Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2001 Masey Johns try sucking your own dick. if you spine doesn't break, if you dont get stuck and die of embarrasment, maybe some masked killer will attack you, maybe some disease will hit, maybe a plane will crash onto your roof, maybe a volcano will erupt, maybe a fire will burn you, maybe, just maybe.
09 Apr 2001 renee_17 I honestly cannot believe that this is an actually website, i've never been more horrified in my life! I think it's really crazy that you people don't have anyone to talk to or anyone just to be there for you. I have found that suicide is not the way, but justice is...... Please i know this might sound corny, but if anyone needs someone to talk to please e-mail me, i promise i reply. Take care
08 Apr 2001 vag the best way to commit a suicide is to remain maiden
08 Apr 2001 PHYSCHE Well what you do is you strap meat all over yourself, and run into a room full of starved wolves, wolverines, etc.
07 Apr 2001 jorgen eating your toy train might be a good start
07 Apr 2001 todd eat barbie dolls untill you choke
05 Apr 2001 domagoj try to listen backstreet boys
05 Apr 2001 ken never deny life!
04 Apr 2001 scribble ask a grad student about their theory on derrida, kick back, & just wait for your brain to wilt
03 Apr 2001 Bombman Well don't try taking a knife to school, doesn't work. And don't hand it to your friend and say "Stab me". Doesn't work he chucks the knife and you run after it and then the fittest girl you have always liked says "Nooo" and starts crying... Maybe if you want to do that you can but you will be shifted (arrested). But that's about it, they let you go after about 1 hour...
02 Apr 2001 Kill_Me The best way to kill yourself when you are about 13 is just to get yourself in so much shit at home and school. Take your parents alcohol and drink it all at school. In your maths lesson maybe with the dumb teacher... Then when you are pissed tell the police at arrive that life is shit. Get yourself in so much trouble etc. At home and at school. By the time your parents say to you "I don't want you to live with us anymore" then it hits you, then you have to die. Just make sure you keep getting in trouble and then you will do it. You will think that there is no point which there is not. You have to kill yourself. It's up to you though but if you do I look up to you having the guts to do it. The closest I have got was jumping off my house. Good Luck everyone...
02 Apr 2001 wayne ok i would tell all kinds of ways but there is not that much time there is only 1 very quick and ecusional way to do this get the fucking 12 gauge load the buck shot stick it in your mouth blow your shit up make sure to kill all enemies first and do alot of drugs make sure enemies involve pigs
02 Apr 2001 Jay Wit This is SUCH a cool site! Please let me know what you decided on before you go... perhaps I'll use that one.
Anyway... here's my suggestion: I figure a running car in a closed garage should do the trick nice and painlessly. I've heard you just get really sleepy, pass out, and never wake up. Just make sure to do it when you know nobody will notice for many hours. You wouldn't want any ignorant do-gooders spoiling your plans.

PS: If you don't have a garage, you could obtain a piece of large diameter tubing and run it from the tailpipe, through the car window and just sit in it. Jus be sure to pull around to the back of the house so nobody notices what you are doing.
31 Mar 2001 Bombman The best way in which to kill yourself is to get in loads of trouble, try to slit your mum's throat and shit like that. Get drunk at school etc. just do anything you want. Then when you can't hack it you will find a true way to you in which to kill yourself. Like I am about to do soon... (All things have been tried.) by me!!
31 Mar 2001 RavenSong If only I had a gun... shit it'd b so easy just 2 blow your brains out! i cant stab myself deep enough cuz it hurts like hell and i just want it to be quick! u pansy assed shitheads with guns are just chicken cuz if i had a gun i'd be dead right now!

PS: can anybody tell me how 2 cut urself so u die good once and 4 all?
PPS 2 all those mother fuckers who say this site is crap, wantin 2 die sux ass and better we all get it over. plus, why the hell r u here if u didn't want 2 die 2? we're all goin 2 hell cuz this world is shit and there's no finding any help.
30 Mar 2001 Megan Play 'chicken' with a kamakazi.
30 Mar 2001 sirene s'├ętouffer avec son pouce
30 Mar 2001 Bombman The 'BEST' way in which to kill yourself is just to get yourself in so much trouble, keep going more and more, hold a knife to you mum's throat and tell her that she doesn't deserve to live. Watch her shit it and say 'NO' and then walk out the house and make sure you have money for a bus pass and then ride the buses all night until 4:30am. Then go to your local 24Hr Supermarket and pretend your waiting for someone until 7am. Then go to McDonalds for breakfast. As you track your way to school make sure you style your hair (Maybe ask your friend to bring in hair-gel). Don't do any work. Sit there and wait... Tell your friend and the school gossip so that the word spreads fast that what you did. Tell everyone that you didn't mean to and that you didn't know what you were doing. Then get called in by your head teacher where he tells you to wait... you don't go. And then your friends tell you to go back and you do, you wait for 25 minutes to find that you have been setup and the police are waiting outside of your school. Try to walk past them as they shout your name. Turn slowly and walk towards them with a straight face, they crowd round you and move there hands closer to their weapons. "I'm arresting you on suspicion of assault, you do not have to say anything..." you get taken to the local police station and are told that your mum has pressed charges and then you end up in a cell where you spend 5 hours. Then you parents come to pick you up as they can't hold under 16 for longer than this time. Then you go home and carry on as normal until you see that life is not worth living. Keep going for more trouble, make it impossible to fix the damage you have created. Make sure that you do some suicidal activity. Jump off the top of your house (on to the grass I suggest) and then walk about until your dad finds you and asks you to come home. Empty your room (even the carpet) and hand it to your Dad. Tell him that you don't want anything anymore. Keep going until finally you realize you can't hack it anymore and you just find some way inside of your head that you want to do it. Everytime you want to do it and then don't make, it is more likely that you are going to build it all up. REFUSE HELP!!!. Choose appropriate times for when you pull these stunts. Make sure that you find a fun way in which to kill yourself. And bridges don't work, I tried it. When you look down it all comes to you. Don't believe the bullshit people say to you "You're selfish". Get drunk at school. Enjoy yourself as it leads up to your death. (All events taken place here I have done. and I am still here now I have not had anything go wrong. I have had time off school etc, and I am getting closer and closer to 'The Day')
29 Mar 2001 Augustus I recommend a quick, simple and relatively painless method. Slitting wrists and jumping off buildings and such take some real balls to actually do, but all methods do really.

At 13 it's pretty easy to make yourself a deadly household cocktail:- a few cleaning products, random crushed up pills and something sweet tasting to make it go down easier. Then find yourself a quiet room with a lock, to let the concoction do its work and prevent anyone from getting you the hospital before it's too late (that's where I failed).

Another approach which I've recently been pondering is drowning, as they say you're meant to feel a sense of euphoria. It's intriguing to think that someone so unhappy with life to end it all, could actually leave with a sense of happiness.
27 Mar 2001 Hannah well first off i think that this page is bullshit. when i was 13 i was suicidal and i found out that it is bullshit also. i mean come on... life is hard BUT why kill yourself? It gets better, it can always get better and i dont give a damn if you disagree with me. Drugs and alcohol are stupid and they don't help, they make it worse. You all need to stop and think about the people that care about you, if you think you are alone you are not. And dont think that i am one of those christian assholes that are out to save you because i'm not. 3 of my friends have committed suicide in the last 4 years and it hurts like hell for us left behind. If you need someone to talk to email me. Suicide is overrated. You don't come back and people remember you as a pussy that couldn't handle reality. Reality fucking sucks. Live with it. It's all you can do.

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