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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Sep 2001 Lonely Guy Don't do it. It isn't worth it. Just hang on for awhile and seek help. Life can get better. Not matter what life throws at you, it can and will change for the better.
03 Sep 2001   Here's the answer... Wait a day, a week, a year. As a sufferer from major depression, I often deal with suicide thoughts. Often thinking about the pain for those you leave behind is enough to stop me from ever going beyond first base. Believe me when I was thirteen I had a pretty bad life. But not as bad as some. Abused as a child, learning disabled, and living in a bad home, I can sympathize with someone who might be contemplating it. Ultimately, though it's not worth it. I mean think about it. Your are a special person who has ever right to be here. One day you will be able to decide what your life is about and what you do with it. Right now there are many things opening up to one at 13. New friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, the onset of the teenage years, and of course your future. I am glad at 31, I am still on the this planet, even if I had at times not wished it so. Even if my life didn't turn out the way I might have liked it, I still consider myself very lucky to be here. So chill, stay around for a while, talk to someone like a friend or teacher, and if you really feel like you will try anything, talk to a suicide counselor at a hotline.
And here's some bad thoughts on it. I tried suicide once and nearly killed myself. No pun intended! Of course I ended up in an emergency room and stayed a few weeks on a psych ward. While not a terrible experience, I could have made more productive time wasted. Not only that I ended up reaping the rewards of 15,000 dollars in medical bills. Of course at 13 that might not be a criteria for not trying suicide. Besides causing horrible pain and suffering, you also might regret it yourself. Here's a more morbid thought.
When most people try to kill themselves, they usually take the action of attempting to finish themselves off only to suddenly realize what they have done. I had it happen to me. After jumping, taking pills, pulling a trigger, or swimming, many people, who have survived of course, tell of terrible feelings of remorse and terror of leaving loved ones behind. When faced with death in a litteral sense, one's depression and hatred of life suddenly fade away. Only the most important things in life remain. Your loved ones and friends. So just think about that.
Besides many people do survive their attempts and that is terrible in itself physically. While good that they didn't actually die, chances are that you might end up disabled for life. What to be blind? Paralyzed from the neck down? How about living on a respirator and life support? It happens a lot. At 13, you really don't want to spend the rest of your life in a bed, paralized.
Here's something else for thought. If you feel that people or family are terrible to you and you don't care what happens to them, you might think about the consequences still. After all if you find yourself in an extremely abusive situation at school or home, killing yourself means they win. Whoever it is, an abusive parent or school child.
So think about the future if the present does not seem livable. Think about yourself first, love. Or the fact that your life will change no matter what in profoundly wonderful ways in the next couple of years. At 18 you can do whatever and be whomever you want to be. While life won't be a bed of roses, you will be able to remove yourself from any negative situations and move on. Believe me no matter what your life will change to what you decide it can be. So hang in there.
In ending, don't be afraid to seek help. Counselors and therapists are not scary people. They are there to help you. And believe me, they have seen and heard it all. If you find yourself in need of medication, don't fret. These days antidepressants are much, much better than they used to be. I have taken them for some time and my life would be far worse without them. While I don't recommended overdoing it with them, they can aid the most desperate situations. And don't be afraid if you actually try to commit suicide but decide to change your mind then. You can. Don't be afraid of checking into the emergency room for help. It is never too late. Even if you have severely harmed yourself. It takes a lot and then some to kill the human body. You would be surprised how much a human body can heal. So try and get help from someone if even a friend or classmate, seek professional assistance if you are severely unwell, and don't be afraid to allow others to help heal yourself.
03 Sep 2001 Joe u guys are fuckin freaks! best way to do it is to just not do it, once u reach an older age of 18 then u'll know why it was best to not kill your self at age 13 coz age 18 kills u slowly with little pain!
03 Sep 2001 Raynil Well don't slit ur wrists or nothing. Cut the vein in the neck, that way u suffer less, ur heart stops, u get about 10 seconds to feel all the blood rushing away from your heart and the blood won't get to your head. It will hurt heaps once u cut the vein, but no pain, no more life......
02 Sep 2001 . The best way to kill yourself at any age is simple.First, and most importantly you need to decide if this is in fact what you and you alone want. Don't let anyone influence you on your decision.
Secondly, make sure you haven't left any loose ends. Write letters to everyone you have always wanted to say something to but were afraid!
Now,To get to the technical part of this letter. Go buy you two canisters CO2 at WAL-MART or K-MART or wherever. The ones you use for pellet and B-B guns. Now get you a trash bag and release the gas into the bag. Place the bag over your head and breathe deeply... night, night!
02 Sep 2001 Sharon First of all to all of you people who are indulging in this child's desire to end her life, you are completely digusting lowlifes. (and I would bet that if someone had cared about you when you were that young you wouldnt be so jaded and fucked up now, so why keep the cycle going?) To the person who asked the question: I completely understand that even 13 year olds can have serious problems in their lives that would warrant wanting to die, but I really wish you would reconsider. Please talk to an adult you can trust and try to remember that in five short years you can leave your environement and start a whole new life.
02 Sep 2001   y kill u'r self b4 u reach 13? that's like ending life b4 it's even bgun.
31 Aug 2001 RELIGION HATER Get your father's automatic caliber 50 machine gun...go to your local church on a major event. Call the cops in advance.

