Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jun 2001 amber plug up your tail pipe on the back of your car and start the car up.. roll up all the windows and sit there and you die.. hahahahahaha that's a good way to do it..
09 Jun 2001 Linzy i say u go to a huge party with all ur fuckin friends and ur whole school there shoot down some people u don't like then call up ur parents and say something about how they made ur life a living hell then shoot urself in the head while there listening! it'll be great, if i had a gun i would do it but i don't and the pills and cuttings aren't workin so i'm stuck in this hell!
09 Jun 2001 Another Suicide I have read a lot of the comments on here. I came to this site looking for recommendations for the best way to commit suicide. I find that most comments fall into one of three categories.
1) Those that just don't understand why we want to commit suicide and just plain insult us. We know it is the easy way out, a cowards solution. the ultimate form of aggression but why the fuck should we care, we are only at this place in life because we have no answers and we are just simply not enjoying life.
2) those that are uncaring and might even enjoy the details of suicide... that is really just sad.. So to you I say fuck you, maybe us suicidal types and you could get together and you could pull the trigger. That would resolve those of us that do not have the courage to go through with it.
3) Those of us that are depressed, we have tried many solutions, we have tried for many years to live with this depression and it just doesn't work. (in my case 12 years) I am not a 13 year old child, I am 40, but I have been depressed since I was 13. If I had the courage to do it, I would have been dead a long time ago, maybe even at the age of 13... I do not recommend suicide. Or do I condemn it?... But fuck you, it is my life, not yours...
09 Jun 2001 BitchloveXxX I'm not under 13, but i sure as hell have thought about ending this shit hole people call life. The reason you are intending to commit suicide is to rid yourself of a disease you will eventually die of - LIFE. Make it quick and painless. Make sure u know that what you're doing is forever, and that it will leave you with no regrets. Then take as many paracetomal as u can swallow, out on your favourite CD, light candles and lie down, relax as u take your last few breaths and then laugh at all the people you have left behind and how they will be feeling the pain, and how they will be suffering the same as you have done from the second you were born till the second you died, with the dignity and respect you earned your entire life. LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE WITH THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE. Good luck.
08 Jun 2001 cronot31 To do it the most painless way is have a friend do the famous DBZ the Kamehamaha. If that doesn't work do the Destructo Disk on yourself.
06 Jun 2001 ------------ J'avoue que c'est franchement lamentable. En France, vous risquez de tomber sous le coup de la loi sur l'incitation au suicide et j'avoue que je serais heureux que vous puissiez être poursuivi(e). Si vous n'avez que ça dans la vie, je pense que votre existence doit être relativement vide de tout sens.... ou que vous relevez des services de psychiatrie...
Je ne vous salue point.
06 Jun 2001 chris I am almost 17 years old. I appear to have a perfect life. I excel at baseball and football. Everyone thinks I am great at those sports. The truth is I hate football and my baseball seems to be slipping. My whole life is baseball. Without baseball I am nothing. With my game slipping I don't know that my life can go on. I have been very depressed for about six months now. One of my brothers is in federal court and my other brother is just kind of crazy. I do not think I can talk to them for help. I am too shy to get help from people. I am so shy that I can hardly talk to people. I just cannot bring words out of my mouth. I need something to get better or I need my life to be ended. Many many times I have wished that I could die.
05 Jun 2001 Death wisher I would say the best way is to wait for the winter season till a really foggy morning and walk infront of a truck. But make sure it is going fast enough to do the job!!! This way no one feels guilt coz the truck driver didnt see you it wasn't his fault!! And well you did'nt see the truck and that way no body finds out you were suicidal and your parents won't be as disappointed knowing that you did it on purpose. And they don't have to lie awake at night wondering what they did wrong
05 Jun 2001   The best way to suicide yourself is to make an ammonium nitrate-nitro methane explosive.

I plan on building one. I will ignite it with a flash lamp tungsten coil.

