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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jun 2001 barry ask your mother
25 Jun 2001 People How about not killiing yourself! God u people are sick! What kind of person makes a site like this? I think someone either a big mental problem or way to much time on their hands. I can't believe there is a site like this! Why would u want to kill yourself? I am probably going to die at an early age, probably in my 20's or 30's but it"s cause i have an Cystic Fibrosis. I would do anything to have a normal life time and people who have that opportunity are just throwing it all away and why, because life is tough? Get over it! And if your gonna kill yourself, don't expect everybody to feel sorry for you or anything, just think what would happen if u did kill yourself. Would it really be worth it? i wouldn't think so.
25 Jun 2001 Brady Okay I am not sure if this will work and so I'm just checking here first before I try it... Is this true: if you go in your garage (with the garage door down) and then you start your car and then just sit there and breathe the chemicals it will kill you?? I have heard this works so I am just asking to see if it does..
25 Jun 2001 Nate to everyone that says suicide is not the right answer, how would you know? Obviously you have never even been in a place where all you can think about is how worthless you are and all you want to be is numb. In the past year every girl i have ever loved has rejected me, even the ones that were my friends stopped all contact with me. My "friends" all ditched me for some reason and my parents are constantly telling me that i am a fuck up. So tell me, where is the bright side of living in this situation? If the people that are supposed to care about you all of a sudden stop, what is the point of continuing on in life with no one to love or to love you back?
23 Jun 2001 lizzy.w slitting your wrists or throat with a very sharp knife
23 Jun 2001 Myri After much thought i have decided the best way to kill yourself has got to be drowning in a giant churning vat filled with chocolate, singing God save the queen and wearing a suit made of razor blades so as you are churned you are also severed!
22 Jun 2001 Danubis mmmmm.... well, i guess i have just one thing to say. I have been in the suicide situation and have nearly gone the long walk. The only way to kill yourself when you're thirteen is wait till your fourteenth birthday. Then killing yourself won't be an issue because hopefully by that time you will have woken up and realised that suicide is really the chickens way out. My advice and i plead you to take it, is to, stick to all those you think are against you by becoming the best person you can be. For example, if guys at school beat you up every lunch for your money. Do this, offer to buy them lunch, it may sound silly but soon they will realise that you do not care for the money. You just hate being picked on (but feed yourself as well). Soon they will forget the game because you no longer present a challenge. They will instead move on to someone else. And if you think your parents are ragging (getting up you) to much or perhaps you are unfortunate enough to be in an abusive family. Tell them you love them and you hope that one day you can love your children as much as they love you. Because really when you turn my age, you realise that all those people who crapped on you when you're young eventually disappear from your surroundings, unless you punish yourself by staying near them. There is one rule i live by and i ask you to live by the same. Death comes to us all, why rush it........
21 Jun 2001 TJ Hi, here is a story for you to help you understand why you feel the way you do. Imagine in the middle of you life you decide to move into an 8x8 room with no windows and doors. In that room you have a child. Over the years you draw pictures of trees and mountains and rivers so you child will know what the outside world is really like. Remember there are no windows or doors. As you child gets older he/she comes to you and say, "you know, trees are very small aren't they, and the world is pretty flat." At that moment you realize you can never explain what the real world looks like. They will never understand reality. We are the child in the story and God is the parents. And no matter what he can never explain to you what reality looks like. All God can do is tell us He loves us and to trust him. We are in a world where Satan is the prince, don't let him fool you to. In Christ, TJ
21 Jun 2001 name's Somber but you can call me God... play dodge ball on an open free way
21 Jun 2001 suicidegentleman sauter d'une falaise en sautant a la corde
21 Jun 2001 scott La meilleure facon de se suicider quand on a moins de 13 ans c'est de boire un litre de vodka additionné avec un litre de tequila, le tout shaké avec du sang de boeuf que l'on a pris grand soin d'abattre au fusil à pompe. Si en plus on rajoute des minuscules agrafes dans le sang de boeuf, il y a des chances pour que ce soit un suicide bien violent et bien abominable.
Bien sur on peut faire cela dans un bain tiède en se coupant les veines, ce qui rajoute un peu de piquant à l'histoire. A cet instant, normalement on devrait être bien suicidé. Il y a peu de chances que l'on soit là le lendemain pour vérifier que l'on a bien réussi.
Voilà, c'est comme ça. Bonne chance pour ce suicide. Toute personne de moins de 13 ans se suicidant de cette facon est priée de me joindre sur mon téléphone portable et de me laisser ses coordonnées. Merci.
21 Jun 2001 James step inside an operating gas oven
21 Jun 2001 Stuff pills and booze mixed together in VERY large quantities. LARGE, damn you. You don't want to wake up after that with failing organs, do you?
21 Jun 2001 Brian Boone You shouldn't kill yourself. thats' a really stupid thing to do because God gave you the gift of life so killing yourself would be like telling God you don't wan't his gift and throwing it back in his face...
20 Jun 2001   commit suicide is a good way to kill yourself!!
20 Jun 2001 Yandoon Mouchette, I think every so often you should put up your "Top Ten" favorite suicide methods on your main page. And, you could also arrange interviews with people who have committed suicide because wouldn't they be the ones who know what really works?
20 Jun 2001 Yandoon Pour gasoline all over your face and down your throat. Then find a match or lighter and ignite. If that doesn't kill ya, then smash yourself over the head with a bowling trophy.
20 Jun 2001 Gabriella drink bleach, and from there on, since your throat will swell up, then choke to death
19 Jun 2001 Jon I'm only 22 years old. I have been suicidal for a long while. I been admitted to the phychiatric ward many times, which only prolongs the pain. I have tried the medication thing, like celexa, trofranil, prozak, xanax, rivitrol, olanzapine, but my situation is still the same. So I'm planning a huge suicide party for myself. I've got the poison I will use and have the medication to overdose on. I'm smiling just thinking about! :-)
Good bye world.
I am not going to miss you "world"
19 Jun 2001 Moore-Bid The best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is to go to a laundry mat, crawl into a heavy duty washing machine and tape a note and some quarters to the door asking for someone to please deposit coins for wash. Make sure you remind them to shut the door tight and to add fabric softner during the second rinse. Now you will be dead and squeaky clean.

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