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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Aug 2001 Sam Whats the proper way to slit your wrists : Across or Downwards?
31 Jul 2001 Tusk Tell your parents that you're gay and have them beat you to death...
31 Jul 2001 Matt Just found this site completely by accident and was absolutely shocked that someone could make such a thing!

I've read the replies here and if there's one thing that has struck me, it's the blind ignorance of what people are saying. I'm a 28 year old Medical Doctor and have seen many suicides, and the result of many suicide attempts. From this experience I can say it doesn't matter how depressed you are, it can get better!

But anyway, the point in me posting this is to inform you all of a little problem you face if you attempt suicide. No matter how hard you strive for a painless death, there is always the risk of messing up. I see suggestions here that you use mixes of certain chemicals and I really do pity anyone who thinks that just because it can be swallowed, mean it's not going to leave you in severe pain! Some of the worst deaths imaginable can be through taking mixtures of drugs!

There is also the fact that people like myself are very good (there's a little self-confidence for you all - I'd suggest some of you give it a go) at saving people who have attempted suicide. This is something you might want to consider, because once you've made the attempt there's no stopping someone finding you and taking you to hospital. If you ARE saved, then you've every chance of having some sort of disability as a result. For those considering slashing their wrists for example - remember that it's actually very rare for this to kill you, and a lot of people who survive actually end up with the nerve supply (movement and sense) to parts of their hands irreversibly damaged! For those considering a shotgun blast to the head - I've seen someone survive this...afterwards he was alive, but disfigured, brain damaged, and if there was any part of his thinking mind that remained (we really don't know - but we think there was) it was trapped in that body in a much worse condition than before his attempt, and he was condemed to live this way for ever.

Finally I want to share a personal experience with you all - I was 14 and things really weren't going great. My parents were fighting, by todays standards I was physically abused, and I was bullied in school. The last day of the summer holidays before returning to that hell hole of a school, I planned to kill myself, and was locked in the garage with my head in a noose - all I had to do was knock the chair out of the way. I smiled as I was about to complete the job, but I stopped there and then because I suddenly realised that if I was happy doing this, then it is possible I could find something else to make me feel the same. And guess what, I was right - life really does suck at that age...but the older you get the more control you have over your own happiness and the more enjoyable life becomes as a result.
30 Jul 2001 Anonymous Tape a pipe bomb with a one-hour timer to your neck, lay down on your bed, and take several sleeping pills. The bomb will detonate while you're in a deep sleep, splattering you all over the walls and killing you instantly. Pipe bombs are disturbingly easy to make, and the instructions for making them are all over the internet.
29 Jul 2001 wanda jefferson OTC diet pills & sleeping pills as uppers and downers
29 Jul 2001 chris this is ridiculous! what is your problem? tell me!
27 Jul 2001 Lou ok, first suicide is the best way out, but not when you're under 13. don't listen to the guys who say that everything always gets better coz if you've had a fucked childhood like me, it don't. it gets harder to cope with. but if you're gonna kill yourself and you're serious, make an exhibition of it, do something that gets attention to have one last attack at the world.
what i've always thought of doing was playing a gig with my band at the top of a tall building and play my most depressing songs and broadcast it to the city and on the last riff slit my wrist and dive arms falling to the ground causing a nice messy death.
another messy one is to fill your mouth with water and shoot yourself in the face. loadza mess.
27 Jul 2001 simon what a stupid idiotic website! the webmaster should be taken to court and thrown in prison. if you are a teenager there is no need to kill yourself, all teenagers are screwed up and life is what you make it!!!
27 Jul 2001 Sara - a.k.a. Satan's Little Helper >=D I am thinking about doing an over dose..... but i'm not sure which pills would work best? please tell me
27 Jul 2001   Suicide is the answer I'm telling you and to those people who are sitting there typing away telling us not to..... FUCK YOU you live in a deep depression for about 7 years and every fucking day it gets worse and worse.... no matter what any one tells me i am still gonna do it, i have my mind set and i am not gonna listen a single mother fucker that tells me not to...!
27 Jul 2001 Parents Make yourself very uncomfortable, firstly. Secondly, make yourself overly comfortable. Thirdly, continue, until you are comforted away to dead place. This is easy, but can hurt or stink.
26 Jul 2001 jean I would put on my best dress, makeup, favorite high heels and paint my toes with sinful colours... go to my bedroom, stand on a chair, get my neck rounded by a rope, take a deep breath, look at my sexy feet and kick the chair off..

I love the feeling of hanging in the air and kicking my sexy feet struggling for air... but no one can help me! I will be dancing with the rope in the air till the very last moment.. all my pain will be gone..

I tried once but was saved... I gonna do it later tonite. Wish me success...
25 Jul 2001 Alex Stryker Strap yourself to the bottom of a car at the mall.
25 Jul 2001 CHRISTINA BRIONES hi my names christina and i don't really have a purpose in life. my family says ill who is that stupid b**** so if i die now i won't have to deal with them.... thank u
24 Jul 2001 Jen YOU don't have to kill yourself. Just go get pregnant & ur parents will do it for you.
23 Jul 2001 extremely depressed girl i am thinking of killing myself, and seriously every time i think of it i cry and cry until the tears just don't flow anymore. i am so depressed! i have lots of friends and people who care about me, people who think i should be a model/singer/artist. i feel fake, i feel like i'm not showing my true side to people. but then there's the people who know me well, like one of my supposedly good friends, that treats me like shit. i feel like a total dumbass all the time, like ALL the time i can't concentrate on anything properly because i feel like so dumb, i mean even just walking to the bus stop with some friends makes me nervous that i'm goin to screw up! i have a problem: i have a very bad memory, not just bad, but the serious kind of bad; i'll be walking somewhere and totally forget how to get there! there is something wrong with me! people just don't see it, they just think i'm dumb, or maybe i am, i don't know, but i feel like the most miserable person in the world right now, i go out with my friends in the day time, and come home and cry myself to sleep because of something sooo stupid that i did! i don't know what to do! i can't stand trying to act smart in front of my family and friends, because i'm not, and i won't change, and i know if i don't die now i will go through life getting critizised for every thing i do, or be nervous about being critizised, or be nervous about doing something dumb, and i do dumb things cause i'm nervous! it all goes in a huge circle and i don't want this life, i don't, I DON'T!
22 Jul 2001 meth i have been forced to live on this fucking earth for 16 years and i'm sick of it. the easiest way to kill yourself is get really stoned or really drunk, take a bath and cut your throat. I'm doing that today.
21 Jul 2001 Stephane Abortion ?
20 Jul 2001 Simon You shouldn't. go down mac donalds and get yourself a milk shake, then go to the ice rink and skate, even if you never done it before, you'll feel better.
20 Jul 2001   you shouldn't be thinking of dying at any age, you should live out your life. when its time for you to die you will. don't take your life

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