Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Oct 2001 The Voice I forgot to add something to my message. Who in the fuck wants to help kill 13 year olds, ya sick fucks?
15 Oct 2001 The Voice Okay let me get this straight you want to kill yourself, you're stupid in the head you moron. Why in the fuck would you want to kill yourself? Morons, i bet you guys haven't even tried to find a fucking reason to try to live huh, shit i did. Ya some straight up fuckers talking 'bout how to kill yourself. Another thing if you're talking on how u want to kill yourself, it is just another way of getting someone to talk to you.
15 Oct 2001 aksel By trying to fly from a tall building.
14 Oct 2001 Pig Benis Well... there are many ways to kill yourself, but I suppose the best way to die is to live. If you are that depressed, become a musician, preferably a rock one. Write anger-ridden lyrics and make millions. Then you'll be happy. *sigh* I bet most of you aren't really depressed... just bored.
14 Oct 2001 rhatch join al-Qaeda and volunteer to crash a plane into a building, no one will suspect if you are under 13
14 Oct 2001 germaine to whomever posted this msg :

thank you

because ur idiotic post was answered with a bunch of good thoughts about not commit suicide now i can get my essay done.

thanks everyone
14 Oct 2001 Berrie Go to one of those meat factories at night when it's closed. Set up a hidden camera, and write on the tape "Not to be watched, just broadcasted on nation T.V in 1 month." Then go and lay in the sausage meat shredder machine thing.
At this point take an extremly large amount of pills. (So you die)

