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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Apr 2000 karmela It's very simple, Mouchette.
Just be good, and listen to your mum's and dad's advice. That will do.
15 Apr 2000 Lance stick crayons in your eyes
15 Apr 2000 tom Stick two pencils up your nose and slam it your head on the desk. Crashing the pencils right through your brain.
14 Apr 2000 Dave This one is really easy. As you finish the last drop of HCl (Hydroclorich Acid) lift the gun to your head and pull the trigger. Easy and the HCl will quickly eat away at your insides. Pretty Pretty Pretty!
13 Apr 2000 christian Becoming sexually curious, shoving mother's vibrator up your rectum, and dying of internal bleeding.
13 Apr 2000 Dingdongwongbong this is sick, I lost someone to suicide and it is a really sad bastard that would run the site.Rot in hell fuckers!
12 Apr 2000 Spider A plastic knife, washable red paint, liquid latex to make fake lacerations, a jar of candies labled poison with a skull and crossbones, a fake suicide note with blanks for you to fill in.
11 Apr 2000 psychobitch Any good suicide kit would include these itmes:

1- a fountain pen and a sheet of decorative, official-looking paper perfect for writing your will on (don't want those younger siblings getting all your cool stuff!)

2- a small diary for an optional manifesto - tell the world what's wrong with it before making your lasting impression.

3- an arbitrary number of syringes. o say about ten (prefilled with painkillers), a noose, a bottle of lighter fluid and a jet-lighter (the kind that doesn't go out in the wind).

4- a child sized, plush wooden box to use as a casket, a personalized headstone (so your parents don't put some dumb thing on your last rock) and a shovel.

5- instructions that read as so:

Hide your suicide kit well. If anyone finds it, you're sure to be grounded for months. After that, dig a large hole in the backyard (just tell your parents you are trying to tunnel to hell if they ask - this is to cause suspense and leave a nice burial plot) on the last night, lay out your manifesto and will out on your bed, turn on the radio or tv so they think you're still there. (Insert ironic musical choices here). Go out to highway with a bridge. Tie the noose to something sturdy and put it around your neck. Stand on the edge of the bridge. (Smoke any cigarettes now, you won't be able to later). Dowse yourself using the entire bottle of lighter fluid. Inject as many needles as neccessary with one hand, holding the lighter tightly in the other. After a few minues, the painkillers will make you woosie and you will fall off of the bridge. Hopefully, you will have enough strenght to light the lighter. Do so. You now have a show FIT for all the stupid masses in their oncoming-traffic vehicles!

And when you are in heaven, you can tell god that it wasn't your fault, you od'd on painkiller, causing a terrible accident and get early parole from hell.
11 Apr 2000 Francisco Me suicide por primera vez a la edad de 13 años.
Tarde algún tiempo en darme cuenta de que algo habia salido mal.
Finalmente no logré ser escritor, como siempre habia soñado
11 Apr 2000 kronic fu**ing slit your throut with a rambo knife bitch
11 Apr 2000 bran fall in love with selfish, manipulative bitch, die of broken heart. Alas... (sigh)... shikata ga nai
10 Apr 2000 Ryan "Magic Death Potion": in a box, and in plastic, have all these neat little bottles with cool names, like "bottle of passion" or "bottle of lust". Give instructions on how to mix the proper ones into a black can called "drink of death". Of course these are all poisonous chemicals like iodine and liquid toilet cleaner.
09 Apr 2000 DJ Anorexic shoving a sharpened #2 pencil up your nose
09 Apr 2000 Waylain I know the worst ways to kill yourself whilde under 13, since I'm still alive the ones I tried were no good. Thus I can offer one with 95% non-failure garantee. So-for those children's required educational suicidal experience:

A glass funnel. A piece of tape (3 inches long). A rat. Peanut butter (yummy! feel free to make a peanut butter and cookie sandwich on the side). A pillow (Sesame Street decorated). A piece of string. Vaseline. A shiny orange ball that fits in your mouth. A pulley. Jar of acid. A sponge on a stick.

Step 1: Place the pillow on the ground. Eat your peanut butter cookie sandwich (last cigarette?).
Step 2:Tape the string onto the jar of acid and lace it through the pulley. Cut the string and tape it from the jar to the funnel
Step 3: Wipe your mouth with vaseline, take the sponge on stick and dab generous amounts of vaseline. Shove the stick down your throat till slippery.
Step 4: position the jar of glass on the edge of a table and hold the string to support it. Let the funnel dangle under it.
Step 5: Swallow the rat.
Step 6: Bite the orange ball
Step 7: Position yourself on the pillow under the funnel so it aims to your forehead.
Step 8: Let the string loosen up.
Step 9: Wait.
08 Apr 2000 Lisa Holden By putting a binliner over your head and tying a firm knot so that you can't breath. Alternatively, just go to your mother's kitchen cupboard, steal the bottle of bleach and drink the contents. Painful but effective (and cheap).
08 Apr 2000 Calvin drown your self in your JR. High bathroom toilet after carving F>T>W> into your chest with a rusty screwdriver. (f.t.w.= Fuck the world)
08 Apr 2000 OrGaN_gRiNdEr_EnVy666 Impail yourself in the guts with a meathook and attach it to the roof of a tall building and jump off.
07 Apr 2000 abaddon and bobby 1. choke on your legos.
2. stab yourself with pick-up-stix.
3. suffocate yourself with mom's plastic grocery bags and a shoelace.
4. gouge out your eyes with barbie's legs.
5. hang yourself with a jumprope.
6. poison the food you make in your TastyBake oven(R).
7. sample various household cleaners and detergents.
8. play hide and seek in the freezer or in the trunk of your parents' car.
9. overdose on children's tylenol.
10. jump headfirst off the swings.
11. get your friends to catapult you off a seesaw into a brick wall.
12. rollerblade off a cliff.
13. play in traffic.
14. aplly a b.b. gun to your temple and pull.
15. drop anything electric into the bathtub with you, power turned on.
16. play with matches and any flammable liquid.
17. sit on the top of a tree flying a kite in the middle of a thunderstorm.
18. drown youself in a kiddie pool.
19. watch television. watch it some more. watch really bad shows, repeatedly. do nothing but this. eventually your mind will rot and you will die. if you're lucky enough to survive, you will wish you hadn't.
20. masturbate violently with a crowbar while sitting on a cheese grater.

If none of these are effective, don't give up- try, try again. At the very least, these will make you so uncomfortable you will be inspired enough to think up ways on your own to put yourself out of your misery.
07 Apr 2000 Simon The best way to kill yourself at any age is to do nothing. To not dream. To not do anything. Just sit and rot.
Or perhaps get yourself in front of a webcam announce a time that you are to be done with life and kill yourself in front of all your fans with a very sharp knife, making it as dramatic as possible and utter no words of explanation.
07 Apr 2000 milo Just take your daddys gun and shoot yourself fast to get it over with.

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