Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Sep 2001 Missie Mix 5 parts comet with a 1 part water and enjoy!
09 Sep 2001 Scar just use lots of heroin and go to school and kill everyone with a gun, then take your heart out of your chest and eat it. then sell your gun to a second hand shop and spend the money at your funeral.
09 Sep 2001 SDS Best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is to think about the things you'll have to face as you get older.
09 Sep 2001 Josh I am thinkiing about killing my self, this past month my gf has left me, my friends have left me, and i can't talk to my family about it. please email me with any suggestions or ideas to help me through my situation. i don't wanna do it, but i feel it's the only way out. i hope to hear from sombody soon before it's too late. thanks for your time.
08 Sep 2001 Brenda Burn charcoal.... in a suffocating room. Drink some wine and take some sleeping tablets... or even have sex with your suicide partner. ( who is avalaible email me)
08 Sep 2001 LalartuAkhkharu don't attempt to hang yourself, although everyone has access to rope it is not a good idea. I have heard stories of young children attempting to hang themselves. Their small bodies dont provide enough weight to snap their necks, the simply either get really bad rope burn and fall, or they suffocate, which takes a while
08 Sep 2001 Scar just use lots of drugs like i do and then you will have no feelings and live in your room in the darkness and pray, but you will never feel good. so stay alive coz everyone's a joke.
08 Sep 2001 Scar all you do is cut your chest then rip out your heart. if that doesn't work cut all your teeth out and wear false teeth, all your friends will pay you out and then you will turn to the lord like i have. e-mail me if you want to know about the cult i have created, so you can spread the message, goodbye. then, remember scars look good.
08 Sep 2001 Enzo Being trapped in your site, feeling at the same time dazzled and confused, I must confess, and admiring your ability to surprise me with almost every click, it finally dawned on me that if you could create the ultimate virtual experience, one a zillion times more engaging than this one, you could have people like me stay here forever, as it could be more entertaining than life itself. Forever? That is until we die, there is no forever for our awareness of being, at least so I am afraid.

Maybe we are living inside a suicide kit already. We are probably reluctant to accept it that way, at least I am.

Some solutions in the kit may be faster than others, but I am not going to give you a faster one than continuing to push the envelope while waiting for your time. You have a lot to offer.
08 Sep 2001 anarchist teeniebopper I dont know how, but i know why. I know there are a bunch of mother fuckers out there thinking we are stupid fucking teenieboppers, and we are. but that doesn't mean our problems aren't any more real then theirs. if an adult falls in love and then finds out that his crush is dead he will want to kill himself, if a teeniebopper's parent dies the teeniebopper will want to die just as badly as the adult with the dead lover. it is just that since we are smaller so are the scales. what may be catastrophic (really big and bad) to a teeniebopper may not be too much for an adult but that is because they are older and have more experience. if the adult were to run into the situation that the teeniebopper did when the adult was a teeniebopper then he/she would be just as traumatized (screwed up in the head cause of sumpin catastrophic). any fucking snobby-assed jackasses that think otherwise can go fuck themselves with an acorn! hopefully it will get the bug out of their ass!
08 Sep 2001 Christy First of alll, let me begin by saying that this is not a lecture. I am not speaking "down to you" and I am not passing judgement. I also have been suicidal.

I experienced my first bout with suicide at age 12. As I type this, I just celebrated my 20th birthday--20 years of struggling uphill. I know what it is like to face odds seemingly greater than anyone can overcome.

What I would like to share with everyone is a little piece of wisdom that I have learned along the way. Sometimes even choked on it. Life as you know it today is not life as it is tomorrow. Things are constantly changing and the situations that you are facing now will not be the ones that you may be facing tomorrow. Our lives change with every breathe that we take, so then with that in mind, what is occurring in your life that you think can't change? What is making you think that suicide is the only answer?

If anyone out there ever needs to or wants to talk, please email me. I can assure you that I won't judge, laugh at you, or whatever. I am a person who merely wants to help you.

Sincerely, Christy
07 Sep 2001 Parker well, i always rather liked the idea of injecting some sort of anaesthetic into your veins, stopping your heart. not all that flashy, but pretty creative, i'd say.


lock yourself away somewhere, an oubliette'd be swell (not really all that common these days though), and then, as your hunger increases, rip shreds of flesh from your own body for sustenance. nice sort of a literal self-consumption, dont ya think? *grin* and what'd happened if you managed to swallow some intestine, so that it sorta wrapped down your throat into the stomach and back into the intestine that you've already swallowed? it'd be a feat of willpower (and lack of gag reflex) but it'd be damn fuckin cool to see.
07 Sep 2001 JT Overdose on candy while sneaking peeks out your daddy's nasty little pamphlets from his bottom drawer.
07 Sep 2001 Josh I am 18, i never really had a proper girlfriend till now, well she just dumped me because i lost her trust because she would see me so i asked her brother to try and get her to see me, we were good together and lasted nearly 2 months. i am thinking about connecting a hose to my exhaust and running it into the car, i heard it was quick and painless, is that true and does anybody have any other sugestions?
07 Sep 2001 Steve Choke yourself on something of your parents' possesion. Be it a power tool, nail polish remover, ect., ect.
07 Sep 2001 hold onto life I've heard a lot of people say you shouldn't kill yourself because it would hurt those who are close to you. That is a terrible reason not to commit suicide. It's the typical sacrifice yourself for others crap which pervades so much of our society. I say, do what makes you happy, don't cater to the wants of others. Of course, if you're completely unhappy and want to end your life because all you feel day after day is this terrible pain eminating from your heart, I can relate to you. Sometimes I think the only way to end the pain is to take a 9mm to my forehead and pull the trigger. But I know things will be better in the future, if you take action and quit wallowing in your own sorrow. I think the best way to end depression is to find someone to fall in love with. Of course, getting your heart broken time after time causes many people to commit suicide, but hold on, there's someone out there who will love you and won't break your heart. And no, it's not Jesus or some bullshit fictional character made up by others to control you, it's another human being who will love you for your uniqueness and your individuality. It's just a matter of finding her (or him). There are a lot of resources on the web to help you find that person... write to me if you want to talk or need help in finding that special person who can pull you out of depression and make you happy.
07 Sep 2001 sal i think it would be interesting to try to overdose on nutmeg. the spice, nutmeg, can get you very high in small amounts, but claims are made that it can be fatal. Since i have never heard of anyone dying from ingesting nutmeg, i don't know if this claim is valid. But it would be worth a shot, cause if it didn't work, you'd just be really stoned. That canister of regular ground nutmeg in the spice cabinet should do nicely.
06 Sep 2001   get pregnant and your parents will do it for you.
06 Sep 2001 megabitch I wonder why some people even come into this site if they are so offended by it. They should just fucking buzz off if they don't like what's posted here instead of bitching their ass off. U don't know the pain, u fucking keep it zipped.

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