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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Apr 2000 toddle hammer, nails, floor.
28 Apr 2000 Natasha Nomie L'illusion et le rĂªve
28 Apr 2000 Joy honey, I really don't know why you would want to kill yourself, honestly. but all you have to do is go in a small enclosed room with a chemical that says to use it in only a well ventelated room, then you wait.
28 Apr 2000 Keith Throw yourself infront of a bus thats moving at a high rate of speed.
28 Apr 2000 M rape yourself to death
27 Apr 2000 Amanda happily enjoy your last can of soda. when it is gone, cut the can in half and use it to carve the alphabet up and down your arms. hopefully, you'll bleed to death.
27 Apr 2000 piers run onto a freeway. Hey, you take lots of other people with you. LOL
27 Apr 2000 Gaer Grimsrud Drowning. Agonising panic followed by the euphoria of an oxygen deprived brain. From somone who knows. Smothering can cause abrasions, Strangulation is more painful than people realise, and Quicksand gets that annoying sand in your eye. Some people might say Freezing is good, because the body falls to sleep once your temperature reaches a certain level, but Drowning is full of contradictory feelings. The panic and euphoria, the literal and figurative weightlessness, blahblahblah. I hope I sound as pretentious as I meant to be. GO HEELS Have a Day. PS Cutting your head off isn't as quick a death as it's advertised.
25 Apr 2000 Funkatronic hang yourself from the rafters with a bedsheet
24 Apr 2000 alyson go up to a volcano and jump in...
burn, baby, burn!!!
24 Apr 2000 morepowerr never a good idea at any age..
but bleach works well ......
24 Apr 2000 chrisis First of all, you have to keep in mind that the closer you are to 13, the quicker you'll have to die, otherwise you'll not have killed yourself when you're under 13. Based on this, you can have different suicide kits for different ages.
Of course children must be over 3 years old, because the kit may contain small (possibly hazardous) parts. The kits range from "the third birthday kit" (very slow death: self induced terminal illness, etc.) to "the day before 13th birthday kit"
(very quick death: common gunshot, wound to head, etc...). The kits in between are the most fun, because they're noticable from the beginning, and still last long enough to enjoy!
24 Apr 2000 tweetythief Probably the best way is to ducktape a point knife to each of your hands, finger touching the blades, and find an convienient electrical socket....
Or, small people get hit by buses alot, you could make someone feel real guilty doing it that way......
22 Apr 2000 Zodiac The best way to kill yourself if you are under 13 is to carefully, almost surgically, gouge out your eyes completely, with a knife. Any knife will do. Once both of your eyes are removed from your skull, fill your sockets with salt. The pain will send you into shock and kill you.
22 Apr 2000 rodrigo with a teddy bear with a knife
21 Apr 2000 sinful take a bath and throw the blow dryer in the tub with you in it:):):)
21 Apr 2000 mike F jump in front of a mack truck, find your dad's gun and blow your head off
20 Apr 2000 angie overeat
20 Apr 2000 b Spend the rest of your life trying to make time to live out your dreams, and failing.

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