Kill as many christians as possible...But make sure you aim at painful spots. Make those disgusting fundamentalists who threatens about hell suffer utterly as they die.

Then the cops will surely come and try to stop you.

Don't bother at the cops. Just keep on shooting christians...

Then the cops will make quick work of you..

This is called suicide by cop...

However you can do something worthwhile and make your suicide meaningful by bringing as many bible stumping, hell threatening christians as possible.

AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Aug 2001 Andrew Lyons Yeah, but if you've actually read the comments I made, you'll realise that I really don't give a fuck.

So fuck you.

Fuck you and your fucking idealistic attitude. Fuck you and your horses. Fuck you and your cheese. Can't you see that the whole of humanity is fucking pointless? Can't you see that one of the reasons I want to die is because I'm fed up of dealing with bullshit from fucking ignorant cunts?

Fucking hell....

Oh, never mind Andy, you're just feeling a bit miserable because of the weather, never mind, it's just a phase you're going through....


Although, that said, there's only one person who's REALLY stopping me from killing myself, and that's my mother, because she is the only person who would possibly lose something over my death - all other people I know wouldn't really give a fuck. Guess I'll have to wait for her to pop off... you never know... cars can move pretty quick these days...

Fucking leave me alone.
30 Aug 2001 Benjamin For all the dignity that is embedded into your own being; the question is not whether or not we kill ourselves, because death is just a natural part of life. We all face death one way or another. The real question is "why?"
It is most reasonable to not give yourself over to death because there is no really good reason to do so... we cannot challenge this fact that death in and of itself has no meaning. Rather it is from the experience of life that we derive any meaning-purpose-transcendental reality-infinite dimensions of beingness and understanding... the truth is... death wouldn't exist without life. But life does not depend upon death inextricably as the case is the other way around. This means that life is the main central determinant of every dimension of death.
Now, why then end life wilfully? There is no good sound reason for it. There are on the other hand many sound reasons to live... reasons that are not always obvious to us.
Reason is not relative...
For instance, what about altruistic self-sacrifice? This is suicide isn't it? Wrong!
In this case... one doesn't end life for the sake of ending it... one has identified a purpose and meaning worthy of one's inalienable natural human dignity... the key word is.... worthy... worthy cannot be a relative concept... t is an absolute concept which exists in an infinite medium of values. The altruistic mindset is not devoid of a purpose and understanding worthy of its eternal dignity, the suicidal mindset is.
The suicidal mindset subjects us to believe that there is no value in life; that there is no purpose in life... the reality is that our mindset is of infinite value to GOD and has been conferred that value from GOD since our inception into existence as a creature on this planet. Indeed as surely as matter exists and cannot be said to not exist, our infinite dignity exists and cannot be devalued below itself. The suicidal mindset "attempts" to and "encourages" and "fools" an individual into thinking that our limits are what we perceive them to be at a certain point in our lives... the fact is that those are our own mistaken perceptions which do not alter the dignity we are conferred.
The only way we can alter this original condition of our existence; is for us to prefer the prospect of never having existed at all. This prospect is something we cannot imagine, but we can conceptually analyze and draw inevitable conclusions from. Picture this. You are a 2 year old child. You are placed in the center of a huge homogeneous sphere of iron the size of this planet we are sitting on right now. You are locked into the center and there is no way out. There is no light. No sound. You can't even breathe. The little space you are locked in is the size just enough to fit you into it, but there is no space to move in it. And lastly, you cannot even breathe, but you want to breathe, and you are suffocating in there