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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jul 2001 farhad go to a pedophile and ask him to fuck you till you bleed to death
19 Jul 2001 k.c.sanders i think you're sick pigs giving kids stupied ideas. you're all stupid. don't you know you will go to hell where you will truly wish you were dead but will never die?
18 Jul 2001 Duo Not that I really recommend this, but if you bully someone at school, and get a lot of other people to do so as well (including physical abuse possibly-if all else fails--i.e.throw rocks behind them, knock them into lockers on their way to class...). This may result in them losing their tempers and trying to kill you... be sure they know it was your idea, and anyone you care about isn't around when the attempt on your life is made. Or, if you don't mind an anime reference, call in a group like Weiss (Note:Won't kill you unless you are a criminal) or Schwarz (they will kill anyone if they're ordered to... just make the Takitori's mad...)
These assassin groups are quite effective, and (Weiss, at least) rarely fail... Plus, if you are a girl, Weiss means you will meet four extremely Bishonen/cute young guys... Or, you could do it the old fashioned way and commit seppuku (ritual suicide/belly-slicing) NOTE: Seppuku is VERY PAINFUL!!! (Don't ask...)
17 Jul 2001 devil from hell 1. skin urself alive
2. take a knife and shove it up ur ass
3. take a knife and cut open ur tummy, dig out ur kidneys, and show it to ur parents and say, "hey, check out my kidneys!"
17 Jul 2001 (unamed) DONT KILL YOURSELF, JUST DON'T DO IT GUYS. YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR.!!! HHAHAHAA go ahead kill yourself see if i care. Hey i'll even kill myself too, uhh to prove i don't care? YEA!!! lol . This is pretty lame though. Cuz u know i'm not gona kill myself . da ladies love me i get sex all da time what more could i want? ooo i know a playstation 2? NAHH!!!!! eating it out is beTTA YAAA MON! k, well see all you suicidal beechez lata! haha ohh yea e-mail me at ...plleeasee just for the entertainment :)
17 Jul 2001 Christian please stop mentioning god... and stop mentioning "not killing yourself".. read the topic question... I am still thinking about the most interesting mixture of drugs you could take to have the most interesting death, and by interesting, i mean to you, YOU, not anyone else, AND guarantee that these mixture would end up killing you. mhmm acid, x, smoke some bud while waiting for the others to kick in... i really don't know much about peyotl, ketamine, heroin or coke. ah, some shroom tea. but please, if anybody has any suggestions or ideas, speak. I suppose get as much acid as possible, just keep on licking a sheet, and an overdose does not guarantee death, and i really think pyschosis would interest many people, it's not death, but it's a different world of existence and reality, which i would really like to at least experience.
16 Jul 2001 Alice Well, here in Wonderland it's very easy to end the game...
My final task would be to take as many rattlebrains with me as possible, so this would be the self-evident;
Fill my bra and push-up panties with dynamite, go to a Blitney Swears concert, stand in the centre of the jumping and screaming teenybopping teenyboppers, and push the red button during the last song... awwww... how sweet, this pain would be...
16 Jul 2001 Nikia Swallowing househole chemicals.
15 Jul 2001 Joshua Jump off the overpass, and right in traffic on the highway.
15 Jul 2001 Les I've been thinking about this for a very long time, just haven't had the courage to do this yet. I want to die but sometimes good things happen to make me want to live. One of the cleanest, cheapest and quickest ways to commit suicide would be to climb a tree and hang yourself with a rope. I'm Guessing that your fall would have to be at least six feet so that your neck would snap. If you don't break your neck in the fall you may experience brief pain until suffocation occurs. The hardest part is getting the courage to even do it in the first place.
15 Jul 2001 sujit shrikant niphadkar I am 23 years old young man. i desparately want to die. Please help me.
15 Jul 2001 crazy J include a gallon of gasoline to poor over yourself and include your favorite brand of smokes and a lighter
15 Jul 2001 Ryan Mottet i wanna DIE!!!
15 Jul 2001 nicole od on drugs or pills/slit wrists
14 Jul 2001 devil from hell dudez, if u wanna try something new, u gotta check this out. first, u put some make up on, then hang urself and pretend dead. make irritating noises, scream or shout. then when someone enters, hand urself and try ur best to talk. next grab a knife and cut ur throat! :)
14 Jul 2001 jason you cannot kill yourself until you are 13 or older. Once you reach the provisional age of 13 - you may only do so on Friday the 13th. If that should happen during your thirteenth year - you may only do so by visiting 13 churches of Catholic sanction - and you must divulge thirteen sins to each of these 13 churches. Upon the admission of your one hundred and sixty-ninth sin - if found truly unworthy of life - you will be consumed by caustic fires that radiate from your heart and consume you into a pithy blither of ash.
This is the only way.
13 Jul 2001 wolfheart i'm not 13 anymore maybe i can be your grandfather if i say my age here hehe , but anyway yea i think in suicide everynight since I was 10 when a terrible thing happened to me. but i dont know, i see all this page full of little children asking for comprehension and say i'm god what the hell am i doing thinking those things? i know the world sucks and we have been really damaged from inside, but you see what? we are not guilty, and we are innocent about all we have done, we deserve to pardon ourselves .... maybe a little more, and could met another great person who can give us a smile again. i understand we are thinking in suicide cause we were hurt by the people we trust but believe me, there is a lot of good people who loves and cares about us, no matter what we have done. If you haven't met this person, it will come later but it will come. i'm still waiting for this person, it can be a girl, but for the moment i keep myself alive painting and expressing all the pain i have, all my desires to die are in a fucking canvas. music is sometimes a rest for my disturbed mind. i know i'm nothing to tell you what to do whith your freedom, even God respects your freedom when alive. you can be already dead withouth being if you are living a crazy life. Anyway, the reason of my message is a shout of help between the same suicidals.
Don't be afraid anymore.
12 Jul 2001 ..... making a webpage about some suicide kit instead of playing outside...
12 Jul 2001 WhyBother Was surfing on suicide topics and found this site. I don't know about kids... I'm 37 and about to do it. I know just how I'm gonna do it. I want my family to claim on the insurance money but I know that insurance does not payout for suicide, so... here is the plan. Get into the car... ride on a small two lane road near my house. Oncoming traffic is mostly large 18 wheelers travelling at about 40mph. Get up to high speed and "loose control" veering into an 18wheeler at 65mph - head on - combined speed should be in excess of 100mph. The truck driver will be OK given the size of his truck and his height above the accident ... Death should be instant ... family still gets the money and they don't have to deal with the fact that I killed myself. They will think it was an accident.

It will all be over in a few days from now.

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