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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Mar 2011 sam i feel like shit my parents attack me verbally i have read through all these post and frankly each one of us feel our own deep least thats what i think .. and every time i see my parent i wish i was never born and that i could have been aborted..and i know im just lashing out but can any of you honestly teel me that you feel the exact same as me? well heres the thing if u were in my place then what would you do? cause if you say but on a tough mask and live through it then ur not were im at...
16 Mar 2011 gaga you dont kill your self.. because you wont go far by doing that... you have to learn how to solve your problems!!! and you are 13.. mature enough to understand life is precious.. and you better make most of it.. there are soooooooo many things out there that you should get to see and try out... such as going to paris.. going scuba diving.. and many more.. dont let anyone get to you.. learn from it.. and make the most out of it.. one day you will be glad u didnt.. the day you will have your own children.. dont do it.. only quitters and weak people take the easy way out.. and im positive you are not one of those... find a way to be independant and enjoy your life.. theres still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to learn
15 Mar 2011 Anonymous Theres no specific way to name whats a way to kill yourself when your under 13 yrs of age. People kill them selfs all kinds of ways, but at an age under 13, wow thats too young. When i saw this the first thing that popped in my head was my niece shes around this age and if i were to here this from her i will do anything to help her! Think about it your young and you have a whole life ahead of you! Your beautiful/handsome! Your a good person, everybody is! Doesnt matter who you are in my eyes everybody in this world is great we just go through things and all that leads us to this dont hurt yourself be happy your a great person and you know that deep down re-think this and trust me you will see that your too young to leave this world live your life please and like i said trust me everything your going through doesnt matter what age you are, everything will be ok if you need anything god is here for you! He loves you and wants you to be happy just like i do i dont like seeing people nor hearing people suffering.
15 Mar 2011 sarabaras my friend told methet if you do first comunion you are going to die. so, when did my first comunion i crossed my fingers an d i thought in the popemaking pop
15 Mar 2011 Maggie keysha Many people say they understand what we go through but they have no idea. I was sexually abused by my grandfather when i was 9, my family were only concerned about how this hurt them but not me, my grandmother even tried killing me... Ever since my life has been a mess, i started smoking, drinking and having sex, i hated being at home, it made me get more depressed, by the time i turned 15 i got pregnant i really loved my boyfriend a lot, he was always there for me i just felt a lot better with him... after 2 years we started fighting a lot and broke up, that really crushed me because he was not only my boyfriend but my best friend and i thought we could continue being friends coz i really needed him in my life but he started judging me and he hated me for no reason... everytime somethng happens no 1 ever defends me i feel really alone because everythng is always my fault i try to do everythng 2 make people happy but they keep on putting me down i have never been happy in my life, i never asked 2 be born. I hate my life... i wanna die but i feel like i wil make all these people who hate me happy... but again i really want end my life... because all the people i love the most let me down!
15 Mar 2011   Hi, my name is David Wincott. Here is my too cents ill be putting in. I am 15 my life is bad worst than most of you. Funny thing is im better than most of you. stop self pittying yourself and be poor me my lifes fucked up. If you really want to commit suicide do it then actually kill yourself jump of a builiding and no not one story maybe more lik 23 so when you fall you actually die. Funny i read some things here i found it humurous at pathetic attempts of suicide instead kill yourself if thats what you want. if you need help to get over your self pitty or eliminate suicdal thoughts email me or text me. or 623 340 8546. *note that i am not responsible for any actions taken place by a person if the choose to commit suicide
15 Mar 2011 Professeur_Jackmann Dans tous les cas, ne vous suicidez pas sur le r├ęseau de la RATP, ou bien veuillez accepter une restriction.

Pour en savoir plus, ├ęcoutez ma chanson
14 Mar 2011 Speedy Easy jump in front of a speeding car at your nearest busy intersection.
14 Mar 2011 marie i wish i would have.. i feel worthless. i feel raped. i feel abused... but i know someday in the future ill look back at this moment and laugh. i wont take my life because im not selfish enough to hurt those around me.
14 Mar 2011 justin suicide is rude, you end your problems knowing its going to cause others problems. Life is a bitch, and then you die, why shorten it, everyone has shitty times, some worse than others. but we all deal with shit. some things take longer than others to fade away, but eventually thought of suicide will go away if you want them too.
13 Mar 2011 hurt foreva I lost my boyfriend of 5 yrs to suicide to say 4 yrs later im still devastated and left with alot of what ifs you have no idea how my heart is and will always ache foor the person i loved soo much people think its a joke.... no its the hurt n pain within them to kill need to know the crushed feelings of those who lose someone to suicide it never never gos away pls think about it its not a fuckin game or joke sit back n seriously think that u r better than that n u r perfect jus
13 Mar 2011   When I needed you the most, you let me fall. You pushed me furthur. You tripped me and watched me falling helplessly into the depths of hell. You offered no hand. Yet I am still climbing out. I am the only one now, who can truly save myself. You have given up. The one person in the world I thought would always be there for me. No. You let me fall. You pushed me further.
13 Mar 2011 Livi i wanna die. ive tried twice, been locked in a mental hospital. can someone tell me how to do it fast?
13 Mar 2011 Sandy Lick the toilet bowl everymorning till u get rlyrly rly rly rly rly rlly sikk!
12 Mar 2011 unknown hi this is from an unknown depression started when i was the age of 11 i found out my mom was mad when she had me cuz i waz a boy. so my mom didnt want me.i have a 7 yearr old sister who gets treated the best.she acts so inocent around everybody but when shes around me she acts all mean and i had 2 FUCKING CLEAN THE FLOOR ON MY KNEES ,TAKE FUCKING TRASH OUT,WASH THE FUCKING CLOTHES,GET FUCKING SPANKED AND THEN SIT AND LOOK AT THE FUCKING WALL WITH MY FUCKING EYES WHILE MY SISTER WENT TO THE FUCKING MOVIES TO SEE FUCKING RANGO.THEN EVERYBODY ATE POPCORN WHILE I ATE DORITOS AND A SANDWICH,NOT TO METION THEY ATE CHINESE FOOD!WITH CHICKEN WINGS! i hold a knife up to me everyday,ready to get sliced and diced but someting always tells me no.on the school bus i get jumped,when i have bruises and swollen legs everyone thinks im faking.but ill just wait, wait 4 the time to come till i commit suicide, nothing can help me, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! :(
12 Mar 2011 jojo pull a david caradine lol
12 Mar 2011 poppy pants Tie yourself to a chair and fall into a pool
11 Mar 2011 Jane My name is Jane and my life sucks. My dad died when I was 7 and I am twelve right now.the boy aka my best friend Richmond is in love with my best fiend even though I am in love with him. I am not good in school and all my mom cares abou is grades I want to kill my self but I am scared
09 Mar 2011 caimacd-at-gmail btw, if you do want to talk my email is below in the name section.
i mean... about fucking anything.
08 Mar 2011 rattss taking lots of pills.

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