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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Oct 2001 emily I love to burn myself, and break a glass and slice open my legs so no one can see, that way people don't think I'm looking for pity. Fuck them all. I also use a razor, I've slit my wrists too. I've tried to kill myself twice. I overdosed on tylenol (which will intoxicate you liver and kill you) then I tried to hang myself, but I passed out and the cord broke. I carved a star on my stomach, all my friends from the hospital did. I went to the hospital twice. Fuck all those therapists and counselors, they don't know a fucking thing. Someday i will do it, and then everyone will be sorry. Everyone in the fucking messed up world. I AM GOING TO HELL, AND I'M SAVING ALL THOSE FUCKERS A SEAT!!!!
I have no one to talk to that knows what it's like. no one understands, they all think you need pills stuffed down your throat and everything will be fine. But it's not. I wanna die, I can't take this shit anymore, no one even cares i exist anymore.
19 Oct 2001 Tanna I dont know what the best way to kill yourself is, a gun i suppose but i live in the uk so it's a lot harder to get one. I'm 18, i tried to hang myself when i was about 9, and took an overdose about a month ago, swallowed a bottle of paracetamol but it didn't work, i'm still here and nobody even knows i tried. I don't condemn suicide or advise it, if you can fix it, fix it!
But my reasons are different to most. Not only has my life been more fucked up than any movie, i think i'm crazy and have been ever since i was born although nobody would know. I have two choices: admit myself to phychiatric hospital and destroy my family, or end my life and destroy my family, so i'm taking the best way for me. At least then they will all get over it and can move on. I don't want pain and i ain't got the guts to slit my wrists or anything like that so i went to the dr told him i haven't been able to sleep for 6 months and got some sleeping tablets, figured sleeping tablets and a bottle of vodka might work and shouldn't be too painful i hope. Well i ain't what you're thinking right now. I was one of the most popular people in the school had more friends than Richard Bransons got money, but what's the point, what can i do? I've never been truly happy except when i fell in love but I'm so messed up I slept with her best friend, then managed to fix it and did it again, i did this 4 times before she wouldn't take me back. So anyway, sorry to waffle the vodka is kickin in... Hopefully I wont be here to write again my theory. Life is long term pain - death is short term, i know what i choose! But again, if you people reading this are thinking of suicide try every option first, death is a last resort. And it hurts, trust me i can feel it now, feels like i've drunk acid and my insides are eating themselves i got to go lay down - god i'm having second thoughts... fuck it I'm gone, it's too late for me, someone give me a gun this is more painful than i expected.. fuck it, bye
18 Oct 2001 Ashley listening to Britney Spears music 24 hours a day
18 Oct 2001 Jason trying to act like Britney Spears
Or,having anal sex with Asia Carrera
18 Oct 2001 Kal Razors, you can slit your wrists. It hurts, but it's dangerous.
17 Oct 2001 craig milner cut your dick in half then put vinegar on it have a knife in your hand with the pain of this you will cut of your dick and die of blood loss
17 Oct 2001 nicole Fall in love. Eventually you will die of loneliness. It's not the quickest suicide, as it may last the rest of your life, but it's surefire.
*NOTE* is also good for career suicide.
17 Oct 2001 mesexymomma eat lots of pink twinkies while jumping off your momma's knee.
15 Oct 2001 FRED DURST cut the sides of ur mouth and the whole of ur body with a pen knife. Then jump into a bath of salt water. Feel the consequences as ur mouth splits open!!!! HAVE A FUN TIME ESPECIALLY WITH M8'S.

15 Oct 2001 The Voice I forgot to add something to my message. Who in the fuck wants to help kill 13 year olds, ya sick fucks?
15 Oct 2001 The Voice Okay let me get this straight you want to kill yourself, you're stupid in the head you moron. Why in the fuck would you want to kill yourself? Morons, i bet you guys haven't even tried to find a fucking reason to try to live huh, shit i did. Ya some straight up fuckers talking 'bout how to kill yourself. Another thing if you're talking on how u want to kill yourself, it is just another way of getting someone to talk to you.
15 Oct 2001 aksel By trying to fly from a tall building.
14 Oct 2001 Pig Benis Well... there are many ways to kill yourself, but I suppose the best way to die is to live. If you are that depressed, become a musician, preferably a rock one. Write anger-ridden lyrics and make millions. Then you'll be happy. *sigh* I bet most of you aren't really depressed... just bored.
14 Oct 2001 rhatch join al-Qaeda and volunteer to crash a plane into a building, no one will suspect if you are under 13
14 Oct 2001 germaine to whomever posted this msg :

thank you

because ur idiotic post was answered with a bunch of good thoughts about not commit suicide now i can get my essay done.

thanks everyone
14 Oct 2001 Berrie Go to one of those meat factories at night when it's closed. Set up a hidden camera, and write on the tape "Not to be watched, just broadcasted on nation T.V in 1 month." Then go and lay in the sausage meat shredder machine thing.
At this point take an extremly large amount of pills. (So you die)

Then, if all goes to plan, they'll watch the video and a lot of people won't be feelin' to good!
13 Oct 2001 dom letting yourself age old, that'll kill you!
13 Oct 2001 Jed....really, no, really Since you're talking about a toy for children, I would suggest that the box should contain numerous bottles full of brightly colored liquids (non-toxic, of course) with labels like cyanide, arsenic, propylene glycol (this one should be a brilliant green), etc. Also in the kit should be several bottles of small pills (made of sugar), 2 or 3 razor blades (rubber ones), a hangman's noose (also made of rubber), a small map with instructions on how to get to the observation deck of the Empire State Building (this should be erroneous), automobile jumper cables (fake ones) for electrocuting oneself, and, of course, a large (plastic) rock with a pair of handcuffs attached to it by a large eyebolt (instructions to use in a deep body of water should be included). Because this would be a fairly big box, it should only be marketed to the really large-scale toy retailers, and the box should have a warning along the lines of: do not purchase for children who are already getting ideas, unless, of course, you hate them.
Alternately, you could LABEL the various chemicals and pills non-toxic, while in fact they are exactly what they claim to be... I would not suggest this for more than one box in every 30 or so.
Of course, if you just want ideas on how you could kill yourself, and not several thousand small children, you could email me...
13 Oct 2001 Alyssa Everyone on here has the same suggestions.... u think drugs are gonna kill ya. That takes too long. Use yer imagination. Suicide is stupid, But If yer gonna kill yerself, be creative about it @least. Go to a near by deep lake or ocean.... something @least 15-20 feet deep. Preferably something with a cliff or dock... Get some duck tape. Tape yer mouth shut. Then take a huge cement block and tie it around yer feet tightly. Then tie yer hands together tightly. Then roll yerself off the dock er whateva... then u will sink to the bottom... U will prolly panic for a few seconds.... but don't, coz that will just make it worse. Each breath thru yer nose will become shorter and more harder to do... as yer lungs fill with water... then u will slowly slip into unconsiousness. I have more suggestions... but I don't feel like writing them all. Hmm... I have to say that I thought of a pretty good idea compared to some ppl's answers, and I'm not even suicidal. hehe.

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