Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Oct 2001 Fred Durst U gotta slit ur throat + feel the swoon. coz if ur 555 then im 666! wots it like 2 b a heretic??????
29 Oct 2001 Ben Dylan There's no point in discussing it.

Things tend to resolve themselves in ways no-one can prepare for... preparation in its fullest most comprehensive and meaningfully cohesive "sense."

Get real!
29 Oct 2001 Anne Thrax lie about your age and join the fucking army.
29 Oct 2001 firehead Well... I have something to say. I'm sick and tired of all the people that write to say that they hate this website... if you hate it... GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. Thanks... Ohh, and you can kill yourself by drinking some acid or something... It tastes sweet but at the end it hurts a fucking lot.
28 Oct 2001 Mike i'm considering suiciding in the next week or so i got 3 ways in mind
1) drink about 2 - 3 of cough syrup
2) cover your mouth and nose with tape and then cuff ur hands behind u to a chair or bed post
3) break a battery and pour the stuff inside into a drink and drink it
26 Oct 2001 Kid Ying I would like to ask a question to all of the people who come here saying that people who are or were suicidal are "sick fucks" or "messed up in the head".
Do you think telling then that is actually going to KEEP them from commiting suicide and feel better about themselves?
If you have never been suicidal then what are you doing on a site like this in the first place? Are you in denial and want to look "cool". Do you think the whole thing is a joke since you have never been there? Or are you just prejudiced against people with emotional problems? Narrow mindedly thinking they are all psychos and murderers?
Offer help. Not a flame. I think you are pretty sick fucks myself to just lok up suicide and death for no reason at all. What the fuck in on your mind all day? Huh?
And no I do not think the Mouchette on this site in a real person. Just a creative webmaster seeking attention. But I don't blame him or her for anything. You can put anything you want on the net.
I bet I can look on this site next week and see some more "holier than thou" bullshit. If you hate this site guys then why do you look at porn? In SOME people's opinion it's sick. disgusting and uncalled for. And girls why do I see so many msg boards have strings of posts talking about their fantasies of what they would do with their favorite movie star?
No one made any of you Judge jury and executioner, we all have our problem and this just happened to have been one of mine years ago. Call me crazy whatever the hell you want, but then look at yourself if you aren't the pinnacle of perfection, then all then shit you are talking is falling right back in your mouth. Eat it.

One more note to all the serious inquirers here. Respond to this:
A child molester who rapes little girls or boys in the United States gets 2-4 years in jail and a professional psychiatrist paid for by the goverment no matter how many times he/she has done it.
A suicidal person in the United States who tries to kill themselves on any more than one occcasion gets locked in a maximum security Mental Institution, for 3 years -LIFE, All depending if the Doctor feels you are ready to get out or not.
Do you think this is fair or not?
24 Oct 2001 FIrehead Its easy. Call your neighbor and tell him you´re fucking his wife.
24 Oct 2001 Jo i can't get out. pain is my sanity. all i think about is death and that's all i want. i cut myself i like it and scares me. i haven't attempted anything yet, i'm too weak but that doesn't mean i won't. i don't cry, i dont grieve i seem normal. suicide seems a pleasant way out
23 Oct 2001 IndoChine All I can say is this: I tried to end my own life when I was very young...12, 13, 14.... and thought of it all the time for a long time... I am 20 now and relatively happy, content, glad to have lived through all that pain and turmoil. I wish I could hold and heal and comfort every single one of you who has contemplated suicide. I know what a lonely place it is, the anger and the frustration and the pain... I wish I could look you all in the eyes and tell you how much I care about your well being. I wanted to email you each individually, but I couldn't, so instead I'm offering what quite a few others here have offered: email me if you ever want someone to talk to. I'll respond to anyone who writes. I only wish I could save you from the circumstances that have brought you to the edge of life... I sincerely love you all right now because I have been you... if you need me, write. or
23 Oct 2001 Consummate Cutter For all you out there that are "so disgusted by this website" well FUCK YOU! You can maybe in a small way understand, but it doesn't go away, no pills or anything makes it go away, it will always be there. And besides, most of the time it isn't just the mind, it's the fucking bastards that jeer at us, and that we can not escape. WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKERS: YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WORLD! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THOSE LOOKS, THOSE REMARKS, THOSE FUCKING CUNTS THAT ARE ONLY IN THIS WORLD TO GET UNDER YOUR SKIN AND RIP AT YOUR SOUL. So fuck you fuck you fuck you. Everybody has their own story, and you can't just step in and expect there to always be a way out, because most of the time there isn't. NO MATTER WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS THE FEELING IS THERE, AND THOSE PEOPLE ARE THERE. IT IS WHAT GOD HAS BURDENED US WITH SO THAT IN THE END, WHO EVER IS LEFT STANDING GETS THE REWARD. WELL SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU BUT WE'RE A LOT WEAKER THAN YOU COULD EVER COMPREHEND. SO JUST GET ON WITH YOUR PETITIONS AND CRUSADES, BUT YOU NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. You can't change the world, you can't make them care, you just can't and leave us the fuck alone, just go away.
22 Oct 2001 Paco Eat Comet.
22 Oct 2001 thommie i'm not sure, hanging is not the one i can say. i tried that.. your muscles will spasm it's not nice at all, i think that it must be done quíck and painless, someone said that to inject carbonated water with kill you in a nano second (heart explodes), but i CAN'T say if that really works that fast, bullet in the head is probably the best one, myself i will go for the razor, remember one thing though, dying by bleeding really suffocates you (the blood carries the air to the body) and you feel freeze, my tip is to sit in a tub with very hot water, it will prevent the blood to dry up and stop the bleeding.
22 Oct 2001 Richard Smead Go buy a lot of dangerous fireworks, shove a fire work into every part of your pathetic body, drench yourself in gasoline, and take a match and a gun, walk into a kmart or some big store, then tell all the check out stands to pour the money at your feet kiss the money good bye, and light the match, and let your body parts fly all over the store, in wonderful memory of yourself. And waste all that fuckin money, just to make 'em mad.
Oh, and if you read this and you know richard smead, go tell him he tastes like a rotting carcass, and he's a terrible kisser, and he is not funny, and that his jokes are poor excuses of bad character.... and he's #1 on my hit list. he is and so r u if your still reading, ya fucker.
21 Oct 2001 sausage thong wong some people are sooooooooo serious about this! what the hell! i think i go kill myself by being on the net and not eat thereby starving myself like those lovely afghan kids. give me one month cause i'm a chubby chubster, it'll take a long time for me to digest me.:)
21 Oct 2001 jackass you people shouldn't give such stupid advices, advices should be given by someone who actually succeeded in suiciding.

