Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Mar 2000 Jolie Eat spaghetti with Campbell's tomato sauce on it (which makes it artistic, when associated with Warhols' use of Campbell's imagery) and tie yourself up on the spaghetti strings when lit from different directions in different colors of light, perhaps even accompanied by some disco music and one of those cool and funky discomirrorballs - don't forget to put up some make-up! Especially purple colors and glitter; wear a shiny silver dress with spikes on the inside.
06 Mar 2000 Cory Hang out in school and make fun of a fat kid with a .357 magnum
05 Mar 2000 EYELESS If you're planning to kill yourself, do it the way you like the most and that you're inner fears aren't afraid of.
Do it like your feelings tell you.
04 Mar 2000 Alyssa Allen The best way to kill yourself if you are under 13 would be to get a gun and a knife! First you start by cutting incisions in your arms and legs and letting the blood drip down! The point in this is so that if you get taken to the hospital they will have no time to cover up all your cuts in time to save you from drying out! Then you walk down the street letting all the people who made you want to kill yourself see you! You walk to a ex boyfriends house and take the gun and shoot yourself right in front of him if he broke your heart!
04 Mar 2000 Lavender To drink many poisons, then while you're confused from all the toxins grab a knive and cut you wrists, while the blood is coming out of your arm pour acid on it, then take a tight rope and reach a fan, tie the rope to the fan and have your brother of sister turn the fan on for you. :)
03 Mar 2000 Brandt Fall into life as if it were death. Drain the numbness from your wrists and become the ground of tomorrow.
01 Mar 2000 mark kubas I think that something like a plastic bag mask would do the trick. Perhaps a clown's face silkscreened onto a simple plastic shopping bag. This would encourage the child to "try the bag on" or put the bag over his or her head and play clown. The silkscreen ink could possibly be temperature sensitive, so post suffocation, when the child is cold, the bag will display a sad clown face.
01 Mar 2000 Raul Hold scissors to temple and wait behind door for bad mommy to slam door open.
01 Mar 2000 j Removal of the heart as a sacrificial offering to the unnamed gods and or goddesses.
This method is of course acceptable for all virgins.
01 Mar 2000 Andrew Turn on your toaster, but instead of bread, insert your own wet hands.
01 Mar 2000 KT Venture deep into a Slayer moshpit wearing stiletto heels
29 Feb 2000 sahwn The ultimate suicide.
Sit down with the local pervert and a bottle of scotch (or cheap wine). Drink till you feel free of all your problems. Walk to the water. Dirty yourself and the pervert will rape you till you hurt. Ask for more. Run to the north beach. Run to the pier. Swim. Swim to reach the island. When you can't swim anymore, keep swimming. Never stop swimming if you make it you have no reason to kill yourself cause all that is on the island is good and pure. I have been to the island, it is good. It is what dreams are made of. If you feel like you are surrounded by a cold blue abyss you are there. If you can't feel your breath you are there. The island leaves you cold and clammy on the outside and warm on the inside. I will see you on the island
28 Feb 2000 Derek Blackman Mediate and focus upon the agony that is living, the misery of being, the horribly excruciating pain of existing-and there you shall eventually succumb to the most magnificently beautiful of finales; quite simply, you shall cease to exist as your soul will no longer, 'be'.
27 Feb 2000 Jed Early of Portland, Oregon First, you need 3 things: a shotgun shell, a metal gas can, and a hammer. A welding torch might be good to have, too. You duct tape the gas can to the welding torch's acetylene tank, fill it up, jam the shotgun shell into the opening of the can so the end with the percussion cap sticks out a bit, and hit the cap with the hammer. hard. Repeatedly, if necessary. This should be done directly below high-tension power lines, and in extremely dry grass, if possible. Done in that manner, you will be a supreme annoyance to thousands of people at the time of your death, and probably to 3 or 4 fire departments as well. Enjoy!
26 Feb 2000 Psycho to throw yourself off of a skyscraper, one that is at least 20 stories tall, so you can experience the thrill before death
25 Feb 2000 Farid die waiting to become a teenager
25 Feb 2000 )()()()()()((e))(( Work for 40 years in the Cayman islands so you earn a tax free income, meanwhile live on the streets and own no material possesions. With the accumulated money buy large chunks of rocks from poor third world families, not corporations, then in some little village in Africa or Mexico use the rocks to build a castle without any help from labourors or workers. Make sure the castle has a parking lot on the roof and many many bedrooms. Next buy expensive machinery and computers and install throughout the castle. Finally buy a fleet of fancy cars and drive one off the parking lot on the roof while the villagers watch from a fair distance!
24 Feb 2000 CAsPer I HaVe nO dOUbt AbOut uSinG a GuN
22 Feb 2000 Martin Tedder Suffocate yourself under your own blankets. Try to see how far you can let yourself go in a small amount of time. The, almost orgasmic state you can get yourself after you can get your almost final breath before you kill yourself is enough to keep yourself alive..............

trust me
22 Feb 2000 Carl With a semi-automatic weapon stolen from your parents in a classroom of your peers taking a few of those little bastards with you. All the while cranked completely sideways on your pops viagra and your moms "perscription" medicine wearing that butt ass ugly sweater that your bitch grandma sent you for your birthday 3 months late. Don't forget to pack the suicide note in your back pocket stating that your dog molested you and that you heard the voices of your parents in the back of your head actually talking to you freaking you the fuck out and your dream of being noticed and this being the only sure SHOT.

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