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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 May 2001 sudafed Firstly, I think killing oneself is a valid and sometimes logical option. I believe that life is made for tragedy, and if I wasn't in a position where (a) I'm too scared and (b) I would hurt too many people, I'd be decomposing somewhere instead of writing this now. On the other hand, I have basically no problems whatsover, so God knows how I would cope if I actually had abusive parents, no friends etc. like some of the people who have written here.
Normally, I would congratulate you on being honest and brave enough to admit that life is pain and to decide to end it... but if you're really 13 I would advise you wait. Not to sound too patronising, but when I was 13 I had no idea about life (and how shit it truly is). Even if you don't change your mind, it's never to late to decide to die... you will have lost nothing.
Anyway, if you decide you can't wait, what method you choose depends on what your priorities are. If you are sensitive to what those whom love you might think, the best way would be to make it look like an accident (ie. stumbling in front of fast moving traffic, hairdryer, etc.).
On the other hand, if you are more concerned with avoiding physical pain, I suggest a drug assisted death. Save up and buy a lot of heroin, then smoke it (unless you've had it before, otherwise you'll feel nauseous), which will give you a sense of euphoria. Try to smoke some dope as well as that this combination will make you even more relaxed and mellow. Then turn out all the lights and sit in a hot bath with a sharp knife. Slashing your left wrist should be relatively painless because of the heroin and the fact you can't gross yourself out in the dark. Also, it allows you time for some contemplation before you drift off into oblivion.
Anyway, I still advise you to wait a couple of years, but if you cannot, I hope you find the peace in death which eluded you in life.
18 May 2001 Deelite choke on milk and cookies
17 May 2001 me Put a plastic bag on your head. You will fall asleep before you die.
16 May 2001 Bradley Shaffer drown in toilet
16 May 2001 asshole If you live in America, go to school.
15 May 2001   if you are under 13 and you want to kill yourself then you should take a barbie doll, light its hair on fire, and shove it down your throat
15 May 2001 Anonymous This is very unbearable website that I've ever seen in my life. What inspires you to do very "perfect" thing like this? Why don't you spend time with the charity in your country and spend time to think what your family will earn for a living tomorrow?
14 May 2001 elysium well it depends on what u can get. where do u live? if ur under 13, then probably by sleepin pills mixed with some other drug or alcohol if u can. and don't listen to those stupid motherfuckers saying to stab urself thru the heart, what the fuck? at least make it less painful in death than in life
13 May 2001 C.Tooth The Klown I would have done it along a fuckin time ago, but i don't wanna accidentally fuck up and live! No slitting my wrists and drinking bleach would be one fuck of a thing to live through, and would hurt like a bitch. So if I do it, it would a hollow tip bullet, 45. desert eagle, can't go wrong. But if you really wanna be safe, have your friends shoot you in the head twice or three times, that way you won't ACCIDENTALLY paralyse yourself where you can't move or anything for the rest of your life, who would wanna be a vegetable the rest of their life? NOT ME!
12 May 2001 udit kill everyone u know.... then take out the brains eat them until ur full of yucky stuff in ur stomach.... and then die vomiting over ur gf..... whom u didn't know....
12 May 2001   I am about to do it now. I just took the pills previously suggested and feel drowsy and sick. Thanks
12 May 2001 lili You know, this could have saved my life. I was so serious and desparate until I read the pathetic, self-centered, self-pitying, agonisingly IDIOTIC DRIVLE that I would hate to be included in. It IS hard, and IT DOES only get worse. And what clear-ish person can participate in a world like this-- meaningfully and without eye-patches? But I just can't. Because it is distastefull and so stupid. At least here it is.
12 May 2001 Emily slit your wrist
11 May 2001 michael I would take a kitchen knife and stab myself in the throat or through my heart.
11 May 2001 lily A very young age to have no access to lethal substances of any kind. There is a reason why one isn't supposed to mix drugs with alcohol. Grab a bottle of your favorite alcohol. You need to be able to drink it without having so much that your body sends it back. And then you take a new bottle of your pain reliever of choice, and believe me, this will relieve you of most pain, and start popping the pills. You might feel slightly giddy, which is great right before death, and you'll slip oh so easily into a painless never-ending sleep.
11 May 2001 Greenday Correntino hacerse la paja hasta quedarse seco...
11 May 2001 chris velilla eat rat poison, drink bleach, slit ur wrists or throat, lie in the middle of the street and wait for a car to hit u, shoot urself in the head, snap ur own neck, hang urself.
10 May 2001 ------- you are one SICK motherfucker. i hope you die.
10 May 2001 ellie jump in front of train..... it'll make a pretty new red paint on the train...

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