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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Sep 2001 sal i think it would be interesting to try to overdose on nutmeg. the spice, nutmeg, can get you very high in small amounts, but claims are made that it can be fatal. Since i have never heard of anyone dying from ingesting nutmeg, i don't know if this claim is valid. But it would be worth a shot, cause if it didn't work, you'd just be really stoned. That canister of regular ground nutmeg in the spice cabinet should do nicely.
06 Sep 2001   get pregnant and your parents will do it for you.
06 Sep 2001 megabitch I wonder why some people even come into this site if they are so offended by it. They should just fucking buzz off if they don't like what's posted here instead of bitching their ass off. U don't know the pain, u fucking keep it zipped.
06 Sep 2001 By growing as old as you can. This always works. No one ever messes it up. It's usually over in less than a decade. Some people have gotten a lot of attention and symapthy this way. This also allows you plenty of time to change your mind. Insurance companies consider this type of suicide "natural causes" and can't refuse to pay.
05 Sep 2001 N/A IMO the best way of commiting suicide is drowning. They say you get the ultimate euphoria just before you die. Must feel great!
05 Sep 2001 jimmy Seek help, find something you're good at and then become successful. Live out your dreams and you won't want to kill yourself.
05 Sep 2001 the guy fawks method suppose you could always wait till the shops are selling fireworks... just quickly light a load of them and stick them in every hole you have (females have an advantage here obviously) and pretty soon you will probably have halved in weight and (unless you're very unlucky) be dead.
05 Sep 2001 help ok, i seriously would like to know how many painkillers it would take to kill yourself painlessly (and without ANY possibility of surviving with fucking liver failure or something), and do they really need to be taken with alcohol to be effective? What i'd really like is to somehow get hold of a handgrenade, 1. pull pin 2. trap it between your chest and your chin 3. wait no more than 5 seconds... i have a friend in the army but unfortunately i don't think he'd help me if he could.
05 Sep 2001 Raven the best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is get advil or aspirin or some other pain killer. go in your room down the whole bottle. go out of your room go downstairs and down a bottle of your favorite alcohol (i prefer vodka, irish cream liqour, amaretto, or anything really) and go back into your room. lock the door lay on your bed and wait. and you will die hopefully. but if you really want to die. do what i said and then go to a place where people won't find you until you are officially dead (3 days i think). because if they find you and you are in a coma then they can still pump your stomach and save your life. another way i found easy is slitting your wrists. what i do is i cut them across severing the veins then cut them down follow the veins. then get in a bath tub and do not move your wrists out because the water will make it so the cuts cannot heal. then after a while you will die. another common way is if your dad is a cop or if your dad has pistols and stuff etcetera... take one load it put it to your head and shoot. survival chances are slim to none. i know because a friend of mine did it. OH BY THE WAY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BULLSHIT AND SAY IT WILL GET BETTER YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG!! I AM 13 NOW AND I HAVE BEEN RAPED, STALKED, HAD TWO FRIENDS KILL THEMSELVES, MY GRANDAD DIE WHO I WAS REALLY CLOSE TO. IT DOESN'T GET BETTER!! FUCKING FACE IT!! I HAVE BEEN SUICIDAL EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER!
05 Sep 2001 Christine H. This site is really fucked up. I guess u just don't understand what kind of message ur sending to teens or children. I've been close to ending it and once. but I thought about my family, friends, and future. In the end I decided to take the right path. Just cuz life is bad doesn't mean u have to throw it away. Get help and think about all the ppl u'll hurt in the process. And don't even say that no one cares cuz some one out there does. Even if u don't think so. God has given u life. Why take such a precious gift away. AND U! :: POINTS TO SITES MAKER :: U NEED SOME SERIOUS FUCKING HELP! IF U MADE THIS SITE FOR A REASON, IT BETTER BE GOOD! I DON'T EVEN KNOW U, AND I HATE U MORE THAN U COULD EVER KNOW! DO U EVEN THINK ABOUT THE PPL THAT COULD ACUALLY TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY?! DO U THINK THIS IS SOME FUCKING JOKE! U DISGUST ME! :: gives look of pure hatred :: I DON'T EVEN NORMALLY HATE PPL I DON'T KNOW AND I FEEL SO MUCH ANGER AND HATE TOWARD U.
:: look softens :: And yet if feel sorry for u. May god save ur demented soul. I may feel sorry but I will NEVER forgive u. I just hope that God does.
04 Sep 2001 Heidi aka Spike you should o.d. on any kind of drug. i would be dead but i'm trying to figure out if i want to or not. anyone wants to help me e-mail me. but anyone who wants to die should if they feel like no one wants them around like me.
03 Sep 2001 Lonely Guy Don't do it. It isn't worth it. Just hang on for awhile and seek help. Life can get better. Not matter what life throws at you, it can and will change for the better.
03 Sep 2001   Here's the answer... Wait a day, a week, a year. As a sufferer from major depression, I often deal with suicide thoughts. Often thinking about the pain for those you leave behind is enough to stop me from ever going beyond first base. Believe me when I was thirteen I had a pretty bad life. But not as bad as some. Abused as a child, learning disabled, and living in a bad home, I can sympathize with someone who might be contemplating it. Ultimately, though it's not worth it. I mean think about it. Your are a special person who has ever right to be here. One day you will be able to decide what your life is about and what you do with it. Right now there are many things opening up to one at 13. New friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, the onset of the teenage years, and of course your future. I am glad at 31, I am still on the this planet, even if I had at times not wished it so. Even if my life didn't turn out the way I might have liked it, I still consider myself very lucky to be here. So chill, stay around for a while, talk to someone like a friend or teacher, and if you really feel like you will try anything, talk to a suicide counselor at a hotline.
