Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jul 2001   Suicide is the answer I'm telling you and to those people who are sitting there typing away telling us not to..... FUCK YOU you live in a deep depression for about 7 years and every fucking day it gets worse and worse.... no matter what any one tells me i am still gonna do it, i have my mind set and i am not gonna listen a single mother fucker that tells me not to...!
27 Jul 2001 Parents Make yourself very uncomfortable, firstly. Secondly, make yourself overly comfortable. Thirdly, continue, until you are comforted away to dead place. This is easy, but can hurt or stink.
26 Jul 2001 jean I would put on my best dress, makeup, favorite high heels and paint my toes with sinful colours... go to my bedroom, stand on a chair, get my neck rounded by a rope, take a deep breath, look at my sexy feet and kick the chair off..

I love the feeling of hanging in the air and kicking my sexy feet struggling for air... but no one can help me! I will be dancing with the rope in the air till the very last moment.. all my pain will be gone..

I tried once but was saved... I gonna do it later tonite. Wish me success...
25 Jul 2001 Alex Stryker Strap yourself to the bottom of a car at the mall.
25 Jul 2001 CHRISTINA BRIONES hi my names christina and i don't really have a purpose in life. my family says ill who is that stupid b**** so if i die now i won't have to deal with them.... thank u
24 Jul 2001 Jen YOU don't have to kill yourself. Just go get pregnant & ur parents will do it for you.
23 Jul 2001 extremely depressed girl i am thinking of killing myself, and seriously every time i think of it i cry and cry until the tears just don't flow anymore. i am so depressed! i have lots of friends and people who care about me, people who think i should be a model/singer/artist. i feel fake, i feel like i'm not showing my true side to people. but then there's the people who know me well, like one of my supposedly good friends, that treats me like shit. i feel like a total dumbass all the time, like ALL the time i can't concentrate on anything properly because i feel like so dumb, i mean even just walking to the bus stop with some friends makes me nervous that i'm goin to screw up! i have a problem: i have a very bad memory, not just bad, but the serious kind of bad; i'll be walking somewhere and totally forget how to get there! there is something wrong with me! people just don't see it, they just think i'm dumb, or maybe i am, i don't know, but i feel like the most miserable person in the world right now, i go out with my friends in the day time, and come home and cry myself to sleep because of something sooo stupid that i did! i don't know what to do! i can't stand trying to act smart in front of my family and friends, because i'm not, and i won't change, and i know if i don't die now i will go through life getting critizised for every thing i do, or be nervous about being critizised, or be nervous about doing something dumb, and i do dumb things cause i'm nervous! it all goes in a huge circle and i don't want this life, i don't, I DON'T!
22 Jul 2001 meth i have been forced to live on this fucking earth for 16 years and i'm sick of it. the easiest way to kill yourself is get really stoned or really drunk, take a bath and cut your throat. I'm doing that today.
21 Jul 2001 Stephane Abortion ?
20 Jul 2001 Simon You shouldn't. go down mac donalds and get yourself a milk shake, then go to the ice rink and skate, even if you never done it before, you'll feel better.
20 Jul 2001   you shouldn't be thinking of dying at any age, you should live out your life. when its time for you to die you will. don't take your life
20 Jul 2001 Me I dont know exactly, but when you know how you will kill yourself, let me in on it! :)
20 Jul 2001 farhad go to a pedophile and ask him to fuck you till you bleed to death
19 Jul 2001 k.c.sanders i think you're sick pigs giving kids stupied ideas. you're all stupid. don't you know you will go to hell where you will truly wish you were dead but will never die?
18 Jul 2001 Duo Not that I really recommend this, but if you bully someone at school, and get a lot of other people to do so as well (including physical abuse possibly-if all else fails--i.e.throw rocks behind them, knock them into lockers on their way to class...). This may result in them losing their tempers and trying to kill you... be sure they know it was your idea, and anyone you care about isn't around when the attempt on your life is made. Or, if you don't mind an anime reference, call in a group like Weiss (Note:Won't kill you unless you are a criminal) or Schwarz (they will kill anyone if they're ordered to... just make the Takitori's mad...)
These assassin groups are quite effective, and (Weiss, at least) rarely fail... Plus, if you are a girl, Weiss means you will meet four extremely Bishonen/cute young guys... Or, you could do it the old fashioned way and commit seppuku (ritual suicide/belly-slicing) NOTE: Seppuku is VERY PAINFUL!!! (Don't ask...)
17 Jul 2001 devil from hell 1. skin urself alive
2. take a knife and shove it up ur ass
3. take a knife and cut open ur tummy, dig out ur kidneys, and show it to ur parents and say, "hey, check out my kidneys!"
17 Jul 2001 (unamed) DONT KILL YOURSELF, JUST DON'T DO IT GUYS. YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR.!!! HHAHAHAA go ahead kill yourself see if i care. Hey i'll even kill myself too, uhh to prove i don't care? YEA!!! lol . This is pretty lame though. Cuz u know i'm not gona kill myself . da ladies love me i get sex all da time what more could i want? ooo i know a playstation 2? NAHH!!!!! eating it out is beTTA YAAA MON! k, well see all you suicidal beechez lata! haha ohh yea e-mail me at ...plleeasee just for the entertainment :)
17 Jul 2001 Christian please stop mentioning god... and stop mentioning "not killing yourself".. read the topic question... I am still thinking about the most interesting mixture of drugs you could take to have the most interesting death, and by interesting, i mean to you, YOU, not anyone else, AND guarantee that these mixture would end up killing you. mhmm acid, x, smoke some bud while waiting for the others to kick in... i really don't know much about peyotl, ketamine, heroin or coke. ah, some shroom tea. but please, if anybody has any suggestions or ideas, speak. I suppose get as much acid as possible, just keep on licking a sheet, and an overdose does not guarantee death, and i really think pyschosis would interest many people, it's not death, but it's a different world of existence and reality, which i would really like to at least experience.
16 Jul 2001 Alice Well, here in Wonderland it's very easy to end the game...
My final task would be to take as many rattlebrains with me as possible, so this would be the self-evident;
Fill my bra and push-up panties with dynamite, go to a Blitney Swears concert, stand in the centre of the jumping and screaming teenybopping teenyboppers, and push the red button during the last song... awwww... how sweet, this pain would be...

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