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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 May 2001 I wish I could I really do wish I knew. Unless you're really strong/brave slitting your wrists hurts too much and I have no ideas what pills to take, we have too many but then I'd probably just wind up in the hospital and not dead. Only thing I can think of is have a mother who has a lot of prescription medicine, including lots and lots of painkillers.
05 May 2001 HELPNEEDED get yourself a sharpe knife and slowly cut ur arms and legs, not too deep.This will give u a rush. Lie in a bath of ice and get pills and booze. You will become drowsey then cut a deep gash in ur wrist. that should do it. GOOD LUCK.
05 May 2001 eye hate you Plain and simple. Get a friend and 2 heavy cinderblocks. Lay 1 block on the ground, than lay your head on it. Than get your friend to drop the second cinderblock from a rooftop onto your head. Cinderblock sandwich.
04 May 2001 my mom raped me dude, the funniest way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is this:get like 5 tampons and shove them up your ass and wait about a good three days, you spontaneously combust, funny shit man
04 May 2001 Molly Jump off a building, or hang urself
04 May 2001 Ryan Story put a "i hate niggers" body signs on and walk through Detroit
01 May 2001 cleggadeth The best way to kill yourself would be by going to the houses of all of the whiners who take this page too literally and kidnapping them all.
Take them to a remote location and contact the local law enforcement agency with your demands. (be creative because youre going to be dead soon anyway). When you don't get anything you ask for take the biggest whiner outside at gun point push him/her aside and start shooting your cap gun. The kind police officers should quickly take care of the rest. Good luck!
30 Apr 2001 INSANE CUT WRIST take barbed wire wrap it tightly around your neck, wrap it around a high surface and make sure it is secure so you don't just hurt yourself. then shut your eyes and jump. I HAD A FRIEND WHO HAS DONE IT....
30 Apr 2001 Alan Construct a giant catapult for a school project and shoot yourself into the side of a large building, preferrably in the middle of the night because passers by may figure out what you are doing and try to stop you. It is good if you can shoot through a window into someone's office as long as you don't hit anyone. It would be bad to go out with a bad conscience. However, for a more sure solution shoot yourself into a concrete wall. Maybe the side of a freeway overpass or a dry dam. For a toy a person could use a parachute with the catapult and shoot themselves over a field. Or a person could shoot themselves into a thick giant matress or a vertical trampoline that shoots them even higher into the air before the parachute goes opens. It would be a fun game and the memory of the fun of flying would make the person happy in their later life whenever they thought of suicide.
30 Apr 2001 Aeon O.K... I seriously am thinking about commiting suicide--but I have very good reasons. I was disowned by my parents for falling in love with a white guy, (I'm a black/indian girl). Not long after my parents disowned me, my boyfriend also left me because he "couldn't deal with the depression I had fallen into as a result of my mom and dad's half-assed parenting." I don't have anyone to talk to, and no one who cares. I thought that my older half sister would be of some comfort to me, but she has dispised me for quite some time now. She believes that since I have both of my real parents that I think I'm special and that I got everything from our parents. Not true. Why would they do this to me if I was the favorite? Anyway, If you are going to commit suicide, please make sure the reason you want to do it is not a stupid one. If it can be fixed by simply pushing your pride aside or talking to someone who wants to listen to you, please do so. On the other hand, if you are like me...
30 Apr 2001 Jammy Okay Slit your wrist nice and deep but not across ---- like so but up and down |||| like so because your veins run that way not the other way and it works like a charm!!! I swear upon it.....
30 Apr 2001 Azariel Abernathy First, let me tell you, the best way is not to slit your wrists. There are a lot of nerve endings there, so cutting there hurts a lot. That makes it hard to make the cut deep and long enough. My idea, particularly nice for little girls, is this. Take a bath and dress up in your nicest sundress. Put on makeup, if you can do a good job of it. If you can, try to have light colored makeup, a light dress, and a light colored flower. The effect wanted here is a summery, innocent look. Now for the suicide part. On a very, very cold, snowy day, put a coat on. Put a bottle of sleeping pills in each pocket. Go out in the snow and find a nice place to sleep. Take all the pills, take off your coat, lay down, and cross your arms over the flower on your chest. Go to sleep and never wake to the troubles of this world.
28 Apr 2001 A messed up kid Put some nice peaceful classical music on in the bathroom..... fill the tub.... lie in the tube... stick ur head under the water and never come up for breath
28 Apr 2001 weasle cop a "gangsta" attitude and mode of dress. go to your nearest inner-city.
27 Apr 2001 AA I really do want to kill myself. But most of you who come to this site is just people who don't agree. Don't write anything then. I really want to know how to do it. And stop with all the stupid answers. What is a sure fire way???
27 Apr 2001 Me I've heard antifreeze is a good and painless way to die. I'm thinking of trying it. Is it an easy way to die?
27 Apr 2001 Miss Experience I fully support your choice to die. Let me tell you kids something from experience, it doesn't get better. Life is pain. Abusive families, poverty, severe depression and enduring feelings of isolation aren't things that go away, not even when you "grow up." Society trains us to think, act and feel like "normal", productive members of society. In other words, we're trained to accept the way things are and deal with it. So if you resist socialization you only have three options. _option 1: futile battling against the "way things are" _option 2: know that you aren't like everyone else and live an emotionally isolated life _option 3: suicide

Many people that choose option 1 progress to option 3. My best advice for commiting suicide, especially if you're still trapped in your parents' house..... sleeping pills. Get some heavy duty sleeping pills ...grandma's medecine cabinet is a good place to look. Anything that says valium, xanex, alprazolam. Take the WHOLE bottle. If you take about 30 it'll work. Failing that, look through your parents' medicine cabinet. What prescription drugs do they have? Write down the names and take the list to your school library. There should be a couple reference books there about nothing but prescription drugs. Look up the drug and look up the symptoms of overdose. If it says anything about cardiac arrest, coma, should be able to use it to kill yourself...provided you take ENOUGH. Figure that if you take about 30 pills it should work. REMEMBER THOUGH... sleeping pills and opiate based drugs make for a MUCH more pleasant experience. If you choose something that raises your heart rate then it will be a very painful experience. So look for pills that cause depressed heart rate and blood flow. Good luck, may you find peace.
27 Apr 2001 Pepsi Suicide A bunch of people suggest aspirin or tylenol, or any painkillers with a bottle of alcohol will do. It works most of the time... but a lot of times it leaves you it the hospital for days of exscrutiating pain... sometimes it doesn't work, and then you'll regret you tried that method in the first place. (Did i spell exscrutiating right? O well... I don't give a shit. Hey, that's why I'm on this site in the first place!) L8ter. Have fun!!
27 Apr 2001 Anne Christianson go jump in front of a bridge (NOT off the bridge!) I've never tried it myself

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