Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Nov 2000 mélanie thibodeau Désolée mais ton kit de suicide est une vraie plaie ! Moi je tiens à ma vie et je ne souhaite pas que d'autres de mes amis meurent encore par suicide et je trouve ça dégoutant de voir des personnes comme toi qui donnent même des trucs aux jeunes pour se suicider. Tu est vraiment un branleur de gosse de première! Je n'ai peut-être que 17 ans mais tu est un criss d'innocent, j'espère que tu vas te pendre bientôt !
Une anthipatique a tes idées !
11 Nov 2000 a cool person --1.well, it's obvious, spend all of your hard earned life savings on a big speaker system, papa roach cd, and a big ramp on top of the empire state building, blast "binge" by papa roach and launch your four wheeler, full speed right the fuck off of the empire state building, if at all possible get enough speed to hit the next building and then enjoy the ride down!
--2nd cool way to kill yourself.......... walk into school naked, with a gun, or knife, kill as many people as possible then kill yourself, simple and traditional, but it works great!
--3rd way.... invite everyone over to your house and when they all show up get on the roof with a gun and jump off, blast yourself in midair and as you leave your body. Everyone will be laughing and saying what a dumbass but who cares?
--last cool way to die. go parashooting without a parashoot
(while you are on weed)
10 Nov 2000 Lacy Nicole You FUCKING idiots!!!
Do any of you have a clue how serious suicide is? I guess not.
Have some respect for those of us who are not ignorant, you stupid fucks. don't put ideas into a child's mind. because each one of them has future, and there is at least 1 damn reason to live, i found mine, now find yours. and leave 13yr old CHILDREN alone...
10 Nov 2000 eggnest to think like an adult.
08 Nov 2000 kerQ Talk to your parents until they bore you to death.
07 Nov 2000 lily ça dépend... si tu as 13 ans et que tu veux te suicider, je peux toujours t'aider, mais si c'est juste par curiosité... top secret!
06 Nov 2000 mercredi décide de faire absolument ce que tu veux et n'écoute personne. Cours avec des ciseaux. Met plein de trucs dans ton nez, des crayons, des punaises, et aussi dans les prises électriques. Garde toujours un sac en plastoc sur la tête. Fais-toi des super flashs, fume la moquette, des bouts de plastique, gargarise-toi à l'ajax, ne regarde plus jamais avant de traverser la route, dors toute nue dans le jardin au mois de décembre, essaie de sauter de toît en toît comme dans Matrix...
Mais j'éviterais le flingue, on se rate trop souvent. Les médics pareil, sauf si tu prends 20 extas, alors là ça peut aller. Le cutter c'est bien, mais coupe pas les veines dans la largeur si tu veux pas que ça se referme. Et en fait je trouve ça assez dégueu. Préfère tous les trucs qu'on t'interdit quand t'es gosse. Réfléchis avant de faire des conneries, quand on se marre bien, la vie c'est quand même cool...
06 Nov 2000 Andrew Mix common household chlorine bleach with ammonia to produce chlorine is one of the weapons that was banned after WW1. If you are lucky you can take out your whole family that way. It fries your lungs from the inside. The death is horrible.
05 Nov 2000 charli playing with knives
05 Nov 2000 this is a cool site if ur fucked up... all of u ppl are sick muther fuckers that aren't succesful in life and are freaks with no frends. It's pretty pethetic how u guys are so sick in the head ta the point that u have ta make a site that suggest ways to commit suicide and by the way, this site sucks balls
04 Nov 2000 Marble and anticipate the death of my physical being.
04 Nov 2000 sturm & drank find your mom's "relaxing" pills and take as many as your mouth will accomodate
04 Nov 2000 dustin whelly It was a joke,who ever typed my name into this retarded site it is very stupid, if you think this is funny you are suicidal your self
03 Nov 2000 sinful set up a skate board ring under some long jumps set up some man eating pirrhanas and who ever can't make the jump, well they die. but make sure you film it:)
03 Nov 2000 éléonore Un étouffage à l'aide d'une grosse peluche. Il suffit d'ouvrir la peluche à l'aide d'un cutter de glisser sa tête dedans et d'attendre.
02 Nov 2000 I Wanna Die Fuck. Don't slash your wrists; I tried that three times. Hang yourself, or OD on heroin. I helped my friend die by ODing on heroin.
02 Nov 2000 jamesk Make friendswith a murderous pedophile
02 Nov 2000 Audrey Slit your wrists. It is simple, accessible, and gets right to the point. Or you can drop a tv on your head, but that's rather tricky.
01 Nov 2000 Scared 14 year old. I'm not sure what the best way to kill yourself is, I was thinking of maybe hiring somebody to do it for me but that would be VERY expensive I would imagine and I would find it VERY hard to find n e 1 willing to do it! All I know is that BELIEVE ME I have the guts to do it and I have every intention on doing it asap I just dont know where to start, you know? Just think whoever reads this message I will probably be dead when u read this. I changed schools about a year ago andI changed schools because all my friends started to hate me and I was scared, really scared!! It pains me admitting this coz this is the 1st time I ever have! I was SOOOO happy at my new school! I made loads of new friends really quickly, but now I feel as though all my best friends here r beginning 2 hate me and i CANT take it n e more (oh god here comes the tears) I WANNA DIE I WANNA DIE!!!!!
31 Oct 2000 you make your guinea pig almost starving to death ( for 1 or 1 and a half week). Then you put your tiny little head in the cage in order to kiss it.

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