and since it's not possible for someone who suceeded suiciding to give an advice on how to do it, this site seems meaningless
20 Oct 2001 *crazy_cutter* -slit your wrists
-hang yourself
-suffocate yourself
-jump off building or cliff
20 Oct 2001 Cocoblue Etre adulte trop tôt

L'enfant est étonné, l'adulte fermé et désabusé (très triste) (en fait il est aveugle et un peu fou, seul dans le monde qu'il s'est bloqué par sa vision limitée et a-priorisé des choses)

Ton suicide est une mauvaise idée: ca fait très mal et quand on regrette c'est trop tard (horrible)

Reste un enfant toute ta vie (ça n'empèche pas le suicide, je te le confirme), mais cela te permet d'être un ange (très agréable) et d'être ethérique (assez agréable aussi) (on flotte de choses en choses [rêves] tout au long de sa vie, et elle est alors merveilleuse de situations et de chance) Va voir "Amelie Poulain": la petite fille se crée un monde pour ne pas avoir affaire à l'extérieur.

Tu es spéciale, j'ai remarqué :)
Mmmh, je pense que tu as fait le tour de la question; un truc quand même: si tu es sérieuse, sache qu'au moment du passage à l'acte, ce n'est jamais pareil que lorsque tu désires ta mort (l'instinct de survie je pense).

Ps: obrigada qd on est une femme
20 Oct 2001   I cry looking at all of you, because I'm the same, and I thought i was the only one in this world that cries all the time, and has no friends, and boys reject me, i don't know why... I can't take it any more, i don't want anymore prozac, take it away, take me away from this place, please i want to be with all of you, i want to run away with you and hug you, and be with people who will look at my scars and tell me it's alright and quit bitching at me. I need to be with all of you, I can't take this life I'm living. help me. Find me and we'll run away from this fucked up shit, and show the world who we are, and that we don't want to be treated this way anymore, go to war with all those fucking bastards that keep kicking me in the head while they force me to lick there boots. They think that they're so smart and wonderful. Just kill them. goodbye.
20 Oct 2001 Sarah I wanted some serious answers here but there's only people being dumb. We can't get guns here so it's a bit hard and the only form of drugs people can buy at my age are vitamin C and stuff. I don't have a life insurance i dont think so if i died now i'd feel like it was a waste for my family to spend money on me for 16 years. I don't know. I'm not angry at anyone. I wish there was an easy was to die. I came here for a real answer. I have a job now so i'm saving up enough money for a coffin and flowers and things so my parents won't have to fork out for them then I'll be able to do it without guilt. If anyone's in South Ganorville on 18-24 of october 2001, check in the paper for a Sarah W. Bye everyone!

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