Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Jul 2000 sander to look at my father in his fucking ugly face
03 Jul 2000 Suicides-R-us Suicides-R-us kit from Mouchette:

Never have suicides been such a blast With thousands of combinations of killing yourself "suicides-R-us" is a revolution in playkits! The kit includes; plastic razors and knifes, guns, spirits and liquire, ropes, chemicals and different kinds of drugs such as: heroine, MDMA, LSD, PCP, DMT, DXM, cocain and many more famous narcotics! There are also manuals included to guide you to the perfect murder - on yourself! Impress your parents with a spectacular suicide, buy suicides-R-us - NOW!

Available in a store near you, for only $9.99. (May contain small parts unsuitable for children under 4yrs of age)
03 Jul 2000   The best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is to pretend that you are eating a kinder-egg, then try to eat the whole egg so that it will get stuck in your throat!! Good??
03 Jul 2000 christof hmmm... jumping from a high tower, the tour eiffel. and leaving a letter: 'i can see the world dying. and i wonder you don't'
03 Jul 2000 batlhako try and outrun a moving train
03 Jul 2000 aids-magneet Just go fuck ads much older people cas possible; you will meet an aids-carrier. And then you still have plenty of time to think how fucked up you have done.
Cool eeh?
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02 Jul 2000 manolis depence why a kid of that age would want to kill its self ... when i was in that age i just wanted to have everybodies attention on me actually this is not a straight question.... it looks more like a request for comments my comment is that self preservation enstict in that age is so strong that i can hardly imagine some kid would really want to kill it s selfe in that age ... if i am wrong i guess a death that would not harm the body would be switable
02 Jul 2000 Rez cruisify yourself in the lawn
01 Jul 2000 Solid_burn Just don't fucking kill yourself
01 Jul 2000 Schapie Walk in the rain.
01 Jul 2000 Serge Hirchovitch here are a few suggestions on how to kill a child under 13 :
* continue to believe what adults tell U
* go to school and swallow "education" at face value
* watch childrens programme on TV
* watch adult programmes on TV
* stop trying to implement your child values into an adult world
* believe in the values conveyed by advertising and media (anorexic 13 yo models looking like heroin addict selling calvin klein worthless chits

If U can stay away from the above , U might have a chance to let the real child in you survive

PS : je parle également le français donc tu peux me répondre dans la langue de ton choix

Je trouve ton site extra-ordinaire !!
Essaye de continuer dans la voie de l'expression artistique.
30 Jun 2000 Cyco Path My suggestion would be, listen to a nonstop follow of Gangsta Rap over and over until you can't help but talk in the same manner as the rappers then proceed to the closet "hood" available and well, just start talking. I'm sure intended act will be performed shortly there after.
30 Jun 2000 alberto Ummm...drinking 90 lbs of sperm...i will help you if you need
30 Jun 2000 David Sanderson Probably putting the hairdryer in the bathtub or commiting suicide after killing your classmates (U.S only)
30 Jun 2000 Thom You don't.
You've got too much to live for.
30 Jun 2000 SuiCidE The best way to kill urself is not to eat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat and surf and chat
30 Jun 2000 Mike Le Roi Drink a gallon a petrol and if your still able to, strike a match and inhale. This may only be done in front of many people.
30 Jun 2000 Colin To stick your head in a gas oven. This is simple and painless way to commit suicide.
29 Jun 2000 Freakazoid If you keep living long enough, you'll kill yourself...... life is the cause of all death
29 Jun 2000 Costas Gheraniou The best way to kill yourself is to start thinking of how to kill yourself.

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