Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Aug 2001 suicidaire se rentrer un pieu par les narines, jusqu'au cerveau
13 Aug 2001 email me death is no joke. i don't think that you people are sick. i think that you just have very serious problems, i mean i have a suicidal mother and i know what it's like but there are other answers. and to all you people that say they are crazy, they are not crazy, they are just people who really have no one to talk to and need someone there. so if any of you ever need someone to talk to email me. my email is
12 Aug 2001 jessieB some sort of poisonius bug!!!!!!!!!
or your mom's homemade chutney
12 Aug 2001 Bizkit just walk fast on a highway and don't look either side. you never no which side will hit you first
12 Aug 2001 12yr old english whore I am depressed and have been 4 the last year. I'm a prostitute. i hate my self i am anorexic but i cant stop. I have had 1 pregnancy scare already. My x boyfriend is threatening me he says he will hurt people soon and i might b 1 of them. He is on pills. I am so scared of wat he might do. My mom is out 2nite at a gig with her band and i have 2 look after my sister, i cannot cope mom is never in. 4 yrs ago my dad ran off with mom's drummer's wife. i miss him which is stupid cos he is a wanker. he doesn't want me, we haven't spoken since october. My mom suffered from depression 4 a while and i had 2 look after her. i was so scared i was only 8, it's so unfair. I have a good singing voice which people like, so they dont think i could be depressed. No1 understands. I smoke a lot, drink a lot, and i am addicted 2 paracetamol and solvents. I don't think i'm worth a lot 2 boys cos something happened 2yrs ago over a period of about a year i think it was sexual abuse with my music teacher. I feel damaged and used. I get so tired of living. I can never let emotion out like by crying cos my face just goes blank and everything stays squashed up inside so i cut my arms partly just because i deserve it. Some people say i need help but i tell them 2 fuck off so should u if they tell u that. A while ago i started trying 2 find ways 2 kill myself on the Web. The best 1 so far is 2 write a huge suicide note 2 all the mother fuckerz who have pushed u over the edge (parents, teachers, other scumbags) and then get pissed off ure face and swallow as many pills as possible. Just make sure no1 finds u b4 u hav died. xxx
11 Aug 2001 tracey i would say lay in the middle of a street so and try to go to sleep. that way it looks like you were hit by a car to your family but yet to you.... you killed yourself... and you felt no pain. but you could also be awake whatever makes you happy, i guess...
11 Aug 2001 that girl Somehow make a bomb (with timer preferably) ...doesn't have to be a large one ...strap it to yourself and when you jump from the top of a large building, set the bomb to explode in mid air.
Or i guess one could have it set to a few minutes after one lands so that when others come to investigate...
But then again when I was thirteen i wouldn't have been able to do this, for lack of tall buildings and lack of bomb-like materials. I just slit my wrists instead. It doesn't work when people find you and take you to the hospital... Make sure no one finds you, or tries to save you...
If you think death is bad, try living through it.
11 Aug 2001 The name's help2000ag This site is not helping.
My whole life I had maximum of 1, 2, 3 friends and every year I lost them all but this year is the worst one of all and If I kill myself I will be happy to go to hell because in hell I don't have to worry about anyone being hurt by my actions and besides by the way people are describing hell I would say I am in a fucking hell already.

But if I don't kill myself and It doesn't get better remember the 1st chance I get to hijack, build or buy a nuclear weapon then I will blow this planet out of orbit.

Anyone who wishes to help in hijacking or building a nuclear weapon when I or anyone else has a chance to then e-mail me at

soon I'll be making a website and a club and believe me I will bring this world to an end if I don't kill myself first.
11 Aug 2001 sean I would like to know a way to end my life, without pain. I'm a male of 31, and tired of my life. I'm going through to much shit and I would like it to end
10 Aug 2001 Smart Ass Well I think all you wankers are seriously fucked up. You are all mother fuckers and you can all go and rape your mothers, sisters whatever or even yourself. What the hell is wrong with you? Get a life! You shouldn't be killing yourselves, it is selfish. You would be robbing your mother of her sex life. But if you really want ideas email me. Love. Smart Ass
10 Aug 2001 tyler Who cares, you're already dead yea, you're going to die anyway so who cares? If i were you i would start beating yourself up, it's fun!!! I did :) so clinch your fist and punch your face as hard as you can... trust me you will get addicted after a while :)
After you do this, you will look at your life a whole different way, yea and if you really want too be different do it in front of a lot of people!!! Some will look and laugh but others will think you're sick an morbid but like i said you're already dead... you just realized it faster.... oh yea and another thing... when you do this people will think you're different than other "normal" people... but they for some odd reason accept you and think you're cool so that is my advice....
And don't forget to find a Fight Club near you!!!
09 Aug 2001 max freeze yourself in a deepfreeze
09 Aug 2001 Roy Well, sometimes when ur sad you reach a very clear conclusion that no matter what, ur life's gonna suck. cuz even when ur happy, it's just some sort of a anti-depression pill. ur so dumb, u don't realize nothing than the shallowest level of consciousness. if u can't live without that drug, u better hope there's reincarnation and drink lots of alcohol and go skateboarding for ur first time in the highway
09 Aug 2001 SweetLeaf Well I found cutting myself and bleeding was pretty enjoyable at that age, but recently I thought jumping off the Grand Canyon might be a good way to go.
09 Aug 2001 amanda look, most kids have a older brother or sister who has a car, all you have to do is wait until they are going to work or school and lay by their tires, hopefully they will run over you before they will notice you were there.
09 Aug 2001 I_hate_life Life sucks, life is cruel, life is unfair. I understand anyone who wants to kill him/herself. People who say "you shouldn't kill yourself, there's too much to live for" have never really suffered and are full of shit. Life is NOT worth living. All it is is pain, suffering, heartache and disappointment. I tried killing myself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills but I panicked and threw them up... didn't have the guts to go through with it... I'm a real coward and a loser. I think the best way to kill yourself is to lock yourself in a garage, start the car and let yourself fall into a deep sleep... from which you will never wake up. It works and it's painless.
08 Aug 2001 Tre i'd say the old coat hanger in the electrical outlet. you never can go wrong with electricy
08 Aug 2001 seendje the answer is simple: a train
07 Aug 2001 quizzic publically in woodwork class.
06 Aug 2001 Bootsex play with pedophiles whose antipsychotic perscriptions ran out.

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