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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Jan 2001 Carmen There are so many ways. I'm thirteen and you can just save money and over dose on acid, E, or heroin. If you want to die that badly.
03 Jan 2001 jeff sit in your room all alone and call the one person that means the most to you. that bitch isn't worth the sweat off your sack! so tell her that you are sick and tired of being treated like shit and give her as much shit as you can. if she cares she will say something to you and try to make you change your mind. seeing as how she means the most to you, when you realize that she could care less about what happens to you, hang up with her after you tell her to say whatever she has to say now, because she might not ever get the chance again. if she says she has nothing to say, tell her "fine. i love you bye!" and hang up. don't give her the chance to say goodbye because you know she doesn't deserve it. if she cares, she will call back. if not you know that she's fucked you over one too many time. and you walk over to your closet and grab the belt you have been wearing for the past 3 or 4 years. that she undid everytime you guys made love. and tie it to your doorknob. wrap the other end around ur throat and sit down. if you do this right, you wont have to worry about touching the floor when you sit. ur ass will be inches away from living and you smile. and while you are smiling your face turns blue. lack of oxygen will make you pass out and you will eventually loose conciousness. when that happens, it's all over. you will die with a smile on ur face and the belt that she loved to undo is now wrapped around your throat. i bet that will make everyone sleep better!!!!
03 Jan 2001 Marco jump off your roof at home, head first
03 Jan 2001 hang gook sa ram Well take about 2 or 3 bottles of pills, prescription is best, then cut your wrist.. not accross but along your arm. now soak your bleeding arm in some warm water and wait.. now if someone finds you and gets you to a hospital and fixes your wrist you're gonna die from the pills...
02 Jan 2001 Dark Zero O.K. go to your nearest video rental place and rent all the kiddie videos, go to your nearest drug dealer and take all his drugs and tell him to put it on a tab, go home start watching each video one by one. everytime u start watching one take a small dosis of the drugs until u have taken so much that u will eventually die and not be able to finish watching all your action movies (that's what the kiddies movie are gonna look like when you're high)
31 Dec 2000 nate save a pint of blood every couple of days, then fill an olympic size swimming pool, then drown yourself in it; you'll be sure to be remembered
30 Dec 2000 Don #1 Make a sucide note on your own blood.

#2 Give to a police officer.

#3 They will help you commit sucide and help you with your need to pretend your a 13 year old girl.
30 Dec 2000 JohnnyP Work your way backwards:
1) Go visit a cemetary.. figure out what you want on your grave: Here lies a loser who went to this website.
2) Go visit a childrens hospital to see children under 13 dying from cancer and ask them if they have ever seen this website.
3) Go to your computer and remove this website from your cached browser locations
4) Search for a website that challenges the mind instead of one that tries to waste it.
5) Get a life
29 Dec 2000 Hani Hi,
My name is Hani, I'm 29, today when I was just about to wake up I was thinking of a Suicide kit to use as a joke!, I thought to myself:
1- Face gun
2- sticker looks like a hole in the head
3- blood like (washable).
Just a thought! :)
So here I am searching the internet now to find one...
28 Dec 2000 Dan Arsenault slit both wrists, fill your sink half full or higher with your own blood...and drown yourself in your own blood...mmmm, tasty
28 Dec 2000 Famous Dutch Torturer Put some handcuffs on the ceiling, have someone lock your wrists and ankles in them belly down, have them take a sharp meathook, attach about 1 kg of led to it and stick it through your abdomen. Hang out for a while, about 4 hours will have you spill your guts all over the place. Don't forget the webcam...
28 Dec 2000 Anne Drink some Drain-O, or put your head through a television set.
28 Dec 2000 Rasputin Rape yourself
27 Dec 2000 ShanniChan if you have 2 floors in your house, go to a room upstairs, get a rope, tie it to something in the room, tie it around your neck, and jump out a window..
26 Dec 2000 julio chemical products
26 Dec 2000 an artist in ohio wait, then wait some more... experience is all there is... sex; boyfriends, girlfriends (both); different places; different times; different people like stupid teens, old maids, widowers, preps, goths, strait-edges, stoners; be rich; be poor; feast, starve; just experience EVERYTHING.
choose how to die...
maybe, you will be old then and die anyway. or maybe the harsher experiences will kill you instead. just remember if you don't live and experience things, then you are already dead...
26 Dec 2000 Xen NGU Drink lots of water, not just lots but Gallons of it, and not just gallons I mean a whole hell of a lot of water.
And if that doesn't work I always find driving into the shallow end of a pool real nice.
25 Dec 2000   what kind of web site is this ?

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