I will need high voltage capacitors and then will charge them. I will discharge them in the tungsten coil that will ignite the mixture.

And then BOOM, instant and painless death.

SUICIDE is the way I want to die, not of cancer and debilitating illnesses.

It gives you a sense of control on your death and you die when you are allright, not agonising in a hospital.
05 Jun 2001 AIM screen name: justaratnacage when you're ready to die... you are ready to die. there is nothing else to it. when it's your time you will know it. i feel like my time is soon... and i would like to let it come sooner. but i also want to live out life at the same time... i wish there was some way...

help me
04 Jun 2001 jenny lu I think everyone in this world has the right to choose to live or die. If she/he is painfully living, then maybe sucide is the best way for them. People may accuse the suicidal people to be selfish. Honestly, everyone is selfish in this world. We are here to live for ourselves not for others. The suicidal people would make their loved one upset, therefore I believe that they have responsibilities to let their loved ones understand their decisions.
The reason that I want to make a suicide guide book is that I want to let people know what kind of decisions they are making. Suicide can be very painful and it is likely no turning back.
I am not going to glorify the suicide activity. All I want to do is finding out what suicide decisions mean for us.
You get what I mean?
04 Jun 2001 Death whisher I would say the best way to kill yourself is to wait untill a really foggy morning and walk in front of a truck. then it's neither of your fault it's plain and simple the driver doesn't get charged and u didn't see him coming just make sure they are going fast enough....
Have fun
04 Jun 2001 HatesU Steal your parent's car and get really FUCKED UP and drive it into the living room while they are watching TV. This would work especially well in America where we are a people obsessed with laziness and sloth and TV and having sex with our own children feeding our children our cocks and wet pussies. A very sick and Hellish place to live. All of you from another country reading this KILL YOURSELF before coming over to America. It's all lies and deceptions. And if the car thing does not kill all of you, make sure you have a gun to blow off everyone's fucking sick heads. Leave blood and guts on the walls so that the dogs and cats of the house have something to eat until you are all discovered. Fuck America and the lie of THE AMERICAN DREAM!
04 Jun 2001 Velvet Live until you get into high school. Then, let the teachers, cool kids, your parents, and the guidance counselors slowly kill your soul. As you get horrible grades and your parents keep on harrassing you about how you are "ruining your future," you will be alive, but not actually living. Pretty soon, you'll go insane and shove hot burning coals into your eyes at Christmas.

Another way you could die would be to work yourself to death. Never have fun, just work, work, work, work, etc.

Finally, (this is my favorite way) you could walk into school one day, get on the intercom and request that everybody come to the auditorium, proceed to tell everybody that they suck, and then shove two sharpened number two pencils up your nostrils. They must be number two or else it won't work right.
03 Jun 2001 Patrick Probably be anally raped by Michael Jackson
03 Jun 2001 Ashley Why would you want to kill yourself when life so precious? You're not even 13 your dumb if you even think about doing any of these things!
02 Jun 2001 DEATH BECOMES HER THE BEST WAY TO DIE... is to do something different not the wrist thing or the jumping outta a car thing there just plain wossy !!! STAND UP AND LET THE WORLD SEE HOW MUCH PAIN YOUR IN. LET THEM SEE WHAT A FUCKED UP PERSON YOU REALLY ARE. Try something new, something that will make front page of the newspaper. TELL ALL YOU HATE THIS FUCKING WORLD AND IT'S THEIR FAULT AND MAKE THEM THINK GOOD AND HARD ABOUT WHAT THIS WORLD HAS DONE TO YOU POOR LITTLE BODY AND THEN SEE THEM SQUIRM!
02 Jun 2001 marie joe who the hell made this web site!????
this is so sick!! anyone thats wanting to kill themseleves are just plain selfish, think about the other people in life!!! you may think they don't give a damn about you!!!! but i'm certain that at least one person for everyone in this world that cares!!!!! and in life, you only get what you can handle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me, you guys sound all depresed, so just go on antidepressent!! trust me, it works!!!

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