Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Feb 2001 skye get into ya fucked up mother's purse and steal her pills and start swallowing
28 Feb 2001 Chris Smith Ok, I have killed myself many times. The best way to kill yourself is to papercut yourself and just let it bleed until all of your blood has drained out of your body and you are dead. I mean how can it get any less painless?!?!?!?!? It's worked for me MANY TIMES!!!! IT'S GREAT!!!!
27 Feb 2001 michael As I've learned from one of my books (I bought it especially for my own curiosity about suicide) the best way is to take a large plastic shopping bag, put your head in and fix it with some tesa on your neck. Don't take a small one, it's better to have time to go guided from Morpheus to Charon, who will bring you to Hades ...
Today, as a nice little one, you can also go downstairs, ring the bell on this lonely humans flat and, when (s)he opens the door march straight to the computer and say "I know what you're after, so I'm here for you ..." -
surely it is not always a pleasant method ...
27 Feb 2001 Sanya Go to a public daycare, a shoot yourself.
27 Feb 2001 Jessica this site proved to me that i want to kill myself. so goodbyeworld!!!!!!!!!!
26 Feb 2001 brup go out to a major street and wait for an 18 wheeler and run in front of it
26 Feb 2001 jessica why do u want to do suicide? what's up with it? don't you know you will be hurting yourself? it's not right to do it and if you think it, ok you must be screwed or drugged up. this is wrong for you to do. i think every one that's trying to commit suicide or did and didn't succeed is really screwed up. if you want to talk and try to prevent this, email me at
26 Feb 2001 Laura A mon avis ce sont les cachets
26 Feb 2001 nathan hmmm... i don't know about 13. i'm 20 and i made a mature decision today to commit suicide. we've been brought into a world that is designed for the people who brought us into it. just look around, the politicians don't make decisions with 'the people' in mind, they make decisions with themselves in mind. look at the music industry, you would think it would be about the 'musicians', no way! its about the record companies. we're being brainwashed. we're brought up to have low standards and live on small scales. it's been 'designed' this way to prevent you from - having larger goals. if you do, then you are a threat to their well-being. ignorance really is bliss, and when somebody manages to achieve larger goals they can't ignore it anymore because all of a sudden it's affecting them. they aren't blissful anymore. the way i see it, you have 3 simple choices: 1. become part of the working society and live in ignorance and happiness. 2. take a stand and create yourself a platform to stand on, a larger scale and strive for what you believe in. just don't expect the 'controllers' to sit back and watch you upset their ignorant bliss. 3. this is the option i decided to take today: put your life to an end. if you're dead then you can't mourn your suffering family after you die, you can't mourn your sad friends, you're dead. too dead to regret it. i know there will be a lot of people who look down upon what i am about to do, and others who will say things like: life goes on, things can get better... i know that. but what won't change is life. no matter what you do, you're going to keep getting hurt and keep suffering all your life. and the good things in life for me just don't balance up to the suffering i endure everyday... ok. well i'm going now, and good luck to the people who have found the mental strength to have a higher standard and fight the system. you're the only hope this world has of solving such problems as suicide. (i'm just hoping their isn't a fucking heaven or hell or afterlife). bye...
25 Feb 2001 tHuNdER ciRcUS No! No!! only stupid people with nothing to live for should kill themselves.... and maybe even these people shouldn't.
don't play such horrible games,,,,
p l e a s e
life is to live... we all die soon enough
24 Feb 2001 Killnowplease You know what sucks? You try and reach out for help or whatever and then people just fucking say you're wanting attention. they change the subject. They NEVER want to help, there's no point. and those stupid helplines suck dick.
24 Feb 2001 Edward Throw yourself off the london eye while having loads of glycerine strapped to your body, so you die and kill loads of other people in the process
24 Feb 2001 ayeshah zolghadr Take 2 freshly sharpened pencils from your teacher's desk, place them gently up your nose pointing up, then bang your head on the table until the pencils ram into your brain and kill you.
24 Feb 2001 Sarah from Grantham If you want to kill yourself then ask yourself what has driven you to have suicidal feelings. If these reasons are in the form of people who are being cruel and making you angry then don't you want them to pay. If you die then they will never get their commupence. You've got to show everyone that you are strong and can fight back. Use the power of your mind to make a difference in the world around you and live your life how you want. If that means making big changes then do so, you probably have people who care for you a great deal- siblings, family or friends. Hold on to those you love and live life to your own standards not other people. You only live once so make a big impact and set your own standards. If you commit suicide then the game is lost and you've got to win.
23 Feb 2001 lemming Go to the highest floor of the highest building of your city, then wait until a big earthquake occurs, if it's big enough to destroy the building you will certainly die because of the fall.
23 Feb 2001 zeke u take caffeine pills, crush them up, take a small bit of window cleaner, mix let sit till dry, crush again and snort. vwalla! you're in a drug induced coma and they have to pull the plug.
22 Feb 2001 None of your business You People are so fucked up! I can't even believe the things you are writing. I suggest some of you get help from a therapist or something ...

And to the creator of this site........ if you think this is in any way funny!... Some idiot kid who is mentally disturbed possibly suicidal , YOUR site might drive them over the edge... you want to be responsible for someone's death?.....
22 Feb 2001 Piston Power Requires 1 friend, 1 motor vehicle, 300 feet of chain or spun metal cable, 2 heavy padlocks. One end of the chain/cable encircles your neck, the other goes around some sturdy part of the undercarriage of the auto. Locks are used to secure these. Best part: you stand there and do nothing. Your assistant gets into the car and starts motor, applies pressure to accelerator while car is in drive or quickly shifts up in case transmission is automatic. When all the slack of the chain is finally taken up, said auto should be going at sufficient speed so that your head is simply ripped off. Recommended car: 1970's Dodge Charger with at least a 427 cubic inch V-8 and 400 horsepower.
22 Feb 2001 Jerry Join an anti-government cult and get set on fire by various corrupt officials in agencies such as the ATF, or if you would like to bypass joining any organization just wait about 1 to 2 years and then speak out against the president of this country (USA).

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