with no room to move. No air to breathe, no light to see, no sound to hear... you exist in a permanent state of static existence. The iron sphere is just that... there is no artistic variation as we find on our planet... in other words, you know nothing... .existence...... think about this paradigm.... go over this several times..... then ponder what life is you have out there...... how many times you look out into the sky and take it for granted.... the sun that shines in splendorous shades as leaves change delicate colors.... the feelings you feel from your bodily senses...... think about existence in its humanistic dynamic state as every human being relates to it..... This is one description of existing and not existing.... moreover.... this is what it would imply to say that as the suicidal mindset flirts with..... .that there is no point worthwhile in life.
My friend, life is and you existed.... nothing can take away that "theotokos amor agape". Often I recall this static state of existence conceptually and realize then that life has meaning beyond our understanding..... this is infinitely the case..... it really is infinite...... as surely as our minds know that there is no limit to space......... no limit to GOD....... there is no limit to the dignity of our existence.
Even all those who commit suicide under the suicidal mindset.... even they cannot claim to not have existed...... death really is just a phase.... but life is the purpose of death. Life is the primary mode of existence..... in death there is no value... all meaning and dignity are in life...... even when life seems most unfair to us at times. We are all human beings, all of us...... we have existed on this planet and we have multiplied into the trillions... and every single
one of us has faced death and will face death...... however it may be......
I close with a thought: Even if we as human beings multiplied into eternity infinitely the universe being limitless.... would have infinitely more room for us..... the point is that there are no limits to existence... to our minds..... to our human dignity...... suicide falsely suggests it ever so underhandedly.
To anyone who has a mind this is clear..... only at times stresses of lifeoverwhelm us. Remember... even so...... nothing can destroy that eternal dignity intrinsic to our existence... to our life experience..... here we can say both forever truth shall prevail... never falsity may sustain itself.
29 Aug 2001 Azariel Abernathy A REAL suicide kit
I recently got to visit MassMoCA, or the Massachussets Museum of Contemporary Art. There, in an exibit on FLUXUS, an art movement that flourished and faded in the '60s and '70s. In one display case, there was a dark wooden box, labeled in in black paint as a Suicide kit. The contents included 2 shotgun shells, a razor blade wrapped in tissue paper, and best of all, a plug with a 2 conductor cord coming out of it. Attached to the cord were two alligator clips, one on each wire. In short, it was a finely crafted, well aged, autoelectrocution device! What fun...
29 Aug 2001 bloody blade One way to kill yourself is to mix nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and a little water. Then add glycerin. After it has reacted remove the extra acid. Then shake up the container and watch it create a huge explosion. (Congradulations, you just made nitro glycerin.)
29 Aug 2001 dvve help me
28 Aug 2001 Benjamin Well, because we all suffer "a lot". I cannot judge those people who commit suicide, who decide that there is no point in their personal existence from which they can derive any "meaningful" purpose and find some sense of permanent identity and greater cause worth living for.

The fact of the matter is, you fucks, that we are all human beings... too bad for those who damn others
to hell as if they need to do it. They shall receive what they so desire. The hell they amuse themselves with and
justify their hatred of is oppression in every form.... want to blow off my head yet? Well what a stupid question... read this far? well keep reading... we are all created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights!

Where the fuck does it say in any national document, that all of a sudden, we have no right to a life in pursuit of liberty and happiness... notice it says "pursuit"..that means that it has to be fought for and valued... if you value something ... anything... it should be your unalienable rights...

