Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Mar 2001 Selur Natas Have a man with a penis of at least 13 inches or longer screw you in the butthole and let him cram it in all the way !!
By the time he is finished with you your guts should be torn to shreds and you will die a slow death from internal bleeding...X:-{
21 Mar 2001 D-Funk If you have a gun or access to one you will have to go shooting. I was afraid to blow my own brains out, but i chickened out on doing this. If you really want to die without you doing it, simply go around shooting. Shoot cars, people on the streets, animals, windows, anything... Leave at least 3 bullets in the gun, wait for the cops. Then shoot at them, they will blow you away.
21 Mar 2001 Mark Take a bunch of xanex the 2 milligram tabs.... and drink a shitload of booze.
Another good way if you don't like drugs is to buy a gun and just go point it at the first cop you see! actually i think that's the the best way
21 Mar 2001 Jim C Just pick up the gun and pull the trigger. why not? you know you want to just do it!
20 Mar 2001 Badly Hurt:(( I'm 13 rite now... and I'll do anythin to commit suicide!!! My sister hates my ass and it's because of me her life is a BITCH! I'm goin stand in the middle of the road and get hit by a car.
18 Mar 2001 Gavin Life sucks. Everyone says that suicide is selfish because i'm doing it for myself and not thinking about the people that it is going to affect around me. I say SCREW THEM!!! How the Fuck am I being selfish if it is my fucking life?!?!?
16 Mar 2001 boris live in french speaking country - sure to die eventually...
16 Mar 2001 Bobo The Talking Monkey Well, if you are sure you want to go, first, do something crazy, like take a gun and than hold your fellow schoolmates at gunpoint and order them to run into a brick wall at full speed, or whatever. Just remember, HAVE FUN! talk back to teachers, yell out answers during tests, rape, fight, steal, whatever get you in the best mood. Then after you're in a good mood, kill yourself in the quickest, least painful way. That way, your last thought ever in all the universe will be pure joy. (I recommend a 3000 foot drop, more is better, over a beautiful mountain range, that way you are filled with adrenalin and you get a great view before you go, almost instantly)

ps: Even more than that though, don't commit suicide. Don't let that stupid life win over you? what are you, wusses? Here we are, 2 billion years of pure evolution, and because our life isn't all movie star goodie-goodie happy-happy land we already give up. I swear, some people are so spoiled they can't take the slightest discomfort. People hundreds of years ago died all the time, had to work all day, were stupid idiots their entire lives, didn't have good toilet paper, rarely took showers, served a suck-ass king, died for lost causes, and you don't hear THEM complaining!

Com'on, live with it, be a man (or woman)
16 Mar 2001 Bob KILL ME Hey, I am 14 - and I need a good way... I do not have access to a gun. I for sure want to make sure that I am gone, and there is no chance of bringing me back at all. I do not want to do anything painful. If I had a gun, it'd be the best way, but I do not. Is there any other similar ways? 98 - 100% sure to kill me? Chemicals (remember painless)
15 Mar 2001 Sabin Black Come'on, don't kill yourself. the way I see, it, instead of working on ending your life, why not try to make it last forever? I mean, it probably won't work, but if it does then you've got it made. I've been thinking up ways for my entire 15 years of life, and who knows? maybe I'll get it someday. Just think: Virtual Immortality. Passing on your genes or brain and spinal cord transplants, whatever. There has to be a way out there, and if all the people who would commit suicide decide to look for it, then someone is bound to discover it. Anyway, even if you don't want to look for everlasting life, why not just live your life happily. Get a girl (or man, if you're a girl) and live. Suicide is the wimps way out of life, for people who can't stand up to the problems life presents them with, no matter how difficult.
15 Mar 2001 trust me on the razors i'm not under 13 now, but i wanted it all to end when i was, so... firstly grab some razor blades and slit your wrists and arms, even feet if it helps. It creates a fantastic and quick release of everything- makes u feel great, then if u still wanna die, grab some pills (trust me when i say any will do) and o.d. U should die, but if not u will go to hospital-dammit! and u will be sent to counselling because of this u will become competely insane and you will definitely find SOME desperate way to finally end this pointless hell. remember, we ALL DIE ANYWAY don't fuck around, just do it
14 Mar 2001 Echo Please get therapy. I have tried to kill myself four times and every time you fail you want to die even more. So if you want to kill yourself then make sure you do it right the first time cause if you fail the pain is more unbearable than the reason you want to kill yourself in the first place.
11 Mar 2001 sri i think the best way to kill yourself would be to overdose because it is pretty painless, i would assume. i think that people that try to stop you from doing things that you really want to do, are more fucked up than i am, and i am fucked. they're just being selfish, and only thinking of themselves, and not how you feel, or how you would feel if you didn't kill yourself. i mean, all my friends make such a big deal out of this, even though they have seen me walking around dead for years. no one really lives, everyone is empty: "i am emptiness, i am no different from emptiness, nor is emptiness any different from me. indeed, emptiness is me."-Jack Kerouac.
I think that if LIFE is your right, then shouldn't death be? i don't even live, so why not get rid of my body? the only thing that ever lives in any of us is our mind, and as soon as that is gone, there is no reason to live. that's why i have chosen to kill myself. unfortunatly, i don't know what to OD on, or how many of whichever. so if someone could answer what drugs to take, that would help me out a lot. except, it will only help me if they are drugs i can easily get my hands on, like tylenol, aspirin type drugs. so if you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
11 Mar 2001 Dead Inside Be depressed for the rest of your life. You'll be dead inside, and maybe one day you'll want to wake up.
10 Mar 2001 david well, first you'll need:
1)-a rope
2)-a sausage
3)-4 pieces of string
4)-{most important} 1 treet razor blade
then you put all the stuff in a pocket (front or back) and jump in front of a car. the other stuff is just to fuck with the police when they are investigating the "accident".
10 Mar 2001 Crystal Assholes! you guys are so fucking mental! how the heck can you be putting suicide ideas into people's minds. you selfish mother fuckers! if i could, i would kill the people who are trying to help people commit suicide!
10 Mar 2001 Renne I don't think you should kill yourself because i tried it and it is not cool to try to commit suicide. it is very painful. i tried it but didn't get away with it because my friends helped me and told me not to do and i listened. the thing that got me into this mess is my fucking ass kissing ex-boyfriend. i swear that i want to kill him now, not myself.
10 Mar 2001 Tami I don't think you should hurt yourself or do anything that would hurt you. i have tried to do the same thing you are about to do. i have a person helping me now and she has made a lot of good reasons not to commit suicide. you are young and you don't want to destroy your life before you are 16. you have a lot of life yet and i think that the people that are on this site telling you to commit suiside are wrong! it hurts you to commit suicide i know! i had a boyfriend who advised me to kill myself but i listened to my other friends who advised me not to. i am thinking now how stupid i was and that how could you want to kill yourself. it is bad and those out there who love you ... if you commited suicide, how do you think they would feel. you may think that no one cares for you, well, i care for you wether you are a boy or girl. listen, i am 11 and i just got the right advise at the last moment. don't waste your life feeling sorry for yourself! don't listen to the people who are saying to do it! it would be so stupid if you did. so please, don't hurt the people that love you and don't hurt yourself. i care for all of you. please listen and don't commit suicide!
Thank you so much!

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