Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Nov 2000 Hewhoshallnotbenamed Your blood was too arrogant to follow my instructions. Ask your mother.
25 Nov 2000 Dutch Get one of your friends to come over and play with your dad's guns. Don't tell him that the one he's using is loaded. Taunt him by pulling the trigger of the one you're using and yelling, "You're dead!" When he does shoot you, it will look like it wasn't your fault, so people will not feel as bad as they would if you'd hung yourself.
25 Nov 2000 Brian Duvall Being smothered in the gigantic breasts of an older woman...
25 Nov 2000 Tara Klaricich I think if I was to commit sucide, I would like it to be really creative, or like have some impossible scenario... like set it up so my body was sliced and then neatly pickled, labeled and shelved..
25 Nov 2000 orgyboy99 get hit by a car. quick, kinda messy, and parents get lots of cash if ya do it right...
or if your feeling pretty pissed at parents, get an illegal handgun (can pick up at most high school parking lots, skip middle school and go get one) then start tellin kids at school that ur dad is getting lots of money and has white powder all around the house. then shoot urself in their room after messing up their closet and leaving a small box with bullets next to u on the ground. that's one of the best... or jus jump of a building and leave a note sayin u saw it on the latest "Eminem video". get people in trouble before ya leave >=)
25 Nov 2000 Christopher Hollett Use a knife
jump off your house or out a window
bang your head off something hard
stuff socks in your mouth
burn yourself
25 Nov 2000 Surf the internet until you die. Thats my plan...
25 Nov 2000 scat first you should be in a public place (to maximize the trauma of others). take a very sharp knife place under you're ribs on the left side. make a fast (or slow) diagonal slit in your abdomen from left rib to right hip bone. then start pulling out your soft warn insides and eating them.
25 Nov 2000 dustin get a job
25 Nov 2000 josh try to climb up on top of your tv. The poorly designed cabinet will likely topple subsequently causing the T.V. to crush you. Your parents will at least get to collect a fat check by sueing the manufacturer.
25 Nov 2000 Jason overdosing on tons and tons of pills and alcohol
25 Nov 2000 mal-deux Make your parents happy and try to clean the toilet REALLY WELL! Make sure you use both bleach (and make sure it's sodium hypochlorite breach) *and* ammonia, and use plenty of both. Dive in and start scrubbing, and be sure to breathe deep!

Or you could just put your neck on the railroad track and wait for a train, as one boy in my hometown did. Make sure it's your neck, not your head, that rests on the track. If you put your head on the track, you could just be knocked out of the way.

Maybe try to break cross-country flight records in a blinding rainstorm... no wait, you can't do that one any more. You're already older than 7.
25 Nov 2000 Nikki Oftheim Considering that, in most circles, heroin is quite difficult to get hold of for an under 13 year-old (taking 20 grams of reasonably pure heroin usually does the trick as gently as possible yet very swiftly), one ends up using conventional methods like slitting the veins... you may want to include a small instruction booklet to explain why one is required to make an incision along the length of the veins, instead of trying to slice them horizontally (this blocks the blood-flow, instead of opening up the vein as wide as possible to allow all the blood to come out as quickly as possible), and to let the user know that keeping the arms underwater in a warm bath while doing this eases the pain to make the experience less threatening.
25 Nov 2000 bobafettpez a friend of mine tried this a long time ago when i was 13. he went to the store and bought one of those huge jugs of tylenol (it's legal!) and swallowed all of the pills. unfortunately, he drank water to knock the bastards down, so it sort of neutralized the damage to his liver and he survived after a good day of stomach pumping at the hospital. my advice: take those pills down with a quart of cheap whiskey. your nervous system will collapse under the pressure.
25 Nov 2000 uckaboy wear all black and roll aroud on your back in the middle of a busy intersection at the exact same time the local bars let out... i found that friday or saturday nights work best. good luck!
25 Nov 2000 damborn Razors pain you and rivers are damp.
Acids stain you and drugs cause cramp.
Guns are unlawful,
nooses give,
gass smells awful,
You might as well live.
25 Nov 2000 bob the builder with your fathers penis enlargement kits inserted into your ears.
25 Nov 2000 Pip choke and die on your own fist
25 Nov 2000 Joanna hang yourself with a guitar string (works best for musicians and angsty rats who want to be kewl while comitting suicide)
24 Nov 2000 AutoBaz No fancy stuff, just pills.

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