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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Aug 2001 dvve help me
28 Aug 2001 Benjamin Well, because we all suffer "a lot". I cannot judge those people who commit suicide, who decide that there is no point in their personal existence from which they can derive any "meaningful" purpose and find some sense of permanent identity and greater cause worth living for.

The fact of the matter is, you fucks, that we are all human beings... too bad for those who damn others
to hell as if they need to do it. They shall receive what they so desire. The hell they amuse themselves with and
justify their hatred of is oppression in every form.... want to blow off my head yet? Well what a stupid question... read this far? well keep reading... we are all created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights!

Where the fuck does it say in any national document, that all of a sudden, we have no right to a life in pursuit of liberty and happiness... notice it says "pursuit"..that means that it has to be fought for and valued... if you value something ... anything... it should be your unalienable rights...

You fucks who I'd take to hell and wage eternal damnation battle in every dimension with to the point where all earthly suffering is a joke... Wilhelm Kaiser... Von Besseler, Von Bismarck, Kremmler Kluge... Eisenhower... Kamikazi..... Norman Shwarzkoff, 1918, 1943, 1953, 1965, that's just some basic major warfare..
Never mind the social justice issues, the social inequality issues, the accidental deaths, the crime and homicide, the
white collar corruption and corporate rape of the justice of the founding principles of this nation and the blood of the civil war dead... never the fuck mind right... well of course, you fuck... amputation.... what else? well... you're so good at talking suicide... why don't you go and "do it" you fucks. I don't need to point out the ones to whom I am talking... you know who I am talking to... all too fucking well..... well.....
You people who "think" suicide and try it... have been abused.. you've been fucked over so bad by everything... that you just don't know anymore... so you revert to suicide as a possible way out of this... many people have commited suicide and continue to do so... these are realities I have no control over... we are born into a condemned world... but the point of being born into a condemned world.. .is that nothing In the universe in its limitless nature... can ever deprive of the human being its dignity of "reason" even if we do kill ourselves... we are forever human beings with a purpose beyond our understanding...
The point furthermore is, that some of us... deny that purpose even though we come to know and understand it... this is hell!
Young children who commit suicide, which I completely oppose... the fucks who think that they should try it... I'd personally escort them to the hell they so desire... and then I'd introduce them to the parts of hell which they haven't explored yet... in fact... In hell I'd show them that the purpose of our inalienable dignity cannot be damned even when I'm in hell... you see... this eternal dignity which is conferred upon every crippled dying suffering son of a bitch in this world of existence, even in hell, cannot be overcome by hell... you see... it is our privilege as a creature of GOD... GOD who knowone knows completely... but many claim to talk to and experience... a bunch of bloated uncertain personal limited perspectives.
You see, Hell is nothing more than the stripping of that eternal dignity given to all of us... remember we "are" all created equal and endowed with our creator with certain unalienable rights. No-one can strip us of this dignity but... you guessed it... ourselves. In the end... it's not about giving to GOD... it's ALL about receiving from HIM.
You're not born into this fucked up world through your choice, nor do you leave it through your own choice... even the young people who commit suicide... the younger you are... the more you are innocent of any thing you do... even ending you're own life.
We older folks like to do crazy things like chop off pieces of our bodies and talk self-justification... don't mind us... because nothing we do has "ANY" authority to strip you of your unalienable rights... even those who choose to hurt and damage young children... those people have no power over you... none. Don't let them fool you into thinking that suicide is the best option... even though in suicide also... GOD who is much too great for anyone to know... has the final say... it's final.
For the fucks who think this is all fun. Well, let's just say that we do the talk, but never walk the walk. We laugh, but we will cry. We indulge, but we will agonize.
You kill, but you yourselves will suffer the ultimate of killings, you steal, but you shall be stripped of the greatest of possesions... your own unalienable rights... your very own self.
Nothing can replace you... nothing... and may Almighty God have mercy upon us... forgive us our sins... and bring us to everlasting life.
28 Aug 2001 Nick Harris Most people commit suicide cause there lives suck like shit or their girlfriend/boyfriend left them.
I have seen this done and it works and you die feeling happy.
1. Kidnap somone you think is hot and remove their clothes and then tie them to some railroad tracks.
2. Put earplugs in both of your ears so you won't hear the train on anything.
3. Take off your clothes and tie yourself on top of them.
4. Have sex with them before you get killed by the speeding train and you'll die happy.
Railroad tracks with a person or people on it
28 Aug 2001 kutzar not kill urself
26 Aug 2001 Andy I don't think your age matters when it comes to the best way of killing yourself. The best way is surely to get drunk and drugged up, and then shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun. I only haven't done this myself because I haven't been able to get hold of the drugs I would like. The drink is easy to get hold of, although the shotgun proved a bit more difficult to get. I'm waiting for some drugs, and I expect to be killing myself within the next week. i would let you know how I get on, but hopefull, if it all works, I will be dead and unable to tell you.
26 Aug 2001 Kevin For the sake of yourself, fuck everyone else, and take a nice vacation. You are loved and there are individuals who care about u.-- O' my Jesus forgive us of our sins save us from the fires of hell, lead ALL souls to Heaven, especially for the most needs of Thy Mercy.!--IF u need someone to hold on to the other end of the rope and pull u out, don't be afraid to talk to me or anyone else.--I love u!!!!!!!!!!All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 Aug 2001 rob I'm not saying it is alright to kill yourself, I'm here to help. I'm not a god believer, I'm just here to help and why the fuck would some sick people make a site like this? You are retards!!!!!!!!!!
25 Aug 2001 M.P.T DON'T try that stupid trick with the needle full of air. It hardly ever works. Air bubbles in a small syringe like the ones that you get at chemists etc, are not big enough to actually kill you at all. You would need a huge motherfucker of a syringe to actually die, if it even works. I have seen a chick shoot up an entire needle full of air and it did nothing.
If you dont wanna slit your wrists or shoot yourself (and who wants to take the risk or either ending up looking like an attention getting spaz with wrsit scars, or brain damaged from a bad shot) then just get as many painkillers as you can and take them with as much alcohol as possible. Heroin would be better as it is a great feeling, quick, painless and very easy to overdose and die quickly as long as you are not found too quick.

