Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Nov 2000 Stabmaster Arson If you just make a videotape of yourself masturbating on top of stuffed animals then distribute the videotape to people in your school, you'll be able to think of HUNDREDS of ways.
21 Nov 2000 trent Point a plastic gun at a cop and yell "im gonna kill you mother fuckers!"
21 Nov 2000 Pio Augustus Life will definatly kill you - sooner or later, maybe not suicide but the most dangerous thing on earth is in fact life, 100% death rate
21 Nov 2000 Jeebis Swallow your entire Power Rangers action figure collection.
21 Nov 2000 lily coucou me revoilà!
ma réponse (pas très interessante) a été publiée alors je reviens pour la rembourer un peu...
Ca me rendrait triste que tu meures, Mouchette, et ça m'étonnes que tu ais fait ce site, moi qui te connais si bien dans la réalité...
Bon alors comme je sais que tu ne vas pas vraiment te suicider, je donne des infos:
Ce qu'il faut surtout c'est choisir le bon moment, c'est très important : un moment où tu n'es plus vraiment toi-même, tu peux par ex fumer avant, ou bien être vraiment dans un état de fusion euphorique où tu ne te contrôles plus, c'est surtout ce qui compte.
Ensuite pour passer à la pratique, prend n'importe quoi, tu ne t'en rendras même pas compte, c'est pas ça l'important.
Je peux dire mon opinion personnelle maintenant? Je trouve que se suicider c'est une façon quand même assez égoïste de régler ses problèmes (on te l'a sûrement déjà dit!), et en plus, à 13 ans, on est tous un peu comme ça...
Si ta situation ne s'est pas arrangée quand tu auras 20 ans, alors tu as le droit d'en finir.
Je te regretterai Mouchette...
21 Nov 2000 WHY, if your life is that bad then you would be dead already. If not, why not find friends who have nut alergies and play russian roulette with a pack of REVELS (mixed chocolate sweets some have nuts!) Another good way to go would be to see how many packs of pokemon cards you could fit up your arse untill you died
21 Nov 2000 Jess overdose on sleeping pills
21 Nov 2000 greenbean wait till your home alone and lock yourself in the fridge. a beautiful and terrible way to die. and imagine the surprise when dad comes home for a cold beer?
21 Nov 2000 The Face Get a gun and go down to the local mall right before X-mas. Go sit on Santa's lap and when he asks you what you want say, "Your soul mother fucker". Then just shoot him and yourself. Most important, have fun.
21 Nov 2000 steve pretend that you are your favorite pokemon.. for example if you like pikachu yell "PIKACHU" and stick a dime in an electrical socket.
21 Nov 2000 chris Get a houseboat on the canals of Amsterdam and dress sleazy. Then do rude things to your customers, you know, really rude things, they will kill you. It is sort of like suicide.
21 Nov 2000 No Way Memorize brittany spears lyrics, and watch 28 hours straight of the Nsync live concerts. On repeat
21 Nov 2000 stile shove your head up your anus and eat your colon.
20 Nov 2000 Gen I think that 13 yr olds have not experienced the world to the fullest. It's like missing out on another 60 years at least. Why would a 13 year old want to die? I would think that should be some kind of explanation for this.
20 Nov 2000 Dr. K. Play in traffic. Play at a local factory. Play with your parents' gun. Drink that blue shit under the sink in the kitchen. Hitch-hike frequently. Stand on a corner until a stranger asks you if you want a ride. Play with sharp rusted metal of some kind. That's all.
20 Nov 2000 Deke Find a stury set of overalls and fill it with assorted wine and beer bottles. climb to the top of your roof and jump trying to do a bellyflop. If you make it you'll have lots of cool scars to impress your friends.
20 Nov 2000 J What an incredible site! I really think you should take 365 of the best entries and make a 'suicide suggestion' calendar. Oh, and for my suggestion, you could always publish the calendar on glossy laminated paper. Then lock yourself in a closet and burn a few boxes of them until you suffocate.
20 Nov 2000 AJ Grow up and realize that drugs are your best friend, ya freak.
20 Nov 2000 esse' martyrdom: come to the US and deny any uniformed police officer anything
martyrdom: slit your jugular with a page from a harry potter book
disturbing: gorge yerself on rock salt(instant mummy!!)
disturbing: play next to that badger farm a bit too long
disturbing: fall asleep naked near an emu on pcp
brilliant: launch yerself to near orbit with 25 estes™ model rockets
20 Nov 2000 Wayne A. Ptaff Listen to TV all day long

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