Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Sep 2001 depressed well I always found hanging yourself a good way of doing it cause once you knock the chair from underneath you, then there's no looking back. you might feel a small twitch in the end but at least you can't back out
29 Sep 2001 the REAL school firestarter I would think that the best way to kill yourself would be to jump off of a really tall skyscraper - like the empire state building or something of that nice height. It would be really neat to kill yourself like that because you would have a really pleasurable experience right b4 u die. And the odds of surviving a fall off of such a tall building would be, i think, a big fat ZERO. SO! if u r really serious about killing urself, i would recommend a REALLY tall building. If i lived in a city that even had tall buildings (my town is a hick town with old short brick buildings) then i would kill myself by jumping to my death, for certain. Bye y'all and take my advice. :) if u don't decide to do it, become a VEGETARIAN!!! it is healthy 4 U!!!
29 Sep 2001 disGrace i just wanted to say that even though i am suicidal... i still found your page to be pretty damn funny
28 Sep 2001 you don't need to know you ought to be ashamed for even trying to sell something like this!!! It's no wonder we have people flying planes into buildings. Your mom and dad must be real proud of you. You IDIOT!!
28 Sep 2001 I Got Shit i wish someone would tell me the answer to that. Actually i am 18, and i'm not sure of the best way to do it. No access to a gun, no guts to jump, and i don't wanna do it slowly and painfully. I'm looking at possibly 10 years in the slammer because of a girl who was the only thing that ever meant anything to me and now is gone. I've dropped out of school and have absolutely nothing to look forward to. So i really wanna get this over with. I guess the pills and alcohol sounds like the best way.
28 Sep 2001 andromedor find some lizards with little machine guns and make them watch really violent movies, then eat them when they are alive whilst you sit on the washing machine when it is on spin cycle!
27 Sep 2001 Martha read the article here:
You'll read why some ways are better then others
27 Sep 2001 DYzio Get on your motorbike (if you don't have one steal one) go full speed into a wall. Make sure you're going fast enough (at least 120mph or 180Kmh) to get a adrenaline effect. You won't feel a thing. I tried it, now I can't move .
GOOD LUCK !!! :(
27 Sep 2001 Usama Bin Laden Relatively simple, Stick your penis in a light socket. Shocking..
27 Sep 2001 Grandpa Chuckles One day when you're sitting in that 8th grade civics class that you don't want to be in, look over at that popular girl that you like. You know, the one you've been thinking about for months, but you're afraid to talk to. Take a long look at her, because you'll be dead soon. Once you've stared at her long enough for her to notice, and she gives you the look of disgust that you've grown accustomed to, the one that singlehandedly drove you to this self destruction, motion for her to continue looking at her. For some reason she will, and this mistake will haunt her for the rest of her life, since the image she will soon see will be you taking two already sharpened pencils, shoving them up into your nostrils, and then slamming your head down on the desk. Have fun, kids!
27 Sep 2001 Charlie Manson 1) dress up in an appropriately disturbing outfit, such as a school girl outfit or altar boy.
2)fix a hose end with a broomstick, and the other with a gas mask.
3)insert the broomstick in your ass, and place the gas mask on your face. as you become excited by the rectal intrusion, you will quickly use up the air in the mask, and pass out, make sure to duct tape the mask to your head as to prevent last minute changes of mind.
4)Drift off into oblivion
27 Sep 2001 Lee I dont usually come to places like this, and i was just intrigued. I find this place immoral and stupid.

I'm 19 years old, and in a few mins I will be dead. I've taken 36 painkillers.

My entire miserable life has been one evil pain after another. This is my revenge on everyone who has hurt me, maybe you will listen now.

I posted this address and message in several places, consider this my suicide note.

I have degrees in philosophy and sociology, decorated hacker in various platforms and operating systems. All this means SHIT.

This is not a waste, i'm worth nothing. 13 years old? pah, don't talk nonsense. as soon as the world hits you, you will wish you were in hell.

I have no family, no hope and no time.

I'll let you guess what my life has been like, but i'll give you this hint:

it's been the same as every other poor fucker.

time's up, i feel sleepy.

26 Sep 2001 Marie-Joelle I am sorry, but who ever made this website is fucking bummed. Why would someone want to end their life when it has just begun. You bastard! My best friend committed suicide and every day over 10 000 people commit suicide. DONT KILL YOURSELF!!! Not very smart.
26 Sep 2001 peter I hope that what i am about to say about myself will influence both me and others. For a few months now i have contemplated ending my life. One root cause of my feelings probably goes back 4 years ago or so. I am 18 now, and at the age of 13 or so I can remember being quite popular and happy but things certainly changed. I was cursed with a very spotty face shortly afterwards and what started as a few jokes turned into torment from my whole year that devastated my life. I lost my friends... and i mean all my friends, partly because my reactions to these comments always provoked further insult. I made two new friends with whom i spent the rest of my school years with... but never saw them out of school. They were as geeky as hell and I only hid myslef away with them at school to avoid the bullying. I finally got the spot situation sorted through many visits to the dermatologist. But I still left my school without any friends. When my complexion improved I began to notice that i started attracting some girls but hardly ever had the confidence to talk to them. In a strange kinda way I then got really self obsessed. In a recent car accident i became facially deformed and all hope that I had of finally becoming a popular person seemed completely gone... in fact there still remains no hope for me.
My parents do care for me and I have a loving family though. I can't bring myself to leave the house and reveal myself in public and if i could just switch myself off painlessly I wouldn't need a second to hesitate.
The only thing holding me back however is the fear of a painlful death and the fact that my family would not be able to cope for years. I still have no friends and have abondonned all hope of finding any. Of course anyone will look at you from the outside and think that suicide is the worst possible solution but their ignorance is shown by the fact that they feel they are in a position to judge. They clearly don't know how I feel. I smoke a lot of dope... about 3 or 4 joints a day but that doesn't add to my depression, neither does it make me happy. If it weren't for my family, who would be absolutely devasted if i committed suicide, I would go through with it. Damn... I am so undecided...why should I continue to suffer for their sake??
26 Sep 2001 GRRANGA goto afganistan sum1 will do the job 4 u
26 Sep 2001 GRRANGA become a hamas suicide bomber, except let the bomb off early!
26 Sep 2001 fucked up bitch THE BEST SUICIDE METHOD EVA!!!!!
Go to WEST KIRBY GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ENGLAND. Choose TEXTILES for GCSE or A-level (even better!!) and get Mrs William as the teacher. DIE A HORRIBLY, EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL DEATH!!!!!!!
26 Sep 2001 juraj kukoc Choke yourself with a bubble gum or have an overdose or kill yourself with a shotgun like Kurt Cobain (that is very cool)
26 Sep 2001 Anjula Ramirez Live my life and the options are very conspicous: ANYTHING! As long as it is relatively painless (hey I've suffered enough already) I wish there was an over -the -counter drug that ensured this type of death, that had "suicide" written all over it. *sigh* i can only dream.
25 Sep 2001 Angela please, anyone, if u are like me (HATE school, have no life, no friends, future, and just really wanna talk to someone like me) please email me at: cuz i would like to talk 2 some like me. THANX a bunch--- :)

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