice that many make for those that have wronged the suicidal, hurt, or betrayed. suicide is all that is left that comes to the suicidals door. peepole should not think they can tell us what we can or can not do! fuck all u that think life is worth this. i have cut many times my arms and wrists and legs too on and off since I was 16 years old. Im over 20 now and under 30. cutting gives me what peepole have never done. cutting helps me to escape the realtiy that brings me to my state of suicde. cutting helps me feel a different pain than the pain of life. SUICIDE HATERS GET THE FUCK OFF THIS PAGE!! THIS SITE IS THE BEST EVER BECAUSE WHETHER U ARE SUICIDALL LIKE ME WE STILL HAVE A PLACE AND A THING TO VENT TO. REGARDLESS OF HOW WE FEEL.
29 Nov 2010 Andre Ive tried killing my self so many times they have all fail i tried shooting my self my dad saw me and grabed the gun i tried my first cigirate in 4th grade i tried marijuana in 5th grade and in 6th grade started using meth to stop the thoughts i heard using more than a gram of meth will kill u i told my cousion give me a gram of meth and a needle he said just do 1/4 of it or ima die from an overdose i shoved everything in there put some bleach my cosion slapped it out of my hand i tried hanging my self after that my mom found me hanging on the closet raq she cut the rope and took me to the hospitol where i tried to get some drugs to inject but they were locked in a cabinet i have allways failed i am only 13 when i turn 18 i will most likely shoot myself or drink chemicals
29 Nov 2010 melissa No one needs to kill themselves. think of your family and friends and the devistation you will cause them. seek God and he will help you through anything. My life has been a mess. molested beaten and i have thought about killing my self but that is not the answer. you are worth so much more. God loves each of you so much.
29 Nov 2010 K.c Im going to hang myself in 4 days on friday, im homeless have been homeless for 2 years now, my girlfriend of 14months started seeing another guy yesterday on the same day we broke up, she doesnt want to talk to me she doesnt want to know me, i cant get a job, i cant get my own place doesnt matter how hard i try, im a stupid cunt in every way and i just have nothing going for me in my life anymore.. ive got it all planned and thanks for the ideas i been reading these kinds of sites for a while now..
28 Nov 2010 Amador I Think the best way to kill yourself is with a Gun duhh Life does fucking suck but theres nothing you can do so Whatever
27 Nov 2010 kenz I would slit my wrist and sit in a bath tub after smoking weed so i didnt feel the pain
27 Nov 2010 karen 30yrs Liquor and shiny knives and Seroquel (it doesn't wash out of the system for a long time. My last dose was febuary 2010 now nov and i still feel like weird headach with electrical volt like nausea, and the foods make it vomity.
25 Nov 2010 billythefreak what the fuck?
24 Nov 2010 kristyn Greg, i dnt know reallly how to put this but thank you. Im deeply sorry for ur pain and i dnt know how you cud put up with it for 29 years. Im 15 and im seconds aways from ending it, you must be one hell of a fighter to deal with this.
24 Nov 2010 Kristyn Ive thought abou this question many times and my top two wud have to be standing in front of an oncoming train or cutting your wrints verticle to your main artery.
24 Nov 2010 casey fitzgerald hey im casey. im 15 femalee and im ready to die. it started wen i was told i was adopted. i flipped out and everything wen down hill. i smoke alot of pot and sometimes ciggs. i dn drink but i want to so it can kill me in the future or w.e. i started having depression at 13 and its severe. they cnt put me on meds cuz i was to younge and it will mess me up. i hate my life my family. no body loves me and wen i say nobody i honestly mean it.
my boyfriend of 7months is being a bitch right now. hes caling me a liar and that i am using him for sex. im doind neither of those but i cnt handle anymore of this stupid fucking heart break that ima kill my self on sunday. im ready and i have taken in wa i need to do and wils onn aquire wat i need. and yes i am taking the cowards way out cuz if u lived my life... u still wouldnt understand
23 Nov 2010 mary this is wrong ]=
23 Nov 2010 emostacy well most of us are on pills or our family has a medicine cabnet so get a few of your friends and tell them to bring at least 3 diffrents pills and you can mix them in a bowl onthe table and add some alcahol in there and make suicide cerial its better then cheerios and its easy and fast and painless
22 Nov 2010 Eliza Play with a plastic bag in your crib.
20 Nov 2010 cody there is no good way to commit suicide.. i am 15 and i have read these stories on here. i know my life doesnt have as much pain as others but my parents dont even care about me.. and the one girl that i loved and i thought i could never hurt has hurt me by saying that she never wants to talk to me again.. i have read a lot of these answers on here and i have actually considered trying some of them but i dont know yet but buddy wait for a couple more years then decide if you really want to kill yourself or no
18 Nov 2010 shenice slit your wrist
18 Nov 2010 Joy Best way to kill yourself is to jump off a 5 story building on to concrete. There is no pain. And you can go to heaven. Instantly.
16 Nov 2010 Angelj i am turning thirteen next month. I have thought about suicide my whole life... someone i thought i could trust hurt me recently... i cut myself and he told EVERYONE... he's been one of my best friends since i was little and he just turned on me. my dad beat my older sister witha 2 by 4 28 times... my dad tried to hang himself by a belt right in front of all of my brothers and sisters and me wen i was years old.... i want 2 die... no1 gets it... i feel lke im screaming in the middle of a crowded room and no1 will look up... ive tried 2 ell ppl but they just brush it aide lke im joking...ive come real close to death before....i was holding a gun inside my mout b4....the only ppl tht listen are my besties nathan nd ashy...but thts all they do...nd its lke they only lisen to get away from me....no1 cares...no1 evr will...all life eds in death....but life is suffer nd crisis...i put my hand on a friends shoulder but no1 turns...i ask a friend 4 help but no1 can hear screams all eventualy fade away because no understands it enough 2 listen...the only way 2 be heard in this life is to leave it...the only way 2 get som1s attention is through my own death
16 Nov 2010 cecilia choke on your tears
14 Nov 2010 Ethan I dont know how the beat way is im 13 and i have been trying to finad a way to kill myself for a long tome my parents dont have guns and all the weapons in my house are replicas.......i want to die and today i found out my girlfriend is life is hell

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