Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Sep 2001 Emily Reeve Just like a fake handgun. That way one can get the feel of committing suicide without actually doing it. Maybe a noose that snaps open once it feels a jerk? Pills that make you feel really wierd and think you're going to die, but don't really kill you? Teenage pregnancy?
24 Sep 2001 Slittinmythroat First of all I just have to say to those people who tell you not to commit sucide because "too many people care about you", that's all a bunch of bullshit. Nobody fucking cares except maybe a few people, mommys and daddys. They'll get over it eventually. If you really want to commit sucide then go for it, and good luck!
24 Sep 2001 bludmudder First you will need to get a fire hose. Lube it up and ram the business end of that motherfucker all the way up your ass. When it won't go any further you will need to shove it in some more (an understanding friend may be able to assist you). I suggest getting some strong adhesive tape and wrap your body in it to secure the hose. Next, find a fire hidrant near on a busy street with a lot of people around. Hook up that badboy and open the flood gates. Now SCREAM! Tell everyone how much your life sucks! Tell them! Scream at the heavens! SCREAM! Tell God why you have a fire hose up your ass! Tell him! It would be a good idea to have your middle fingers flailing in the air. I'm not really sure if this will kill you, but if you live you will have a new found love of life; you will now be stronger than anybody else in this cruel world (not to mention very clean passages). A new perspective, and a wide asshole.
23 Sep 2001 some one who loves their child I think this is a dumb stupid thing very idiotic on your part. Kids have enough problems nowadays with things without you having something like this for them to find>>>YOU ARE STUPID & UNHEARTFELT
23 Sep 2001 randy you could get a hose and put one end of it in the tail pipe of a car and then put the other end of the hose into the window of the car and that should work because that's they way my father killed himself. i don't think that slitting your wrist is that good of a way to kill yourself because it hurts a lot and if you don't die u will still feel the pain for a couple of days. but if ur going to slit your wrist i think that you should cut straight down from the palm of your hand to how ever far u think that u should cut it and then put ur bluddy wrist into a basin of water so it will stop the blood from clogging.
23 Sep 2001 randy you can drink cleaning solution or bleach
23 Sep 2001 John I want to die. I can't take this world anymore. I want to escape. The only places I can go are Japan, or death. Should I take a whole lotta asprin? Should I jump off a building? I'm only 14, I don't have acces to guns. And I don't want to die painfully. I love Japan, I want to flea to Japan and kill myself there, in the quiet Nara countryside. Or maybe atop Tokyo Tower. Please, someone help me, I don't know what to do. Everything makes me cry, and I don't want to cry anymore. Fuck, the tears are rolling again. What should I do? Where do I get sleeping pills? oh god help me please. I don't want to go back to school. I want to kill myself before then. Or get away to Japan before Monday. HELP ME PLEASE. Please talk to me. please
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22 Sep 2001 rachel Stuff a teddy bear down your throat.
20 Sep 2001 g.ouf une corde qui craque au dernier moment
20 Sep 2001 Cornbread Wanna know how to kill yourself?... live my life
20 Sep 2001 nooneyouknow_11 I have thought of it several times myself, I have heard from a nurse that taking several tylenol's will kill the kidneys. If that happens you should die in a few days. She said that the person that did that was cheery and happy sitting up in a hospital bed until the day she died.
20 Sep 2001 UNCLE SAM i wanted to kill myself, but suicide is a cowards way out. It is a permanent answer to an temperary problem. BE STRONG!
19 Sep 2001 Jamie I've been thinking about it on & off for about 6 yrs now and have decided to go ahead with it. If anybody out there wants a suicide companion then please give me an E-mail and we can go ahead with it together.
19 Sep 2001 your mom Stab yourself in the face
19 Sep 2001 JP Drink some etholine glycol (better known as anti=freeze) It is green, sweet and it is deadly... If it is death you want... chug back a litre or two of this shit
18 Sep 2001 Cez I have tried suicide 2wce in the last week. The 1st time i tried 2 slash my wrists but i lost my decent blade a long time ago so i used my bluntish 1 which i draggd down a wall when i was angry. The 2nd time was a few days l8r i took 10 paracetamol cos sum1 told me that's all it took but nothing happened. i got drowsy felt sik and had stomach pains. it nearly worked i guess. i recommend taking 15. if any1 wants 2 reply 2 me which i doubt, put an entry on this site cos my email account is bust xxxxxxx ;-)
18 Sep 2001 EMINEM is fucking God If u're a dumbass saying suicide is stupid, get the fuck out of this wesbite, hoe.
18 Sep 2001 eminem is God O,MG! this site is fucking hilarious. thanx 4 the suggestions, dues, but i'm pretty sure hair dryer in the bath tub is the best & quickest 7 not 2 nasty, u know? well, that's how i'm doin' it. if u do it naked, good job, now ur parents r gonna c u naked when they discover u naked. hey, do it if u want. lol @ the meat & starved wolves wolverines, etc. where the hell would we get suhm starving 1s?!?!?!?!?!?!?
18 Sep 2001 DROOGIE Just come over to my house and I will beat you over the head with a claw hammer until your brains come out
18 Sep 2001 firehead Go to New York city... jump off the Twin Tower B of the World Trace Center.... oh, I forgot... they're GONE!!!!

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