Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Dec 2000 Ice Lor Bonjour, Mouchette. I would advise you not to consider killing yourself. No one under the age of around 20 or so should consider suicide. For some children, life may seem very difficult. It may be quite a struggle. Despite this, things can improve. When you are older, you will be in a better position to consider questions of this nature. Until then, hang on, because you never know what experiences you might be missing out on!
14 Dec 2000 hysteria Well if you're gonna kill yourself, you want to make it big! You want people to know why you did it also. So rip all of the things you have on your walls off (preferably when no one is home). Take a big magnum 44 (a marker often used by taggers) and write all of your reasons in a very blunt way of why you did this on a one of the walls. Make it sound as angry and hate filled as possible. Then destroy all of your belongings so no one will gain anything from your death (if you have a tv in your room that would be given to someone else or stereo equipment etc...) and what would make a scene bigger than lots and lots of blood over those bare walls? So slit both your wrists, run around your room splattering pools of blood everywhere, then when you feel your weakest, slit your throat. This way even though you've lost so much blood around your room, the biggest puddle will be under you. Not only will your memorial and burial cost a crap load of money, but someone has to repaint your room, and blood is very hard to get out of carpet.
14 Dec 2000 Chelsea... G... Something fast... something that once you start to do you can't get out of.. like flammable liquids all around you then catch the room on fire... It's harder to kill yourself when you're younger if you do something like slit your wrist or suffocate yourself cause most people can't keep doing that when they are gasping for help... With fire, pills, hanging yourself and things like that....there is NO TURNING BACK!!!!!!
14 Dec 2000 Chelsea Walk out in the middle of a busy road. Then if you do get killed which u probaly will, then your parents (or whoever) will feel like shit for making your life so miserable... It's all about SYMPATHY!
13 Dec 2000 If you live in the US you can shoot yourself, if you are lucky and do not have to live there it is more difficult. You might jump down something.
13 Dec 2000 Fabrice Faire un boulot que l'on déteste
13 Dec 2000 dom je pense sincèrement que la meilleure facon de se suicider pour un jeune de moins de 13 ans est de se jeter sous un bus ou sous une rame de metro. C'est certes assez classique, et pas si fiable que ca, mais les jeunes ont toujours plus de chance que les autres. Ils ne devraient pas se louper.
12 Dec 2000 Susan Miller Just grow up that will do it.
12 Dec 2000 Dogeater Tastesnice You can eat a dog... :)
Works best if it is a big furious neighboor's dog...
12 Dec 2000 i'd rather not under 13, huh? well, whuts wrong w/all the normal ways? but if ur really bored u can always tie rope around all parts of ur body, n piano wires in btween, then tie them all 2 a bridge n light urself on fire, then jump, that way ur body will be cut up in2 itsy bitsy parts and as a bonus, flaming body parts always look cool, and besides, no 1 will forget that suicide!
11 Dec 2000 John King Well, i tried a few ways when i was 13 and under. Hanging, Fire, Jumping out Windows, many things. the best one for not feeling any more pain though is either pills or gun... So if you can't get a gun, get some Rx pills. They have to be Rx because over the counter stuff usually won't work
11 Dec 2000 Fuck you, tell me YOUR name asshole! Wow. You fucks have a lot of time on your hands to think up some of this crazy shit...
Ok, hmmmm....I know. Live for 60-70 more years in a corrupt world of hate and bastard-children. The generation of children now are stupid, ignorant, fat little SHITS and living in a world with them will he hell enough that killing yourself is too GOOD!!!!

Did that make any sense..????
10 Dec 2000 joe Buy a box of ju ju bees, stuff 2 up each nostril, then stick the rest of the box in your mouth....... CHEW hard and fast. Once the teeth stick together its all over. You suffocate
10 Dec 2000 Ashley How about tell your parents that you want to die..maybe they can help you.
09 Dec 2000 Eliza Berry do internet art
09 Dec 2000 Dan drop your pokemon gameboy in the tub and zap
08 Dec 2000 juan i love you mouchette!!!!!!!!
I'm learning every day somethin new from you!!!!!!!!
08 Dec 2000 Jay Get 2 ropes... one a few feet longer than the other. Take the long one and tie one end around your feet and the other end around something on the top of a building. Take the shorter rope and tie it to the building, tie the other end around your neck. When you jump, if you do it right the short rope will catch first and rip your head off then you'll fall until the longer rope catches. You'll be hanging upside down with no head and blood pouring out...
08 Dec 2000 Jay Fill your pockets with candy and jump off of a building... that way not only do you die, but the kids at the bottom get a nice little treat.
08 Dec 2000 Nonyabusiness Ok, go steal all the hand tools from your dad's garage. Then invite your friends for a sleep over. Have the tools under your bed. Now kids, you are going to need the big things, like hoes and shovels. If you can find one or two of those miners picks, that would be dandy. Once everyone is aleep, put on wierd red and black lights and quietly lay all the tools around the floor near your friend. Then bolt the door and windows from the outside. Then put on some Rob Zombie really loud and start screaming that you are the son of satan and that you have killed everyone's parents. If you can possible find some fake blood and some fake red contact lenses, use them. Then start swinging at everyone with a pair of gardening sheers. The point is not to kill anyone, just scare them and piss them off. Man, won't your folks be surprised when they finally break the door down!?!

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