Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Aug 2000 sherazade mettez tout vos cd au micro ondes avec de la harrissa, prenez une fourchette, ouvrez le micro ondes sans l'arreter, saisissez votre fourchette et degustez vos cd
31 Aug 2000 Hope OH MY GOD!!

What in the world are you doing? I work with troubled teens everyday at a treatment center. We have many teens that are trying to hurt themselves or threaten suicide. Many times they have to be hospitalized. What you are doing here is WRONG!!! I wonder what is going on with you. People that are looking for attention in this negative even maybe deadly way (if not to you, but maybe someone else) are actually crying out for help themselves. If you care about anyone please take this web site off. I will pray for all the kids that really need help and they come here looking for some reason to live. If they do commit suicide ... how would you like to live with that guilt for the rest of your life??
30 Aug 2000 James Okay, First of all get some good music turned up loud. Something like Add N to (x). then run a bath and collect some sharp things and electrical things. Also write a letter saying how parents have forced you into this position and how they have abused you since you can remember.
Jump into bath, turn on all electical things and chop chop chop. It won't hurt.
30 Aug 2000 pedro pacheco mataria un gato y luego me moriria de arrepentimiento
29 Aug 2000 no Well, if you take severe lack of sleep into account you can die quite slowly in about two weeks. Or get your best friend to slit your throat. Its always fun, either way.
29 Aug 2000 Jenn get two sharpened pencils, shove the sharpened part in each nostril so it stuck there, then slam the eraser into a table so that the sharpened ends shoot up into the brain, killing you.
i hope that was a better answer than before, thank you
28 Aug 2000 steve First make sure you are by the ocean. Then, once there. cut up some sort of animal cat, dog, rat, something. then wipe its blood all over your body. (Make sure it's on there real good.) But before you do all of this wiping stuff, throw some of what ever you cut up into the ocean. This will get the attention of some very hungry sharks, Once you see them begin to wipe yourself down with blood, then jump in. It help if you tie bricks to your feet. Good luck.
27 Aug 2000 Kaete Take a Confederate flag and running around in a ghetto screaming.
26 Aug 2000 tom taper un raille de pokemon vivant
24 Aug 2000 hell sapere di non essere mai nati e accorgersi che cio' che hai intorno non è reale solo perchè tu sei morta. hell
23 Aug 2000 Emma Kidd wander into the woods like some demented cat & get eaten by some passing tasmanian tiger
21 Aug 2000 cami Don't commit suicide, rather think of how much u really have to live for. And stay focus no matter what happened cause u are special and that is all that really matters.
19 Aug 2000 roberto ferdani you sit in the bath full of water and drag a radio well plugged in.
19 Aug 2000 Kathleen for the females out there, i think you should screw it! just have mad sex, then once you're satisfied, have a lover handcuff you to a bed and blindfold you. after that has been acomplished, cover them in honey and chocolate syrup. then, have them let loose ants and or killer bees. then see how that goes........
18 Aug 2000 Kathleen if you are of the oppisite sex (male) you can brake off pieces of your G.I. Joe and shove them down your throat. plus, also, you can take a huge kitchen knife, strip down, and start shaving all your body hair being sure to press down as hard as possible. then, start slicing the knife down your genitals. then back up to your throat.

female: oh screw it! have mad erotic sex for a straight week, then blind fold yourself, have a lover tie you up to your bed, cover you in honey, syrup, etc.... then have him let loose billions of bees and ants. see how it goes.

if you believe you have a sick twisted mind, write me pleeeeease!
18 Aug 2000 Scary_person take a box. think of all the things that you are afraid of. put that in the box. think of the times you wanted to take your favourite steak knife and pierce your father's temple because he refuses to let you see an R rated movie with one of your best friends. put that in the box. think of the times you thought about hurting a family member or loved one. put that in the box. then, think of times when your best friend betrayed you and you wanted to hurt them badly. put that in the box. think of times when you are alone and crying because your father abused you and left marks and you couldn't tell anyone or else the pain would never stop. put that in the box. think of when you are mad at God and how he betrayed you and the world. put that in the box. think of every time you saw a person cry. put that in the box. think of when you were young and carefree and had no problems, but you are thirteen and have more problems than you would never wish on any thirteen year old. put that in the box. think of everyone that has lied to you. put that in the box. think of when you were left home because you were thirteen and your brother or sister is older and they only hang out with older friends. put that in the box. think of all the times you wanted to die. put that in the box. now, seal the box. when you are ready to kill yourself, open it.
17 Aug 2000 Angry Monkey Salad eating too much squeezy cheese
17 Aug 2000 F Biss Snip the power cord off of an appliance (toaster, hair dryer, mommy's massager) and attach the exposed wires to your dental retainer. Plug the other end in.
16 Aug 2000 Fernando The box may contain rat pesticide, ropes of different colours and thickness, chemical kit with powder, C4, gasoline, metal tubes for high power homemade tube bombs; knives: the classic Rambo III, the Ginzu for fishes (extra sharp blade), butcher's knife. Litterature, of course: books that kill, or that may want you to kill yourself at an early age: William Corrington's entire catalog. The Holy Holy oh so Jolly Bible.
Music: tapes for suicide children : Earth Wind and Fire Greatest Hits. A tape with an endless loop of Berlin's Take My Breath Away, N'SYNC (this should do pretty well), Britney Spears.
15 Aug 2000 laughingman when you are under thirteen the best way to kill yourself is to drink a tall glass of antifreeze. that will kill you painfully but it tastes really good! i don't suggest adding drano as that would increase the pain by ten-fold.

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