Then, if all goes to plan, they'll watch the video and a lot of people won't be feelin' to good!
13 Oct 2001 dom letting yourself age old, that'll kill you!
13 Oct 2001 Jed....really, no, really Since you're talking about a toy for children, I would suggest that the box should contain numerous bottles full of brightly colored liquids (non-toxic, of course) with labels like cyanide, arsenic, propylene glycol (this one should be a brilliant green), etc. Also in the kit should be several bottles of small pills (made of sugar), 2 or 3 razor blades (rubber ones), a hangman's noose (also made of rubber), a small map with instructions on how to get to the observation deck of the Empire State Building (this should be erroneous), automobile jumper cables (fake ones) for electrocuting oneself, and, of course, a large (plastic) rock with a pair of handcuffs attached to it by a large eyebolt (instructions to use in a deep body of water should be included). Because this would be a fairly big box, it should only be marketed to the really large-scale toy retailers, and the box should have a warning along the lines of: do not purchase for children who are already getting ideas, unless, of course, you hate them.
Alternately, you could LABEL the various chemicals and pills non-toxic, while in fact they are exactly what they claim to be... I would not suggest this for more than one box in every 30 or so.
Of course, if you just want ideas on how you could kill yourself, and not several thousand small children, you could email me...
13 Oct 2001 Alyssa Everyone on here has the same suggestions.... u think drugs are gonna kill ya. That takes too long. Use yer imagination. Suicide is stupid, But If yer gonna kill yerself, be creative about it @least. Go to a near by deep lake or ocean.... something @least 15-20 feet deep. Preferably something with a cliff or dock... Get some duck tape. Tape yer mouth shut. Then take a huge cement block and tie it around yer feet tightly. Then tie yer hands together tightly. Then roll yerself off the dock er whateva... then u will sink to the bottom... U will prolly panic for a few seconds.... but don't, coz that will just make it worse. Each breath thru yer nose will become shorter and more harder to do... as yer lungs fill with water... then u will slowly slip into unconsiousness. I have more suggestions... but I don't feel like writing them all. Hmm... I have to say that I thought of a pretty good idea compared to some ppl's answers, and I'm not even suicidal. hehe.
11 Oct 2001 Laguna Shove a vacuum pipe up your ass then turn it on then it will suck all your guts out.
11 Oct 2001 aLicE question, why the FUCK would you tell ppl online that you are going to die? I mean if you're fucking going to do then do it, i mean you don't care about life right? so why give you're goodbyes in a online posting?? 13 would be poisoning, because everyone would think it's an accident and its fun to find out what tastes like what...
09 Oct 2001 Fuck you all. I want to know how it it is that you dumb fucks who claim you will be dead in moments just *happened* to stumble upon this place in your last minute. You're not dying or suicidal. And if you decided to spend your last breaths on the internet, you probably are stupid enough to kill yourself.
09 Oct 2001 Kid Ying Well, first of all I have been depressed since I was say....12 or pretty close to there, maybe 11. This site is neither funny nor shocking. it's just another site to me.
I would like to say that as a 13 year old I thought about suicide constantly but never did it. Now that i look back on my teenage years spent in hospitals and different treatment centers at least 9 months out of every year, i sort of wish i did kill myself instead of seeking help. They both come to the same end for an adolescent: no life at all.
Everyone of your friends turn on you and call you crazy for being in a mental hospital. No one understands at all, you never get a girlfriend. What girl do you know want to date the Sucidal guy who is always depressed??
Don't go making any judgements, no i can'thelp the way I am and yes I DO take medication for it. This is me. 19 years old with a family that is afraid I may turn on them at any moment and no social life at all. I was never a kid when I was supposed to be and when I try to relive those years now it doesn't happen.....
A suicidal 13 year-old may be better off just doing instead of living the life I have. Which is none at all.
08 Oct 2001 Fucking shitty place this is huh? Death comes to us all, so why not sooner and stop the shit?
I been slagged my whole life either about my size, or my build. Most would say i'm fat but in fact i got a fairly big waist size and my shoulders are like a brick shithouse. Well i've tried to ignore it, fight back and even tried killing one person for it. Very nearly succeeded too! But anyway, pain has become pleasure to me too and for some reason i bring on all the trouble i can. I been told the weed is making me talk, piss aobut whatever else. But weed is my substitute for heaven i guess. Never believed in god or any other religion coz the way i see it is we are a fucking disease on the planet earth! I got some cool theories but not worth living for nor family. I got one decent friend the rest i just associate with......... SOMEONE FUCKING KILL ME!!
08 Oct 2001 ArtistBeenThere Hey, you can kill yourself anytime. Why not hang around for a few more years and see what happens. The way you can do this is: pharmaceuticals. Really. Antidepressants (Prozac, bla bla) can change your perceptions. It is worth a try. When you feel a little better you can make some art and otherwise annoy the world. Get a tatoo. Pierce your nose. Shave your head.
08 Oct 2001 majick people are saying 2 me, think of all the good things in your life, all i can say is: what good things? i am 13 and my life is fucked to the max, deal with it, some people r made 2 die young. the best way is lack of oxygen, suffocation etc. have fun!
08 Oct 2001 Feeling Better, thanks Doc! I feel terrible right now, but I know that things can only get better. Get this; I am good looking, have a University education, and think about "offing" myself daily since quitting my job, a close family member dying, and my fiancee becoming an ex fiancee (she was just a bitch anyhow), but I WILL NOT DO IT. Do not let the world win! Why? First, those who love you will freak. (YES THEY WILL) Secondly, those who dislike you will laugh. (FUCK THEM) Don't give them the opportunity to do so. If the pain is too great, it simply means that your pain has to decrease, or your coping mechanisms to cope with pain have to increase. Go see your doctor and tell him "I feel suicidal". He will do something to help you immediately, guaranteed. If he doesn't, fire him, he's incompetent, therefore go see another doctor. Don't surf the net, go see a doctor, a real HUMAN BEING.
07 Oct 2001 Jean Osinski Moi à dix ans, j'ai failli mourir. Je ne voulais pas me suicider mais quand j'y repense c'est un bon moyen. Il faut se rendre à la campagne, trouver une citerne d'eau vide (les petites sur roues que l'on voit près des fermes) et s'y glisser par l'ouverture du haut. Après on ferme le couvercle et on attend. On peu s'imaginer être dans un module spatial, une tourelle de char, un mini sous-marin. Doucement, l'air se raréfie. Devient inexistant. On s'endort. Pour longtemps.Très longtemps. Pour toujours.

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