Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Nov 2000 Matt Light yourself on fire, people will talk about you for years to come, gain the popularity in death that you couldn't get in life.
26 Nov 2000 FlamerJ Castrating yourself, then choking on your small little testicles.. biotch.
26 Nov 2000 Alex Rex WALK to a gas station and press the cash button. If the man at the register doesn't check and just absentmindedly hits the ok button for you to pump, hold the pump straight up in the air. Keep in mind there isn't even a car near you. Start pumping and look straight at the register, when the guy finally looks to see why you've pumped so much gas, light a match before he can turn it off. This ought to blow up the whole place, or at least your pump and certainly demolish any trace of you. The gas guy (if he leaves) will never forgive himself for being so stupid and not looking to see that you actually did not have a car. Good luck ^^
26 Nov 2000 ass fuk0r go to a mall in southeastern DC. wear a white robe and pointed hat. yell 'NIGGER! NIGGER! NIGGER!' and knock down some fat mammy of one of those street gangsters
26 Nov 2000 Euthanasia I would have to say, hanging yourself. It will be easier for your family to have an open caskit funeral for you.
26 Nov 2000 andrew m taking that ride the stranger offered you
26 Nov 2000   take 8 feet of rope. tie one end around your feet, the other end to a bridge (preferably a highway overpass) take 8 feet of piano wire. tie one end around your neck, tie the other end to the bridge. super glue your hands to your head. jump. the piano wire well sever your head and you will be left dangling from the bridge holding your severed head in your hands
26 Nov 2000 arleen Run in front of a bus or a semi. However, that's not100% sure. Try to find a gun (preferable over .22 caliber) and shoot yourself in the head.
26 Nov 2000 Benny Shoot a nigga in his face and ya`re dead !!!!
26 Nov 2000 Evil_mole 1) Steal your mum/dad's bank card and pin. Take out as much as possible.
2) Go to an off licence and get someone to buy you a crate of very strong spirits (57% gin?)
3) Ask your older brother/any random 16 year old where you can buy some weed.
4) Buy several kilo's of it.
5) Buy/Steal a fast car. (automatic, as easy to drive)
6) Fill up several dustbins with petrol and sugar.
7) Put the weed and spirits in the car, and drive the car to the nearest cliff/top of a multistory car park/any where high while drinking and smoking.
8) Finish the weed and spririts, light a fuse dipped into the petrol and drive over the edge
9) Say hello to Jesus/Satan
26 Nov 2000 andy keep drinking glass after glass of water till your stomach explodes, or you vomit so much you choke on your own vomit or become dehydrated
26 Nov 2000 jemetuesouvent Go up to that strange pittbull next door after slathering your body in meat. Death won't be instant, but sure.
26 Nov 2000 Akiyuki Dunno if this has been given but it's something I'd do if I had the opportunity. It takes a little preparation, but I'm sure you could find instructions easy enough. Build yourself a nice bomb, big enough to explode your body. Attatch it a time or even an altimeter set at about 50 feet. Done? OK. Get yourself a baggy trenchcoat - preferably beige so you don't get odd looks. Conceal in it gasoline and a match. Take the whole shebang up to the roof of a high building.

What you want to do now, is start ranting and yelling and freaking out so people below will see you and start pointing and stuff. Then when a decent-sized crowd has amassed, douse yourself in the gasoline, light yourself on fire, and jump off the building.

Now you're on fire, and screaming toward the ground. Remember that bomb you built? Well, when it goes off about 50 feet above the heads of the crowd, they'll all get sprayed with little bits of you. It's very messy, and very unexpected. If you do this, tell me where you live and I'll make sure to come see.
26 Nov 2000 Trip Sliting your wrist is a stupid and melodramatic way to die. What I'm about to do is take my short sword, place it over my heart, and fall on it. Very Roman, but effective.
26 Nov 2000 joey You should run headfirst into a brick wall as many times as it takes to knock yourself unconcious. Once you start to feel your body fall to the ground, make sure you land on your back, that way you can swallow your tongue. After a few minutes, you should be dead. either by the head wounds, or by the lack of oxygen. But still, if you do it, make sure you video tape it so we all can watch it on the internet.
26 Nov 2000 Brett 1. Stick 2 pencils up your nose and headbut the table
2. paint yourself in animal blood and jump into the lion enclosure at the zoo
3. Eat KFC
4. sandpaper all your skin off, roll in salt and then lay on an ant nest until you are eaten to death
25 Nov 2000 Zom go to school every day and never question anything. Believe what you read in newspapers and see on TV. Want to emulate "stars". Don't read much and play sports to WIN! WIN! WIN! You won't NEED to kill yourself, then. You'll already be dead inside.
25 Nov 2000 FuckUdummAzz If you're a chick you should try suffocating yourself in a fat whore's pussy, if you're a dude you might as well choke yourself with some other dude's cock'n'balls, seeing how you're a faggot retard.
25 Nov 2000 Hewhoshallnotbenamed Your blood was too arrogant to follow my instructions. Ask your mother.
25 Nov 2000 Dutch Get one of your friends to come over and play with your dad's guns. Don't tell him that the one he's using is loaded. Taunt him by pulling the trigger of the one you're using and yelling, "You're dead!" When he does shoot you, it will look like it wasn't your fault, so people will not feel as bad as they would if you'd hung yourself.

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