You fucks who I'd take to hell and wage eternal damnation battle in every dimension with to the point where all earthly suffering is a joke... Wilhelm Kaiser... Von Besseler, Von Bismarck, Kremmler Kluge... Eisenhower... Kamikazi..... Norman Shwarzkoff, 1918, 1943, 1953, 1965, that's just some basic major warfare..
Never mind the social justice issues, the social inequality issues, the accidental deaths, the crime and homicide, the
white collar corruption and corporate rape of the justice of the founding principles of this nation and the blood of the civil war dead... never the fuck mind right... well of course, you fuck... amputation.... what else? well... you're so good at talking suicide... why don't you go and "do it" you fucks. I don't need to point out the ones to whom I am talking... you know who I am talking to... all too fucking well..... well.....
You people who "think" suicide and try it... have been abused.. you've been fucked over so bad by everything... that you just don't know anymore... so you revert to suicide as a possible way out of this... many people have commited suicide and continue to do so... these are realities I have no control over... we are born into a condemned world... but the point of being born into a condemned world.. .is that nothing In the universe in its limitless nature... can ever deprive of the human being its dignity of "reason" even if we do kill ourselves... we are forever human beings with a purpose beyond our understanding...
The point furthermore is, that some of us... deny that purpose even though we come to know and understand it... this is hell!
Young children who commit suicide, which I completely oppose... the fucks who think that they should try it... I'd personally escort them to the hell they so desire... and then I'd introduce them to the parts of hell which they haven't explored yet... in fact... In hell I'd show them that the purpose of our inalienable dignity cannot be damned even when I'm in hell... you see... this eternal dignity which is conferred upon every crippled dying suffering son of a bitch in this world of existence, even in hell, cannot be overcome by hell... you see... it is our privilege as a creature of GOD... GOD who knowone knows completely... but many claim to talk to and experience... a bunch of bloated uncertain personal limited perspectives.
You see, Hell is nothing more than the stripping of that eternal dignity given to all of us... remember we "are" all created equal and endowed with our creator with certain unalienable rights. No-one can strip us of this dignity but... you guessed it... ourselves. In the end... it's not about giving to GOD... it's ALL about receiving from HIM.
You're not born into this fucked up world through your choice, nor do you leave it through your own choice... even the young people who commit suicide... the younger you are... the more you are innocent of any thing you do... even ending you're own life.
We older folks like to do crazy things like chop off pieces of our bodies and talk self-justification... don't mind us... because nothing we do has "ANY" authority to strip you of your unalienable rights... even those who choose to hurt and damage young children... those people have no power over you... none. Don't let them fool you into thinking that suicide is the best option... even though in suicide also... GOD who is much too great for anyone to know... has the final say... it's final.
For the fucks who think this is all fun. Well, let's just say that we do the talk, but never walk the walk. We laugh, but we will cry. We indulge, but we will agonize.
You kill, but you yourselves will suffer the ultimate of killings, you steal, but you shall be stripped of the greatest of possesions... your own unalienable rights... your very own self.
Nothing can replace you... nothing... and may Almighty God have mercy upon us... forgive us our sins... and bring us to everlasting life.
28 Aug 2001 Nick Harris Most people commit suicide cause there lives suck like shit or their girlfriend/boyfriend left them.
I have seen this done and it works and you die feeling happy.
1. Kidnap somone you think is hot and remove their clothes and then tie them to some railroad tracks.
2. Put earplugs in both of your ears so you won't hear the train on anything.
3. Take off your clothes and tie yourself on top of them.
4. Have sex with them before you get killed by the speeding train and you'll die happy.
Railroad tracks with a person or people on it
28 Aug 2001 kutzar not kill urself
26 Aug 2001 Andy I don't think your age matters when it comes to the best way of killing yourself. The best way is surely to get drunk and drugged up, and then shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun. I only haven't done this myself because I haven't been able to get hold of the drugs I would like. The drink is easy to get hold of, although the shotgun proved a bit more difficult to get. I'm waiting for some drugs, and I expect to be killing myself within the next week. i would let you know how I get on, but hopefull, if it all works, I will be dead and unable to tell you.
26 Aug 2001 Kevin For the sake of yourself, fuck everyone else, and take a nice vacation. You are loved and there are individuals who care about u.-- O' my Jesus forgive us of our sins save us from the fires of hell, lead ALL souls to Heaven, especially for the most needs of Thy Mercy.!--IF u need someone to hold on to the other end of the rope and pull u out, don't be afraid to talk to me or anyone else.--I love u!!!!!!!!!!All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 Aug 2001 rob I'm not saying it is alright to kill yourself, I'm here to help. I'm not a god believer, I'm just here to help and why the fuck would some sick people make a site like this? You are retards!!!!!!!!!!
25 Aug 2001 M.P.T DON'T try that stupid trick with the needle full of air. It hardly ever works. Air bubbles in a small syringe like the ones that you get at chemists etc, are not big enough to actually kill you at all. You would need a huge motherfucker of a syringe to actually die, if it even works. I have seen a chick shoot up an entire needle full of air and it did nothing.
If you dont wanna slit your wrists or shoot yourself (and who wants to take the risk or either ending up looking like an attention getting spaz with wrsit scars, or brain damaged from a bad shot) then just get as many painkillers as you can and take them with as much alcohol as possible. Heroin would be better as it is a great feeling, quick, painless and very easy to overdose and die quickly as long as you are not found too quick.

One other thing. Just make sure you really want to do it first. I mean if you are so special and so fucking pained and full of preteen angst, why not write, draw paint or do something creative at least first and get some of that tortured spirit into the world first.

Don't die without
-getting laid every way you ever wanted to
-taking all the best drugs you wanted to try
-saying all that stuff you were too gutless to say to everyone
-doing everything you wanted to but were too scared

hey if you're gonna die anyway soon, why the fuck not?????

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