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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jan 2001 asim carry on living: the surest way 2 die
25 Jan 2001 Yandoon If you're black: Go anywhere in the southeastern United States (Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, etc.) and burn a confederate flag in public. It would be better to burn the flag at a city or state capital because more hateful rednecks would notice and they would kill you in a blind rage.
25 Jan 2001 davvil If you hear in the news that a bomb got inside a public building. Go and volunteer yourself as fast as possible, and try to stop the bomb from blowing up. If you cut the right wires, you will be a famous teenager. And if you cut the wrong ones, god heard your wish.
25 Jan 2001 Yandoon The two slowest, most agonizing deaths you could suffer would be to 1. Have sex and get HIV/AIDS (For many years you become weaker and sicker until you start bleeding and coughing up your lungs) and 2. Smoke for about 40 or 50 years and die of emphysema.
25 Jan 2001 Yandoon Go to a junk yard late at night with a friend. Find a crane with an electromagnet on it. Hotwire the crane and have your friend lower the magnet down onto an old, rusty car. Have them turn on the magnet and raise the crane with the car attached about 20 feet into the air. Go stand under the car and tell your friend to turn off the magnet.
25 Jan 2001 Yandoon If you are a guy: Start jacking off. When your dick is really hard, cut it off with a knife. Since you'd be horny, all the blood would leak from the place you used to have a cock. Then you would have phantom pains and that would probably make you want to take a knife to your throat. If you don't slit your throat, put your dick in your throat and choke on it.
If you are a girl: Take a knife and cut off your nipples and your clit. Then take a gun, put it in your pussy while you're laying down, and pull the trigger. The bullet would probably hit a lot of major organs and kill you.
25 Jan 2001 Yandoon A girl I knew actually killed herself this way:
About a week ago, a 13 or 14 year old girl in 9th grade killed herself. She was pregnant and did not want her parents to know (first of all because she didn't have nice, understanding parents and also because she had been pregnant before). She took a knife (I dont know what kind) and cut her abdomen open in an attempt to remove the fetus. Of course, not being a medical student, she cut very incorrectly and sliced into her stomach. She couldn't take the pain at this point because she was not anesthestised (however you spell it) so she got her dad's gun and shot herself in the head.
24 Jan 2001 Yandoon Sleep in a cage with a wolf overnight.
24 Jan 2001 Yandoon Buy all of the explosives that you can. Then walk up to the top level of a high-rise building. Tie all of the explosives to your body. Throw one or two little explosive things off of the building first so that a crowd can gather in interest and also you can show them that you mean business. After the crowd has gathered, you light the fuses of your explosives and pull out a chainsaw. Before you jump off of the building, start to cut off all of your limbs. Once that is done, jump off the building. *BOOM*! You killed yourself and about 40 onlookers! Good job!
24 Jan 2001 Tonia Hall what is the best way to kill yourself when you are 26 yrs old?
24 Jan 2001 becca This is for Girls: Go fuck the hottest guy in school, then ask him to get u drugs..... from his really hot friends and overdose. OK mother fuckers??
24 Jan 2001 fang I think the best way to kill yourself is to do it wrong... that way you can try something else and get so bored with it that you die of that, or not? will you write about your experiance and bore others to death? will you invent new ways? Or will you start going to soccergames and start killing others? If you do it right, there is a lot out there to inspire you to do it again but different.
23 Jan 2001 James First, I'd nail my eyelids to the ceiling while standing on a chair. Then, i'd have my friend hit a baby piglet with a baseball bat, really hard so it squeals, but that's besides the point, i'd then knock the chair out from under me and listen to my eyelids rip and than i'd fall to the groud, landing on the poor baby piglet who was mutilated from the Louisville Slugger... :D
22 Jan 2001 Yoka get a brick and tie it to you're foot then jump off a dock some where
22 Jan 2001 Yoka go into a frige and close the door
22 Jan 2001 Yoka take a pair of scissors put it into water then stick the pair of scissors into an electrical out put
22 Jan 2001 Yoka cover ourself in gasoline then light a match......
22 Jan 2001 Stillkickin 1. Tell you parents your going to your friend's house.
2. Put the suicide note in the mail.
3. When your parents are not looking lock yourself in your room.
4. Cut little niks in your skin smearing the blood on the walls. or better yet, write real fucked up messages.
5. Take a bottle of asprin, followed by 6 hits of XTC, 4 Drops of acid, chaced with a mixtured of windex and chlorox.
6. Body found when strange smell comes out from under the doorway, or parents receive letter!!!
22 Jan 2001 darius run in front of a car
21 Jan 2001 Amy When you find out, tell me. Or you can slit your wrists in a downward position. Do it in a bathtub for maxmum effect of warmth.

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