Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Mar 2001 david well, first you'll need:
1)-a rope
2)-a sausage
3)-4 pieces of string
4)-{most important} 1 treet razor blade
then you put all the stuff in a pocket (front or back) and jump in front of a car. the other stuff is just to fuck with the police when they are investigating the "accident".
10 Mar 2001 Crystal Assholes! you guys are so fucking mental! how the heck can you be putting suicide ideas into people's minds. you selfish mother fuckers! if i could, i would kill the people who are trying to help people commit suicide!
10 Mar 2001 Renne I don't think you should kill yourself because i tried it and it is not cool to try to commit suicide. it is very painful. i tried it but didn't get away with it because my friends helped me and told me not to do and i listened. the thing that got me into this mess is my fucking ass kissing ex-boyfriend. i swear that i want to kill him now, not myself.
10 Mar 2001 Tami I don't think you should hurt yourself or do anything that would hurt you. i have tried to do the same thing you are about to do. i have a person helping me now and she has made a lot of good reasons not to commit suicide. you are young and you don't want to destroy your life before you are 16. you have a lot of life yet and i think that the people that are on this site telling you to commit suiside are wrong! it hurts you to commit suicide i know! i had a boyfriend who advised me to kill myself but i listened to my other friends who advised me not to. i am thinking now how stupid i was and that how could you want to kill yourself. it is bad and those out there who love you ... if you commited suicide, how do you think they would feel. you may think that no one cares for you, well, i care for you wether you are a boy or girl. listen, i am 11 and i just got the right advise at the last moment. don't waste your life feeling sorry for yourself! don't listen to the people who are saying to do it! it would be so stupid if you did. so please, don't hurt the people that love you and don't hurt yourself. i care for all of you. please listen and don't commit suicide!
Thank you so much!
10 Mar 2001 Don't fear the Reaper Someone said that they want to be reincarnated, another said you will go to hell. Well fuck both of those alternatives. I want the sweet, eternal bliss of oblivion when I kill myself. I want non-existence just like before you were born (which is the way it is when you die no matter what people think, when you're dead you are dead, nothing- because there is no God or Devil, only the empty universe and it does not care about this planet at all). Everyone and everything dies and I will bet no matter how technologically advanced we get, we will never solve our problems enough to make it into space before the planet dies from the abuse we put it through. Then there will be no life, just empty cold space and a dead rock, the way it was before and everything will be perfect. Life is an accident and an abberation. Let's all end it, let's use those nuclear weapons, every damn one of them.
09 Mar 2001 Zombie Ninja Master The best way to kill yourself when you're a child would be to let yourself be consumed by the ever-blackening aura of civilization and society. You die from the inside out...
09 Mar 2001 [Suffer the children] to commit suicide Kewl, nice page! People who say: Oh my (fuckin' hrhr) god, what page is this?
Here is a suicide method my brother made: jump from a high building! The view and feeling is great and death will come fast.
09 Mar 2001 An Mlkan This is not a way to kill yourself, but I think my life is pretty shitty right now. I made the mature, considering descision at over thirteen years of age to end my life. That would be cool if reincarnation were real, so I could eventually come back as a truly awesome person. Life has not been good to me. Everyone seems to hate me, and I have no real friends. I'm going to end this hell now.
09 Mar 2001 An Mlkan Dress all in black jogging clothes, put on a face-covering ski mask, put a gun in your pocket, go to the nearest police station, and begin emptying the clip at everything in the office. If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway. You are sure to be so full of police-issue 9MM slugs that no one will be able to recognize you as a person at all, once they unmask you.
07 Mar 2001 JESSICA HEY! I'm trying to help you people with this. this is a major problem. why can't you see it? don't try to commit suicide, it is wrong. it's not your time to die. live your life to the fullest, don't commit suicide!

07 Mar 2001 dave get an office job
07 Mar 2001 future-suicide Wait for parents to be out of the house; steal their hard alcohol; fill the bathtub 2/3rds full, (1/3rd empty ;) ) sit in the water and drink as much of the alcohol as you can.. a thirteen-year-old will pass out quickly and drown amidst a drunken stupor..
07 Mar 2001 lili take your mommys or your daddys razors from the bathroom and see how many you can swallow. then when your insides are all cut up, drink some floor cleaner from under the sink.
06 Mar 2001 henk dear mouchette it is fun to visit your site and to read the results. I did sent in a message too.(about the dead fly) But i don't find it nessecary that other people know my email adress. i think it is better if you tell people that if they do respond that the email adress is published.
06 Mar 2001 Steve I have a suicide kit I put together back when things were pretty bad and ending my life my way could have been far better than the alternative. The kit consists of a fifth of Wild Turkey, a bottle of valium and a Mauser 1891 Argentine 7.65 mm bolt-action rifle. It's an old weapon but in excellent condition and I take perfect care of it. I keep the kit, just in case I need a quick out from life for whatever reason may come up.
06 Mar 2001 the devil eat yourself alive
that way you bleed to death
05 Mar 2001 Dee Do research and find out the realization of Heaven/Hell. You should know where you want to go before you die, becuz once you're there you can't come back. I can tell you this, suicide is a hot decision, one that will never be without fire.
05 Mar 2001 fuck off. mix a potion consisting of bay leaves, sunflower, hemlock, sumac. Then drink it. You will die. The grim reaper will take your soul. haha.
05 Mar 2001 Laura et Elodie Nous pensons que le meilleur moyen est de prendre des cachets (somnifères)

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