Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jun 2000 band live normaly, that's death.....
27 Jun 2000 Jeff Mincey Suicide doesn't impress me because we what we call "death" is going to befall us anyway. At most all we can do is change the timing of it, (and even time itself is but an illusion, a practical device useful only to spirits in temporal human form).

In death we only pass from one form to another; suicide (so called) only hastens this process--nothing more.

The real suicide is a living death; it's to deny yourself, to withhold your talents, to submerge your identity into that of another, not to be true to yourself, not to live the dictates of your heart, and to exchange the spirit of life for the inexorable, taming influences of what we call civilization which teaches that a good life is about making money and accumulating possessions and property, (or, more accurately, about toiling in order to put money into the pockets of others).

The real suicide is to live a mind-numbing, humdrum existence of "lather, rinse, repeat," in which life is not a succession of days, one after the other (in which we learn and grow), but instead essentially the same single day over and over (in which our dreams die and we become docile and tractable as good corporate drones well should be).

The real suicide is to accept uncritically all the readymade tenets and customs which we are spoonfed by previous generations.

Most 13-year-olds think they are thinking for themselves when they reject the values of their parents; but more likely they are only trading one master for another in their race to conform. More likely they have gone from embracing the values of their parents to embracing the values of their peers. In so doing they have already committed suicide anyway.

"Tradition does not mean that the living are dead; it means that the dead are living."

Finally, suicide is to use only half of one's mind--whether the intellect or the emotions. Both make up what we are, and we deny ourselves and live a slow death by dwelling only or predominantly in but one of these realms of the mind.
27 Jun 2000 Prash Get run over by a pack of mongolian rabbits!
27 Jun 2000 Stefan Ståhl A good and imaginative thing to do is to take a totally normal bath and spice it up with a little electical shock from a radio player or alike. It even tickles a bit at first =)
27 Jun 2000 That Shady B*****d Throw yourself into every object you come in contact repeatedley be it a wall your papa a truck Jason Voorheese etc... alternatively visit the local Neo Nazi meeting singing Bob Marley classics
26 Jun 2000 Janita Find a train and stick yourself under it
26 Jun 2000 The Vempyre It all depends if you are a person who wants to be in the spotlights. If you are, read on. If you don't, please also read on, it is good for you! I've tried to look at the problems 13 year and younger can have with buying explosives and stuff like that, so I did not enclose that kind of suicide plans. Know that hanging yourself, or slitting your veins ain't cool enough nowadays!
Well, if you want your death on all major headlines, a basis for movies, stories and, of course, cool jokes, you can consider the following things:
1. Jump for a train. Sounds simple, but it ain't. You also have to carry big rocks and steel pipes and stuff with you, so the train will crash and you will have friends along the way up (or down, that is).
2.Try to get on a plane. Wait until you fly above an urban area, and start breaking the windows. Please note that this will only have a major effect if you are in a jumbojet flying above a metropole.
3.The school trip. Everybody just think that school trips are fun. They are wrong! School trips suck! The best is if you are in a doubledecker, because it has more people in it. When you are riding on the big road, go to the driver, blind him with some biting fluid and give a swing on the steer. Works best when a truck is coming your way! Remember kids, suicide ain't worth doing if nobody else gets hurt or also get killed! To go alone is no fun! Of course there are a lot of varieties, but be sure to give this suggestions a try! Your parents, if not also killed, will be proud! Go ahead, kill yourself!!
26 Jun 2000 steph s'étouffer avec sa mallette!
manger un cahier!
26 Jun 2000 Amorphus Aenema While joyriding in the car you stole from your parents with the system blaring David Bowie's "Major Tom" being chased by a team effort of the millitary cops robbers and the icecream man, set off the bomb you concealed in the trunk. As the ball bearings you placed in the bomb take out all
that is behind you, drive off off the top floor of the parking garage that you entered only seconds before and land on the crowd of parade watchers whose parade is (was) chasing you and fly through the window because you forgot your seatbelt and land on a fire hydrant as a dog urinates upon it.

It would be so cool.
26 Jun 2000 m77 I have a different idea. How not to kill yourself: yourself good to self and others
3.stay innnocent and young at heart
4.have something that gives you strength with you. my own favorite is: "come and sit down beside me, i said to myself,
and although it doesn't make sense, I held my own hand, as a small sign of trust and together I sat on the fence"

Hope this doesn't sound too corny. I know people hate corny. People also hate to try and live.
26 Jun 2000 Thanius The best way would be that you'd look in the mirror and find out how small breasts you actually have. And then you also discover how ugly you are. Then all the zits, the crooked eyes, the pointing ears, and greasy hair and the large nose. A few moments later you will be found, lying on the floor twisted in agony.
26 Jun 2000 joji Just learn to forget breathing!
25 Jun 2000 hypeflight The best way to kill yourself if you are under 13 (and the most common way) is to do just as the grown-ups tell you, your teacher in school, your mom and dad, uncle Ernest etc. Chances are that you will get nice food, be socially accepted have a nice and BORING LIFE - totally more and more dead from inside! All of a sudden its all boring around you and you would have killed yourself from boredom.
25 Jun 2000 Douglas Palacios Do like millions of American Kids do:
1)WATCH incredibly long hours of Television,
2)Have your parents feed you Amazingly large amounts of fast food
3)Live in a big metropolis filled with automobiles, like Los Angeles
4)Support the Murderous US government that kills children in Iraq (if you're from Iraq this is a good, fast way to suicide)
5)Pollute this beautiful planet as much as you can
6)Stop caring for others so others will stop caring for you
7)Stop having beautiful dreams
8)Close your ears, heart and soul to the world around you
25 Jun 2000 David Schaap If I would be under 13, and I would have to kill myself, I would do it by slamming my hands against my ears. If you slam both your hands at exactly the same time against your ears, and you make sure it is air-tight, then bloodvessels in your brains will break and in a few seconds you are dead. Greetz, Daf
PS) Make sure you slam hard enough, else you only will have pain!
25 Jun 2000 Ulco inject yourself with a poison that kills you so slow and painfull so that you will never do it again! HA
25 Jun 2000 Gab Da Gob Just keep surfin' on Mouchette's Web Page for hours and hours !!!!
25 Jun 2000 Amorphus Aenema Well put balloons filed with lighter fluid all over your body, grab your genitalia and if male, tie a string soaked in kerosene to your scrotum *not to tight* and run it into a large jug of rubber glue. Proceed to shove a roman candle into you anus light fuse and direct sparks toward glue. Enjoy. (if female simply run a rag soaked in kerosene into vagina and proceed as planed)
25 Jun 2000 collette Try to impale yourself on an object that was very dear to your parents. Say, a family heirloom. Especially if you have rich parents who happen to love the heirloom more than they ever loved you. If not, try something like a beloved family dog - goad it in to eating you. Your rich parents live in the penthouse suite? Throw yourself off their balcony. Get run over by their Mercedes. Always associate your death to something they treasured far more than you. Rich people are easy targets.

What? Your parents are loving, caring, supportive people? And you somehow still want to kill yourself? Then get yourself down to a high crime-rate area and within a few minutes your life will be over. Stray bullets, flying shrapnel, you know how it is. Or walk absentmindedly onto a freeway during rush hour.

Always, ALWAYS leave a suicide note. Blame it on your alcoholic/abusive/whatever parents. Or a school bully. Or society in general - you've seen that the world can only offer you a grim future, lost your innocence, your will to live.

Oh wait, this is supposed to be a game, right? Damn.
25 Jun 2000 mick lyons sucking your thumb

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