Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Aug 2000 makdaddy (Mark Keirin) First, cut off one finger for every hour of the day and shuve them up your nose. Then Poke out your eyeballs and eat them before you die.
06 Aug 2000 Chaos (Ridge Hatrick) If you wanted to depends wether you want to die quick or die slowly. Either way is fun. Anyways the best way to die QUICKLY.

You can put a gun far up into your mouth,try to make it to where the gun will hit your brain. Then just simply pull the trigger.......If you want to die SLOWLY.

Well then......You are asking me what the best way to die is? Heh Heh. That is the first thing to do if you are wanting to do....ha ha. Alright lets see... You can Dip your hand in blood and then stick it in a tank of Pherhanas. And do that to every place of your body. It can be really fun. ha ha. Put about 20 needles in your eyes. The first on will make you blind, but the rest will hurt really bad. Then seeing as how you are going to be blind, you can stick knives in your arm and try not to hit vains.....that should be interesting.....

Guaranteed to Work
if you have any questions e-mail me at

Once again enjoy the Chaos Kit.
03 Aug 2000 amoral killer 1. Try drinking a whole beaker of nitric/hydrochloric acid in Chemistry class at school. If it doesn't kill you the pain will sure as hell make you get more concentrated stuff next time...

2. Open the door of the car you're sitting in when on a highway/ motorway/freeway (whatever it's called in your country) and just get out...
02 Aug 2000 Skully Vote for the Republican party of the US, then go play with Daddy's handguns
31 Jul 2000 Jacob Tell your parents you want to play a new game and have them tie a rope to a high place and then have them tie a lope in the end. Then tell them to leave and hang yourself. What a fun game!
30 Jul 2000 Chaos (Ridge Hatrick) Hmm, I would say that the easiest way to die would be.... definitely jumping off of a 20 story building and landing on a sharp (very sharp) fence post. The only thing hard about that would be the long walk up the stairs, but of course there are always elevators.
28 Jul 2000 Poudre Avalez sa soupe de travers.
27 Jul 2000 Chaos (Ridge Hatrick) Overdose. Can't get much better than that. You get all ugly and pale looking like a ghost. Try it. And like it. If you don't like it, too bad: you're dead.
27 Jul 2000 Chaos (Ridge Hatrick) I don't give a shit really. Any stupid motherfuckers wanting to die right now, and miss out on girls, should just shoot somebody so that they have to go to jail and play anal darts with somebody until he dies of anal inlargement. Stupid fucks
27 Jul 2000 Chaos (Ridge Hatrick) Well then, people.... Looking for a good way to die? Lets see, come in to my office. Don't want to? Fuck you then.
Anyways, If you want to be a chicken shit, you can put a 60 calliber to your head. This way, there won't be anything left for people to call your head. If you didn't want to be a chicken shit, you can get a razor blade and cut out chunks of your skin. Let yourself bleed to death. If you wanted something to side track you from bleeding to death, you could get salt and pour a whole shitload on your inch deep cuts so it stings like hell while you make more cuts. Enjoy the Chaos kit.
27 Jul 2000 Chaos Hatrick Well then,...... there are many.... ways as you would call it... to kill yourself.
Lets see, You could go outside and nail your dick to the floor of a barn, then set the barn on fire and make sure you have a butter knife. Set the barn on fire and that way,... either way your goin down. And either way it is gonna hurt. ha ha ha

(Friends, Family, Men, Women, and children...... make sure to try this at home.) BYE THE WAY, THIS IS A FULLPROOF WAY TO DIE.................SO TRY IT.
26 Jul 2000 MAurice Moudug s'empiffrer de bonbons, et de mourir la panse éclatée par des malabars qui sortent du bide !!
26 Jul 2000 super sonic seven Fuck your cousin then jump in a pin of wild boars with two big salami sticks in each arm and cover yourself in meat juice. You'll be torn apart guaranteed.
25 Jul 2000 Jannerah Go to the NY Bronx and yell: "I hate all niggaz!" And soon you'll find death!
By the way I'm not a racist, I love my black homies.
20 Jul 2000 Sam and Rachel Eat every prescription in your house like candy. Fun and tasty.
19 Jul 2000 vaughn-mark stallings Jump off a tall building into a helicopter, over a busy city, so your blood will rain down on everyone! Or turn on the gas for 3 hours, seal the windows, and light your first cigarette. or cook up an 8ball of coke, and mix it with a ball of heroin, mix with ether, and fill a syringe all the way, and mainline that shit!!! But the best way would be to cut yourself all over, even your wrists, and hang yourself in a public place with a chain...
17 Jul 2000 Claire McEvil A ten centimetere strip of gaffer tape and a wad of blu-tac up each nose
14 Jul 2000 Dave smash a large axe into your head until you are unable to do so any longer.
13 Jul 2000 squid Can't you kill Britney instead?
13 Jul 2000 squid Take out all the flies you've been just puttin gin the microwave, then put yourself in there. Ok, so this only works if you're very small, but maybe you could invest in a bigger microwave...

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