One other thing. Just make sure you really want to do it first. I mean if you are so special and so fucking pained and full of preteen angst, why not write, draw paint or do something creative at least first and get some of that tortured spirit into the world first.

Don't die without
-getting laid every way you ever wanted to
-taking all the best drugs you wanted to try
-saying all that stuff you were too gutless to say to everyone
-doing everything you wanted to but were too scared

hey if you're gonna die anyway soon, why the fuck not?????
25 Aug 2001 kAt go into your garage, douse it in gasoline, make a noose, hang it in the middle of your garage, mix draino and chlorax in a bottle and set in on the chair under the noose, get a big knife too, put your head through the noose and strike the match and throw it to the furthest corner quickly, cut your wrists and at the last minute drink the draino/chlorax, don't worry youll fall of the chair. byebye
25 Aug 2001 BItch sit on a toilet seat full of poo and breathe in the smell
25 Aug 2001 Just Me Carbon Monoxide... crank up your car in the garage and sleep your troubles away.
25 Aug 2001 jerry get the gun of your father then put it in your mouth then trigger it i'm sure you'll die and never breath anymore... if your father don't have a gun then, go to a 25 floor building and then jump.
25 Aug 2001 Alandar First of all, I just want to know why the "under 13" part has any effect at all and why the originator of the page put it on there. Second I just have a quote I made up to add.
"The leading cause of death is life"
Thank you, good day.
25 Aug 2001 Tina Jump of the balkony with your favourite toy in your hand-but check first that it's at least the third floor! (Apart from that it`s not worth it-too many things to miss!)
25 Aug 2001 bonig drink harmful fluids... raid the medicine cabinet
25 Aug 2001 Susie There are many ways to kill yourself. I am almost 13 and to tell you the truth I have tried to kill myself but my teacher told me that she loved my and made me tell her I wouldn't hurt myself. If you are under 13 or even under 15 and want to kill yourself e-mail me and we can talk. Please before it's to late.
25 Aug 2001 Dusty Give your life to the Lord, and your flesh will die, but your spirit will live.
25 Aug 2001 Jessica To cut yourself on the anckles. To get yourself hit by a car. Drink yourself until you get alcohol poisoning
25 Aug 2001 Carly take a knife and cut your wrist, then close the cut with peanut butter
25 Aug 2001 Warpt If your under 13 the best way to get yourself killed (with a big asshole in the end) is to go to the local park by your house and talk to that guy who stands by his car next to the fence watching you and your little buddies play. He will definitly rock your world and most likely when he's done fukkking you up the ass his life will be complete and he will end both of yours. Or you can just die the slow way by walking through a park with no shoes on until you step on a needle infected with HIV from some crackhead Cosby Kid. Either way, have fun kids

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