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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Feb 2000 Tirabelle Despite being underage, it's easy to get a wide range of fun explosives. An M-80 or two, glued to the chest and lit can provide a spectacular flare of light and vital organs. Jumping off a building just before the explosion has the added effect of bringing others down with you!
18 Feb 2000 zed When I was around 8 I put some red watercolor ink on the bath tub I was in. It had a pretty strong effect on my mom as she "found" me.
18 Feb 2000 Robert Eat something from MacDonalds
18 Feb 2000 sonika_tRiP Hi my name is Danny I am 12 years old, fuck you all...
18 Feb 2000 Mr Wendal Two electrodes to the hairless pubic area, attached at the other end to a car battery. No-one wants to die without somesort of sexual experience. Know what I mean sunshine???
16 Feb 2000 babyblue The best way to kill yourself when your under 13, is to hang yourself, but you have to have the rope tricked so that you give the rope to a baby, and they can let go of the rope. When the rope is let go, the baby will waving bye bye to oldest child.
16 Feb 2000 Maurizio Try to stop a train. You'll leave an interesting looking corpse, and, if you're mother is present, she will most likely join you shortly.
16 Feb 2000 HACUNAMATATA Hang Your self BY The Balls
15 Feb 2000 Hubz It would depend on the effect you wanted to achieve when you were found. A very graphic bloody mess that involves a lot of emotion, or the secretive die in your sleep with a lot of surprise when you don't wake up. Go for the blood element, lots of blood sure to surprise the finder. Best parts are the upper thigh area, wrist and the sides of the neck.
15 Feb 2000 John Drown yourself in something thick, rich and chewy.
15 Feb 2000 Akasha wait under a high building till someone else tries to kill himself.... then get hit by his body ... nothing easier than that:)
15 Feb 2000 F Biss plug your orthodontic retainer into the wall socket
15 Feb 2000 Mike Slowly...with a hand-held cheese grater. This also works well for children over 13.
15 Feb 2000 Nostrildamus 2 - corkscrews *NOT CHROMED*
1 - flourescent light bulb, intact.
1 - extension cord, clipped, and frayed so each end can stretch about 5 feet apart.
Take corkscrews, Plunge 1 into each leg, on top of the thigh area.
Take 1 end of the frayed extension cord, (while not plugged in) and loop around one of the corkscrews.
Take the other end of the extension cord (Still not plugged in) and loop it around the other corkscrew.
Lay on your back near an outlet, and place the plug between your feet, so as to plug it in with your feet (dont plug it in yet)
Take the flourescent light bulb, and put one hand on each end, touching the metal contacts. (it may help to get a friend to tape your hands to it so they dont blow off)
Now, plug the cord in, and watch the light show!!!
15 Feb 2000 tom Why do you want to kill yourself? yikes. I had a girlfriend who was into suicide, not cause it was cool or funny or anything (like i assume you are, you seem too happy to actually kill yourself) but cause she was just whacked out. Anyway, I remember that she sewed her hand together once, like the middle of the second finger to the middle of the third. It rather upset me.
Back to your question.. if I were 'almost' 13 and wanted to kill myself... that really depends on why you want to do it. I don't think it is your parents, you seem to love them too much. maybe a boyfriend? You do not mention it on the website. I must assume then it is simply to do it. Valid.
Then you must do it in such a way as to make a statement. A statement against something that you strongly hate (or love) or against something that you are completely indifferent to. Perhaps you could slit your wrists and paint pictures of teletubbies (oh, I do hope you have them in Amsterdam) all over your walls, with your blood. Be sure to write things about your 'confused sexuality' and write a letter (also in blood) to that american senator who called one of the teletubbies gay. Tell him how his proclamation helped you to see the 'cold, hard truth' of the teletubbies, and how you "couldn't let these feelings inside of you grow."
Then, if you still have any strength, scan the letter, maybe take some shots of your walls (with bloodytubbies painted everywhere) and place the .jpgs on your website. That should cause a few laughs and would probably make world-wide headlines.
But seriously, you shouldn't kill yourself.
14 Feb 2000 Bitchface Take 2 guns.... give one to a stranger and put the other to his/her head and force them to kill you... It's painless and that person will have horrible dreams for the rest of their life!
14 Feb 2000 Something Now Pills, tons of pills. Hallucinogens, analgesics, amphetamines, and psychoactives.
14 Feb 2000 Rob I always tell them kids how to get gum out of the eletric plugs... The trick is to put two dimes in the socket at the same time.....
I can still smell that burnt ozone stench
14 Feb 2000 ha ha, my name is azazel Go and find the biggest knive in the house, when you find it, run to your friend's house and ask him to cut you into little pieces. Then, have him/her to put your remains into a barrel and burn you till there is nothing left but ashes. When he/she is done, tell them to take you to a whore house, put you in a douch bag and run you through once.
14 Feb 2000 Glen If you drink over 350 liters of aspertime a year you will die of cancer

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