Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Nov 2000 Jen Find a large sturdy rope. Tie one end around your neck. Tie the other around a ceiling fan. Stand on a large block of ice, play your favorite Gary Newman records... wait.
17 Nov 2000 Erika Let a pit bull maul you. Poke it with a stick until it gets mad. Then your parents could probably get money, too
17 Nov 2000 No-Doz Bukowski Do they have any air shows where you live? If you live anywhere near, like, an air force base that has air shows; you can hop the barrier surrounding one of the top-secret aircraft (like, anything with the word "Stealth" in it) and make a run for it. They will shoot your ass quick for that, son.
17 Nov 2000 kettle meaney The drug ketamine can be used to simulate a near death experience in all its earth-shattering majesty. Actual suicide, in any form, seems uninspired. There are plenty of references to be found online.
17 Nov 2000 aknad drink draino
17 Nov 2000 phooky Generally, it's best to slowly choke to death on a toy intended for 2-4 year olds. A Burger King Pokemon ball is ideal.
17 Nov 2000 toadprincess eat yer brussell sprouts
17 Nov 2000 righty listen to these people. listen to your parents, your teachers, anyone who claims to have any kind of authority, the media, law enforcement, psychiatrists, doctors, you local role models.
listen to them and you will find a passive suicide. you don't even have to actually do anything. they are more than willing to do the killing for you.
17 Nov 2000 deboute --going to belgium / aller en belgique

--living in africa or balkans / vivre en afrique ou dans les balkans.

--feeding the freaky javascript addict cat / nourrir le chat accro au javascript
17 Nov 2000 Eu4ia Walk in front of a bus.

(this is embarrasing for the human race, you know, and someone is probably going to raise a stink about it)
17 Nov 2000 Rich I don't know, I made it past there and so therefore can't help you. You really need the advice of someone who's already done it, but that probably wouldn't work 'cos they're dead.

Someone suggested hiring someone to do it. They said it was too expensive, duh! Pay them after the jobs done, dummy!

Anyway, seeing as your question is altogether a bit dumb one wonders whether you might be better placed debating whether you have the intellectual capacity to consider the question from all angles. I think the answer to this is probably no.

I wouldn't suggest it as a reasonable course of action anyway, your web skills are pretty damned good, so get a decent job and telework from Mauritius, then you might be happy.
17 Nov 2000 cacogen Before you die, you must ensure a proper reception.

A favorite pet will do. One that has passed on; recently, if possible.

Tell it to wait for you. The journey onward will be easier with company.

As for the manner of death, might I suggest an ill-advised lunge after an accidentally dropped bottle of sleeping pills at a tall building's edge?
17 Nov 2000 nitesurf Put a plastic bag over your head & tell your little brother that you want to show him the greatest magic trick. Then tell him to wrap your head in duct tape. Tell him to keep wrapping no matter how silly you act. Tell him to leave you in his closet for an hour & then get your parents to see his cool trick! Have a great life, Kiddo!
17 Nov 2000 Corey Knecht Good ol' fashioned semen poisoning, undeniably the funnyest way, profitable too!
17 Nov 2000   First, I don't believe you are 13. Second, if you are, seek help. There are people out there who will explain to you that suicide is not something to joke about. I have had loved ones who have killed themselves before the age of 14 - and let me tell you, this isn't funny, or something to "play" out.
17 Nov 2000 dead Tylenol kills you in 4 days. my parents found out on the first day... alot of ppuooookin and pain... slashin wrist takes guts, but what about STABBIN your wrist right through??? i'm just sayin this cuz i'm about to do IT HA!
17 Nov 2000 Focht Why not put on a nice white summer dress with a nice white wide brimmed hat in July, then jump out in front of a speeding ice cream truck? Just think how of the contrast of red blood and white tattered dress? The bright blood of innocents and the innocence represented by the white of the dress so crudely torn and voilated will make a bold statement. And do it in in front of people, that will make it extra tragic because you can scar them for life as well.
Try to make every day an interesting one
17 Nov 2000 xaosdog Je crois que la meillure serait de: (1) devenir folle; (2) te rendre compte que la chose la plus precieuse du monde etait cachee dans ta cervelle; (3) demander aux champignon-gens de t'aider a la retrouver; (4) attendre le resultat inevitable.
17 Nov 2000 xaosdog The best way to kill yourself -- at any age -- is to do so on a scale that itself ranges from the nanoscopic to the grand. That is to say, in a manner that links macrocosm with micro.

More specifically, the best way is to: (1) replicate your consciousness in a myriad of instantiations; (2) spread the various exemplars of you out across all time and space, thinly; (3) begin to hunt and eat them; (4) (it won't be long before you become the hunted yourself!); (5) when only one consciousness remains, return to step one; (6) when the final n consciousness instantiations are all simultaneously destroyed you will be done, where n is an integer greater than one.
17 Nov 2000 Christopher Cohen Haffly You're a complete lunatic if you think I'm going to potentially incriminate by 1) contributing the deliquency of a minor and 2) assisting in suicide. Freedom of speech does not extend to the transmission of criminal data and, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, attempting suicide is illegal.

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