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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Apr 2001 suc what's the best way to kill yourself and no one knows it's a suicide...
21 Apr 2001 Rousseau Renard Buy a chocolate cake and decorate it with your parent's medicines such as prozac and other shiny pills. Mix headache medicine with coke and other liquid medicines and have a nice last lunch with your funny food.
19 Apr 2001 Sandra Slitting wrists doesn't work. I've been trying for ages. Taking pills even sucks more. I find the best way to commit suicide is to twist your neck so it faces the back and you hair is facing the front of you. I've known people who tried that. And I've never known anyone on who it failed. You need a great deal of strength though. But if you place your hands in the right way (just between the insides you your neck) and twist suddenly in one direction it works easily. Hope it helps. I have way more ideas. E-mail me for more if you want.
19 Apr 2001 ***** say your going to meet a friend and pop over to my house, where you can take the grand tour, including: slippery rooftop!, bad DIY hall, kitchen with several knives balanced precariously over your head, and breakneck staircase (now featuring stupidly placed skateboard!!!!!). Some terms and conditions, e.g. i will have to frisk you for any hidden sapines...
19 Apr 2001 Sophie hmmmmm...... let me think..... I always tried shoving some pills down my throat then waiting for the consequence-but if you are under thirteen-try locking yourself in your room with all your stuffed toys-a box of matches and some gasoline. Cover the toys in gasoline, strike a match-and have fun. And remember to lock the door.
19 Apr 2001 Steve smell your mom's ass
18 Apr 2001 ----- if somebody wants to kill themself, they have the right to. if their life sucks as bad as mine, there's nothing worth living for. so knock off that "this is immoral" shit or "you have so much to live for" b.s. the truth is that some people are destined to die early, and if they don't want their miserable life prolonged any longer, they must resort to their own actions.
18 Apr 2001 Ricardo auto-drown, because it gives you a chance for thinking before you die
18 Apr 2001 Miranda The Best Way is to hang yourself in your laundry room so your parents will find you hanging. I'm going to do it May 1st 2001, that's in 15 days.
18 Apr 2001 Brownbarbie16 Well I am depressed and suicidal right now, it's obvious, why would I visit this stupid site... anyways. I was just looking for effective yet painless plans... I was thinking, gasing myself, I have that plan worked out, I'm really sad, and mad... I don't even see myself in the future, that was the final choice that lead me to the conclusion that this is the way for me... no one cares... if they do, it's more of a pity... MY LIFE SUCKS!!!

I am 16, I turn 17 on sunday, April 22, 2001 ...Will I live that long, only God knows

18 Apr 2001 Justin MIller Just drink a large glass of chlorox. You'd probably die before you are finished. I warn you though, it burns your insides, so it will be painful.
17 Apr 2001 worried, candice you shouldn't try to kill yourself if your under 13, you have a lot to live for, think about your friends and family, i've wrote in here before about my friend, we talked to her and asked her why she wants to die, she said that no-one cares for her, we had to keep convincing her that we cared and her family cared, she soon realised that and how much we would miss her. She took some tablets and got help, so if you're thinking about killing yourself soon while your under 13, well DON'T because we all care, even if we don't know you.
16 Apr 2001 Roxanne Wade Dear Mouchette,
I was not making a suggestion for a suicide kit... I was hoping someone would have a sure quick , and easy way of doing it. and letting in on it....
But to make comment again on your question,,, Why did you pick Thirteen,, and lower, What could be so bad at that age? Most 13 year old's still wet the bed,, Only reason I could even see the desire to die at that age would be a physical handicape where the quality of life will, or is , and always will be unbearable, People have different tollerance levels to the same situation.
There are lots of people in my situation, that can handle it with a smile. I on the other hand,, Am just getting tired of the battle. It's not Money,, Family, or fame, that I think would make life worth living for,,, for me that is,,, Maybe a boat in the middle of the ocean where noone else is ,, now that would be worth maybe wanting to live.
Meaning away from people ,, Do not get me wrong,,,,, Some people are worth more than the life they live, Bless them..... But you find very few, for there is not another creature on earth that will,,, Harm you, Kill you, _uck you, and do it with a smile than another human being...
Sorry that I got off Track there,, but you know,,, Hey if you're thirteen, and your boyfriend/girlfriend left you... and you are going to kill yourself..... Now I guess that "Roxanne" Me,,,,,,,,,, could just be one more good reason for them to have for wanting to die,,, Your the one posting this stuff,, So I guess you just authorized what I said,, sorry but your guilty too.
< smiles>
16 Apr 2001 Ryan Turn on some country music, drag out your old year books from school, and go buy some Excedrin PM. Get some hard liquor, and take the whole damn bottle of the PM stuff, and you'll die depressed with an empty look in your eyes... See you in Hell!
14 Apr 2001 XENA Who ever wrote this thing has got to be sick minded and psychopathic because anyone in their right mind wouldn't just go around asking kids 13 and under 'Hey, how do you kill yourself if you're younger than 13'. This person needs to be taken away and locked up and save the rest of the world the worry and pain of minors committing suicide!
14 Apr 2001 worried, candice My friend, in year 11 scared us by just saying that she was going to commit suicide. The next day she had cut herself with a razor about 50 times, she took drugs and started smoking, I hate it...
14 Apr 2001 Starbuck If your parents have a gun, steal it and shoot yourself in the head or in the heart.
13 Apr 2001 Roxanne Wade Noone should kill themself at that age, or until they have had a chance to see just what life may bring them. I think that if one has become a responsible adult, and knows that it is not going to get any better. Power them, and the decision that they make.
I am 47 yrs old, and I have had enough. but............. I can never seem to get the damn job done. I have tried 5 times. but I am scared of the split second Pain ? what if ? can I be sure that I am dead ? Too much stuff that.... too little guts, I guess. I know that if I had access to a quick, painless, and sure fire way to do it I would. Sorry for waisting your time, have a good life.
12 Apr 2001 Katie Zorin I would have to say, running across a really busy highway. Cause if you get killed then mission accomplished, but if you don't people will just say what a stupid kid.
12 Apr 2001 Arcane_Demon How in the world can you be telling little kids to kill themselves? They have a future ahead and they need to be alive to live it. Even if life is bad it will get better. God tells us that in the bible. YOU SICK PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE THIS WEB SITE OFF THE INTERNET. SO FUCK YOU ALL AND I HOPE YOU ALL GO TO HELL. Well you will along with the many people that kill themselves. Isn't that just sad? I hope your Soul dies. :)

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