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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Aug 2001 kAt go into your garage, douse it in gasoline, make a noose, hang it in the middle of your garage, mix draino and chlorax in a bottle and set in on the chair under the noose, get a big knife too, put your head through the noose and strike the match and throw it to the furthest corner quickly, cut your wrists and at the last minute drink the draino/chlorax, don't worry youll fall of the chair. byebye
25 Aug 2001 BItch sit on a toilet seat full of poo and breathe in the smell
25 Aug 2001 Just Me Carbon Monoxide... crank up your car in the garage and sleep your troubles away.
25 Aug 2001 jerry get the gun of your father then put it in your mouth then trigger it i'm sure you'll die and never breath anymore... if your father don't have a gun then, go to a 25 floor building and then jump.
25 Aug 2001 Alandar First of all, I just want to know why the "under 13" part has any effect at all and why the originator of the page put it on there. Second I just have a quote I made up to add.
"The leading cause of death is life"
Thank you, good day.
25 Aug 2001 Tina Jump of the balkony with your favourite toy in your hand-but check first that it's at least the third floor! (Apart from that it`s not worth it-too many things to miss!)
25 Aug 2001 bonig drink harmful fluids... raid the medicine cabinet
25 Aug 2001 Susie There are many ways to kill yourself. I am almost 13 and to tell you the truth I have tried to kill myself but my teacher told me that she loved my and made me tell her I wouldn't hurt myself. If you are under 13 or even under 15 and want to kill yourself e-mail me and we can talk. Please before it's to late.
25 Aug 2001 Dusty Give your life to the Lord, and your flesh will die, but your spirit will live.
25 Aug 2001 Jessica To cut yourself on the anckles. To get yourself hit by a car. Drink yourself until you get alcohol poisoning
25 Aug 2001 Carly take a knife and cut your wrist, then close the cut with peanut butter
25 Aug 2001 Warpt If your under 13 the best way to get yourself killed (with a big asshole in the end) is to go to the local park by your house and talk to that guy who stands by his car next to the fence watching you and your little buddies play. He will definitly rock your world and most likely when he's done fukkking you up the ass his life will be complete and he will end both of yours. Or you can just die the slow way by walking through a park with no shoes on until you step on a needle infected with HIV from some crackhead Cosby Kid. Either way, have fun kids
25 Aug 2001 victorya First of all, I wanna tell you all that I am 15. I cut my wrists 11 times. Nothing has happened apparently. I wanna die. But I don't think that you should try to kill yourself. Think about your family. Your friends. What would you do if you were to loose them? Please make a good decision. Bye.
25 Aug 2001 Susie There is no best way to kill yourself. You should wait untill it is your time to die. E-mail me if you want to kill yourself and we can talk.
25 Aug 2001 Paul Go into Detroit around 8 and Wisconsin, find a bunch of black dudes playing dice or something and scream "niggers" as loud as you can. It'll all be over in a few moments...
25 Aug 2001 Mr. Crazy filipino (wha wha wha what!!) first wear your nice clothes and make sure you are wearing clean underwear and then write a letter to your sorry ass parents and then drink all the cleaning solutions under the sink and then get a large ass knife and stab yourself a couple of times and if you can walk still lay in your bed. they'll fuckin think your just sleeping and they'll walk in your room five days later and smell the stench of your lifeless body and feel sorry for their sorry asses.
23 Aug 2001 LifeIsAwesome First of all, most of you underminded children haven't even reached puberty let alone even know what it's like to live! You think life sucks now, wait until you are grown up and raising a child on your own! What about going through a divorce, you children haven't even begun to live, take a walk with god, realize why you are here! After all he put you on this earth for a reason and obviously you are so damn inconsiderate to see that! Once you kill yourself, that's it!... You will NEVER be able to look down on your family, and when you do get to see them you will be looking up! Just because you died painfully, well that's nothing compared to what you will go through in hell! I guess you must want jagged rusty old razor blades and knived dragging across your soul... even though you are a spirit you can FEEL IT!!!!! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON.....

You children really have issues, I personally think you guys only want to die because you think it's "in and the cool thing to do". NOBODY will respect you for it, it's NOT funny or even cute, and little as you asshole know, insurance will NOT cover a suicide! So think of your family and how you want to be remembered! I had a VERY close friend of mine hang himself because he was going to go to jail for theft, so he got drunk and hung himself! The downside of that was me being one of the EMT's on call! I've seen things you guys only imagine about in your sick little minds, you can become and EMT-1 at age 16, but you need 125-150 hours of training! But wait a minute, why would you selfish children care about saving others! Just turn to god and ask for forgivness now and turn to him and learn to love! You guys have A LOT to learn and I found this retarded little site while looking up stuff on fake dental braces for a halloween costume! GROW UP!!! Life is soooo WORTH living!
22 Aug 2001 Anonymous Actually, that should have been the "5-second rule".
20 Aug 2001 Anonymous Jumping off something would be a good idea, but it has to be very tall. If you are jumping out of a window or off the roof of a building, make sure it is at least 8 or more stories tall and that you land on something hard such as concrete. If you are jumping off a cliff or other natural feature then you should be able to spit and have the spit fall for eight seconds or more. This rule of thumb I call the "8-second rule". If you fall for 8 seconds or more and land on something hard you will most definitely die. This is completely painless. As soon as you hit the ground you cease to live.

An even better way, though, would be to go skydiving. Jump out of the plane, and take off your parachute and throw it away. Turn yourself upside down and stiffen your arms and legs, so you are upside down doing a "pencil dive". This posture speeds you up so your skydiving instructor cannot save you.

If you are jumping off of something else such as a building or cliff, turn upside-down and at an angle so that you hit the ground with your neck and upper back. Happy falling!
20 Aug 2001   What's with everyone's attitude here. Doesn't it say above that this is meant as a TOY so you can PRETEND to kill yourself? Can't you self-rightous morons READ? Man, just mention the word "suicide" and watch a million peoples faces go blank as they mutter some inane platitude about how sacred life is and how it would hurt everyone else and how selfish you are and...


But, let's play devil's advocate, shall we..?

If you want to commit suicide, it's out of pain and the lack of hope that things will improve. Are you selfish to kill yourself without regard for how your family will feel? OR PERHAPS your family are the selfish ones for not being able to accept that you were subject to such a level of pain and hopelessness. Perhaps they're guilty of expecting you to soldier on despite a deep, overwhelming pain that's consuming you - a pain that, presumably, they are not subject to.

Perhaps suicide is a personal choice.

Oh yeah, best way? Carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn on car while still in garage. Go to sleep. Don't wake up.

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