Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2000 tammuz_lo carbon monoxide. painless. you just gotta remember to get a *good* nights sleep when you leave that cheap gas heater on in your horrible little room in the motion between childhood and adulthood.
if you wake up and you are not dead, you are almost definitely severely brain damaged and have to be dressed and fed for the rest of your life until you die.
the moral: be prepared. run around or play ball or something before you kill yourself.
03 Apr 2000 steve be too good.
02 Apr 2000 alex licking a light socket
02 Apr 2000 doug sims choke yourself by eating about 3-4 boxes of twinkies
01 Apr 2000 Mr. Noodlez Go upstairs into your dads bedroom and get his stash of heroin, then of course you blend it up in your nestle Quik an chug that shit down as fast as you can. Imagine the pain and suffering you would leave in the world behind you. After all, that's the whole purpose right?
31 Mar 2000 Kuang Grade OK, so
1.Get food and drink for approx. a week, a cd player, big can of black paint, plenty CDs from Nirvana, Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy and any other bands of that kind you can imagine and a HUGE knife.
2.Close yourself in a small room with heavy metal door and no windows.
3.Paint the walls pure black.
4.Turn off the light (if there's any).
5.Lie on the ground and insert randomly selected CD.
6.If you're not already dead, repeat number 5.

It'll be difficult to supply this in a box, but I think that your imagination will come with a more-portable variation:)
31 Mar 2000 sean The best way to kill yourself and the most funest would be to get a long needle (doctors type) stick it into your temple and jab really hard. From there a quick suck and your brains come out. Walla!!! Come here crows?!?!?!
30 Mar 2000 Krystal The best way to kill your self is to either cut your own wrist or take your parents pills and overdose.. Or you can hang yourself.. or just ask someone else to do it for you..! Belive me I have tryed them all.. But someone was always there to help me..out of it
28 Mar 2000 vesalius Speaking from personal experience, when I was 11 and I killed myself, I used razor blades. It's the only way to go darling. And don't just stop with the wrists... be lavish, slash everything, get your blood on as much as possible. You don't want people to forget you when you're gone and this is the last time they're going to see you. Wearing my mother's clothing for the process made her especially proud of me... Yes I still remember my first suicide fondly.
28 Mar 2000 Dionysus Straynger Go to the top of a tall building, cover your-self in gasoline (or any other flammable liquid), light your-self on fire, and jump off. When you hit bottom you will burst into little flaming pieces.
28 Mar 2000 zoe well, mouchette, if that's what you're calling yourself now (you will remember that I call myself a name not my own, also)the best way for anyone to kill themselves, especially little children, is by drinking drain-o until their throat/stomach burns completely.
28 Mar 2000 faeyz the best way is to give money to someone that can simply kill you
27 Mar 2000 Quick Pretend you can fly and jump off your roof landing head first on the sidewalk below.
27 Mar 2000 david you are a very sick person
27 Mar 2000 Adam shotgun to the head, either that or go on a killing spree and end it with a bomb on the chest
27 Mar 2000 jen stab yourself repeatedly with your father's swiss army knife...or "accidentally" "find" the "loaded" gun they keep in their upper closet.
26 Mar 2000 nicole go to time square for all the world to see make a big deal about it and
shoot yourself with a sawed off shot gun in the mtv trl studio.
23 Mar 2000 zoro overeat, overdose, OVERANYTHING
21 Mar 2000 cass Go to a public place where you'll be the center of attention, like a movie theater. Stand in front, and gut yourself.
19 Mar 2000 murf go into your daddy's pants...take all the money out of his wallet.....then go down to needle park and buy as much heroin as you can with the money you stole...then get a needle and a spoon....cook up....and inject the entire amount directly into your viens and slowly lose consioussness........ sweet bliss....

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