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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jul 2001 smit blaze of glory: get daddy's ol gun and go "rob" somebody killing them making the police shoot u. it would be a shocker!!?!!?
11 Jul 2001 a gurl who kares Why would you want to kill yourself? That is a question i am asking myself all the time. Especially now. My best friend has just deserted me... the only person who knew me at all. She was the only one i could talk to about one thing and everything. Things weren't even half as bad as they are now for me. Now that i lost my best friend in the whole world, i thought things couldn't get worse. Now my parents are getting a divorce, all these chicks wanna fuckin kill me (then maybe i wouldn't have to do it myself) all my friends seem like they are deserting me, and to top all this off, my best friend isn't there for me to talk to. I have tried to kill myself many times, but chickened out. When all that i wanted to do was end my life I CHICKENED OUT!?!?! Well it's a good thing that i did. Things don't get better unless you make them better. Sitting here listening to ur ppl's stories makes me wanna cry! You know that you can go through with it and worse of all you WANT to. Well i don't understand how you can want to end your life. If your life is so bad, move away, run away if it's ur family, go see a counsellor and start a new life. It can't be that hard to desert all the people that you're having problems with. You can make new friends that are like you and you can work through it together. That's what i used to do. And when you have no one to turn to and all you do is cry think of the one thing that you would stay alive for. Just that one thing could save you. Like your best friend, your family, your girl/boy friend. If you hate all those people, then think about what it will be like in hell, it's gonna be just as miserable as here on earth, you aren't going to heaven if you have the nerve to reject the precious gift that god has given you. Just think about that.
10 Jul 2001 BoStOn|aN Hello People.... It sucks to kill yourself but when there is nothing to live for then why LIVE!!! I just needed to know what is the best and painless way to kill yourself. Thank you very much. I will write another message write before I suicide.
09 Jul 2001 matthew just do it
09 Jul 2001 chad slit your wrist or throat, put a big nail through your heart
09 Jul 2001 kukoocua eating yourself to a grisly end is good for all ages. But for the under 13, i highly recommend throwing yourself into a busy highway. At 100kph, a car/truck will end your pointless vapid life with the least amount of hassle or planning.
08 Jul 2001 Kayleigh I can't believe anyone would want to kill themselves. That is one of the most stupidest things I have ever heard. God or whoever you believe in gave us a life and now you want to take it away. There are starving people or people who are getting murdered or even people who are being forced against their will and these people still love life and cherish it.
Then there's you. You want to kill yourself just because life isn't fair. Well buddy, GET OVER IT, life's not fair so your just going to have to deal with it. Everyone doesn't just leave and forget their problems you have to just work through them. It WILL get better!! I promise you this. So next time you think about KILLING yourself. DON'T DON'T DON'T!
If you kill yourself you will leave everyone and anyone who loves you or even cares about you a little bit and you will let them down. Please e-mail me about this subject matter.
Remember: Death comes to us all, why rush it...
08 Jul 2001 Rachel listen to that DEVIL music. Then the spirits will seep into their bodies and dead they will become.
08 Jul 2001 Hunter Suicide. Everyone has problems big or small. My parents are not dead, my grades are not shit and I am not addicted to drugs. I have my problems everyone else has theirs. I DEAL with my problems and losers take the easy way out. Killing yourself is easy, it's living that's hard. But a long life can still be a good one.
07 Jul 2001 grande maestro frise e senza piombo
07 Jul 2001 RileyRoark Take 50 Rolls "Exctasy". Cost a lot but will get the job done and it's not painful. You will have the best time in your life then just die because you will have to much serotonin in your brain, slow death but painless
07 Jul 2001 Jason Wait. All you have to do is go about your life as normal and then one day, out of the blue you will die. It may be in 70 years (of old age), or in next week choking on a chicken bone, but it doesn't matter it will happen. So no need to make a mess or jump off a high place, just wait. wait. wait.
06 Jul 2001 Jade I totally agree with the people that say it DOESN'T get better. I've been clinically depressed for at least 14 years. I'm currently unemployed with no light at the end of the tunnel. Desperate, scared, believing that I will never have a healthy male-female relationship, broke, and crying constantly. But here's the thing...I started reading this silly website and started LAUGHING at the idiots and the tongue-in-cheek comments. How can I contemplate killing myself when I'm LAUGHING?

Look, whatever is going on will maybe get worse, maybe get better...maybe it'll suck so much you'll take it out on innocent people, maybe something really freaking cool will happen like winning the lottery or the evil-ex dies in a excruciatingly painful death. Ya don't know. Find a way to LAUGH at the inanity, the irony, and the absurdity of life.

I can't kill myself. I have cats that depend on me. My family doesn't deserve the hell they would go through because of my selfishness. My friends would be PISSED. So, since I'm pretty much stuck here on earth suffering with the rest of ya, I guess I'm going to have to find a way to laugh at it all, to blow off the bullshit, and try to identify the really important things in life...and accept the crap that comes my way until I can get out of it.
05 Jul 2001 Shit stirrer You lot are all fucked up, you have seriious problems. My life is brilliant so fuck you. GO COMMIT SUICIDE YOU WANKERS.
p.s. nobody loves you.
03 Jul 2001 pessimist HEY, every second takes u closer to death.... JUST WAIT!!!
02 Jul 2001 Failure Four children often have trouble finding firearms... seeing as they probably are just going through a stupid phase at this age i believe they should attempt suicide in a way that does not have a very high sucess rate.... such as slitting wrists or overdosing on medication... if they survive it will screw them up majorly to know that they attempted something so stupid when they had their whole lives ahead of them...
02 Jul 2001 World's Biggest Idiot that's my title i believe the best method of killing yourself if you were a child under the age of thirteen would be any method involving overdosing on medication or poisoning oneself... i believe this because in the ages under thirteen a child's body has not fully developed, they are still small and thus it is easier for them to overdose fatally on lethal substances or medications...
02 Jul 2001 Suicidal Manners Life Sucks.
nobody cares about me.
if they do care about me i'll find out soon enough at my funeral.
i'm gonna drink liquid metal (room teperature).
hope i won't puke it out of my body.
see ya in the next life
02 Jul 2001 EMAIL ME PLEASE $10,000 OFFER !!!!!!!!!!


My plan is to use Ammonium Nitrate NitroMethane explosives and then go suicide safely at the Quarries near my town.

Anyone who can SERIOUSLY help me accomplish my Suicide plan will get all my money. You don't have to feel guilty for helping me suicide...I'm already dead in my mind.

I need supplies of High Density Ammonium Nitrate (Fertilizer)

I need a crushing machine

I need a drying machine

I need supplies of NitroMethane

Most of All, I need explosive boosters and blasting caps.

I am not encouraging anyone to suicide themselves. I am just seeking help doing this myself.
02 Jul 2001 Drew I see alot of people bitching about "god's gift of life" and "god loves you", well god gave me this life and he controls every thing I do. so If I kill myself it's because god wanted it, right???? makes sense to me.

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