And here's some bad thoughts on it. I tried suicide once and nearly killed myself. No pun intended! Of course I ended up in an emergency room and stayed a few weeks on a psych ward. While not a terrible experience, I could have made more productive time wasted. Not only that I ended up reaping the rewards of 15,000 dollars in medical bills. Of course at 13 that might not be a criteria for not trying suicide. Besides causing horrible pain and suffering, you also might regret it yourself. Here's a more morbid thought.
When most people try to kill themselves, they usually take the action of attempting to finish themselves off only to suddenly realize what they have done. I had it happen to me. After jumping, taking pills, pulling a trigger, or swimming, many people, who have survived of course, tell of terrible feelings of remorse and terror of leaving loved ones behind. When faced with death in a litteral sense, one's depression and hatred of life suddenly fade away. Only the most important things in life remain. Your loved ones and friends. So just think about that.
Besides many people do survive their attempts and that is terrible in itself physically. While good that they didn't actually die, chances are that you might end up disabled for life. What to be blind? Paralyzed from the neck down? How about living on a respirator and life support? It happens a lot. At 13, you really don't want to spend the rest of your life in a bed, paralized.
Here's something else for thought. If you feel that people or family are terrible to you and you don't care what happens to them, you might think about the consequences still. After all if you find yourself in an extremely abusive situation at school or home, killing yourself means they win. Whoever it is, an abusive parent or school child.
So think about the future if the present does not seem livable. Think about yourself first, love. Or the fact that your life will change no matter what in profoundly wonderful ways in the next couple of years. At 18 you can do whatever and be whomever you want to be. While life won't be a bed of roses, you will be able to remove yourself from any negative situations and move on. Believe me no matter what your life will change to what you decide it can be. So hang in there.
In ending, don't be afraid to seek help. Counselors and therapists are not scary people. They are there to help you. And believe me, they have seen and heard it all. If you find yourself in need of medication, don't fret. These days antidepressants are much, much better than they used to be. I have taken them for some time and my life would be far worse without them. While I don't recommended overdoing it with them, they can aid the most desperate situations. And don't be afraid if you actually try to commit suicide but decide to change your mind then. You can. Don't be afraid of checking into the emergency room for help. It is never too late. Even if you have severely harmed yourself. It takes a lot and then some to kill the human body. You would be surprised how much a human body can heal. So try and get help from someone if even a friend or classmate, seek professional assistance if you are severely unwell, and don't be afraid to allow others to help heal yourself.
03 Sep 2001 Joe u guys are fuckin freaks! best way to do it is to just not do it, once u reach an older age of 18 then u'll know why it was best to not kill your self at age 13 coz age 18 kills u slowly with little pain!
03 Sep 2001 Raynil Well don't slit ur wrists or nothing. Cut the vein in the neck, that way u suffer less, ur heart stops, u get about 10 seconds to feel all the blood rushing away from your heart and the blood won't get to your head. It will hurt heaps once u cut the vein, but no pain, no more life......
02 Sep 2001 . The best way to kill yourself at any age is simple.First, and most importantly you need to decide if this is in fact what you and you alone want. Don't let anyone influence you on your decision.
Secondly, make sure you haven't left any loose ends. Write letters to everyone you have always wanted to say something to but were afraid!
Now,To get to the technical part of this letter. Go buy you two canisters CO2 at WAL-MART or K-MART or wherever. The ones you use for pellet and B-B guns. Now get you a trash bag and release the gas into the bag. Place the bag over your head and breathe deeply... night, night!
02 Sep 2001 Sharon First of all to all of you people who are indulging in this child's desire to end her life, you are completely digusting lowlifes. (and I would bet that if someone had cared about you when you were that young you wouldnt be so jaded and fucked up now, so why keep the cycle going?) To the person who asked the question: I completely understand that even 13 year olds can have serious problems in their lives that would warrant wanting to die, but I really wish you would reconsider. Please talk to an adult you can trust and try to remember that in five short years you can leave your environement and start a whole new life.
02 Sep 2001   y kill u'r self b4 u reach 13? that's like ending life b4 it's even bgun.
31 Aug 2001 RELIGION HATER Get your father's automatic caliber 50 machine gun...go to your local church on a major event. Call the cops in advance.

Kill as many christians as possible...But make sure you aim at painful spots. Make those disgusting fundamentalists who threatens about hell suffer utterly as they die.

Then the cops will surely come and try to stop you.

Don't bother at the cops. Just keep on shooting christians...

Then the cops will make quick work of you..

This is called suicide by cop...

However you can do something worthwhile and make your suicide meaningful by bringing as many bible stumping, hell threatening christians as possible.

AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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