Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Dec 2001 Titney Spears If you are like me, turn up at the MTV awards with a snake round your neck, and suffocate in front of all those famous people. If you have plastic tits then thats a bonus, cos all you need to do is stand near the heating system, and wait for the tits to explode. Wow! Then all those lusty guys can all have a piece of you!
If none of these apply then you could always listen to me singing "Stronger" on repeat!
22 Dec 2001 Elastica Smother yourself in tomato sauce, and go to the house of that Cannibal down the street. Sit on a huge plate in front of his house, complete with fries and side salad and wait until it's dinnertime. Sure enough you'll be too tasty for him. Cool way to die to give another person pleasure from your death.
22 Dec 2001 anna while this is a sick and disgusting website i feel for the people that are on here. a lot of you have had really fucked up lives, and i wish you hadn't. don't go trying to blame, kill urself. no, you don't have reason to hate yourself like i do, i have a perfect life and a great family and i've tried to kill myself 3 times because i hate myself.
21 Dec 2001 Mike I have some advice, don't try just using sleeping pills alone to kill yurself cuz all it does is make u throw up for a day and after that u can't eat for the longest time cuz u'll have bad stomach and the mere sight of pills with makes u quiver. so if ur gonna use sleeping pills add it with driving ur parent's car on the highway or taking a bath (drowning). to all those ppl who think us suicidal ppl are ""mental" or "stupid" fuck u

20 Dec 2001 kris try a large dose of insulin
20 Dec 2001 Amy Hey guys. Some of you remind me of my younger sister, who's in junior high (I'm in college). If anyone needs to talk, my email is I don't want to judge you or tell you what to do, just listen.
20 Dec 2001 Morgue Man Whoever authored and supported this site - YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE FACE OF DEATH! You haven't seen a parent sob in front of thier dead love one! My experiences help me realize how important living is and will be. I have very unfortunate experiences in life. I still love to live no matter what. You who created this site - are you lonely? Insecure ? Are you afraid of something? You have a deep rooted problem with yourself. Speak up! Why did you create such site? Does it matter? Are you hiding something? Is thier something that trouble you?
If you kill yourself you look more humiliating inside the bodybag!!!!It's the worst insult above all! Don't waste
your life. Everybody will experience hardship in one way or another. Show yourself your tough and someone not scared. Talk to friends and your parents, neighbors, classmates, counsellors, starngers, sisters, pastors. YOU CAN'T IGNORE THE FACT THAT LIVING IS MUCH BETTER AND ITS YOUR BEST CHOICE!!!!!!!!THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW!!!! Help somebody today! Buy a dog or something nice. Meet new people. Join a club, group......
18 Dec 2001 *~Lolly If u are a teenage girl tempted by suicide (like myself) put on the best dress that you can find... put on makeup galore and fill a porcelaine bathtub with chemicals and water... get in and cry while u try and drown yourself... make sure that u take a full bottle of sleeping pills before u fill the tub though
18 Dec 2001 Ben Twisted people with twisted minds you all are. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Don't fool yourselves! Don't do anything stupid without talking to someone or someones who will take the time, energy, and consideration to reason and talk some sense with you about your depression and insanity.

That's my recommendation. Talk to people who are reliable seriously and also people who care personally.

Folks! There are a lot of more good people out there than our self-oriented and limited minds can imagine at times.

It's just a matter of running into them!
Or perhaps doing something to find them!

Whatever you do..... there are many of them out there... some more helpful than others.... but many who can do some small part to enlighten the twisted depraved mind you have become infected with either deliberately or through some
mental psychological conditioning of some brainwashing influence somehow through some cycle of your life.

Again..... there are awesomely genuine, loving, thoughtful, helpful, and even patient and enduring people out there who will go out of their way to help those who need it badly... such as those who feel genuinely depressed about life.... I'm not referring to those of you who consider this some form of insane mental theoretical entertainment......

Again.... there are people who will help.... they will help by being there for you in the crossroads of vulnerability. These are truly "friends."

Look for them and trust yourself enough to try and look for them. Don't give up on yourself when it seems others have done so. Again.....

there are people out there who will destroy you!~

And yes, there are people out there who will not only be good to you... but will go out of their way to assist you in any way they possibly can..... these are the genuinely trustworthy types!

Thank God for them!-
18 Dec 2001 alexis the best way to kill ur self when ur only 13 is to kiss all of the people u love even if they don't love u and then (this works for all pple not just fat pple) take a knife and cut all of the fat off ur body starting on ur legs and doing ur arms last ur parents will find u in a mess of blood fat and scin :)
17 Dec 2001 Sara none of u ppl who r sayin dat u shouldn't try to kill ur self have any idea wha their talkin about the live their happy little lives sheltered from the hardships and shit lives the rest of us have to put up with u have parents who listen to you friends who care and are lookin forward to x mass i like a few of u other ppl agree that suicide is de only way to be happy. i'm headin toward x-mas knowin dat i'm gonna spend most of it slashing my arms for the third year in a row while listenin to my parents fight about how much my mothers had to drink and when de slashing doesn't work crying myself to sleep ye dont know jack so get a life
17 Dec 2001 Jimmy Joe Jackson You should go look around at restaurants and stores and things and get as many helium filled balloons as possible. Then when you get home suck all of the helium out of the balloons until you pass out and die. and if you want blood and stuff just either cut yourself or punch yourself in the nose or something and rub the blood all over yourself and clothes before you do it. that way you will die quick and painlessly and you will have blood all over you.
17 Dec 2001 Heather Poison, then drown yourself.
16 Dec 2001 Dan The best way would be to jump off a tall building. or steal all ur parents drugs and their booze, swallow all the drugs, then drink ALL the booze.
(p.s. God doesn't exist, so don't kill urself to go to "heaven" cuz there isn't one, u'll not exist anymore"
16 Dec 2001 Catherine Langlois s'étripper soi-même. il est toujours bien de savoir de quoi on l'air nos tripes une fois dans notre vie.
16 Dec 2001 slag bag im serah, and i'm 14 years old i can get very suicidal at times. my life is fucked up and so am i, i am a slut i had sex when i was 12, i self-mutilate, i drink, i do every fucking
i'm now listening to papa roach-last resort, i just feel so suicidal i will find some drugs haha
<< Slag bag >>
16 Dec 2001   It depends on whether you live in a city or the suburbs. If you live in an apartment building 8 stories or more high jump off the roof. It will be easy to do even if the door to the roof is locked because all you have to do is go at night and tell the doorman you want to look at the stars and they will let you go up no problem. If you live in a house with a garage it's even easier, just steal the car keys, turn on the ignition and take a nap. (Carbon monoxide caused by the car exhaust building up inside the car and garage). If you can't use one of those 2 methods jump in front of a train. Carbon monoxide is really the best method but hey you take what you can get...

Serious note here: IF YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS DON'T DO IT. If there's anybody in this world who you care about and who cares about you, you have no right to kill yourself. The horrible thing about suicide is that it hurts the exact people you don't want to hurt, those who have been nice to you, those who like you. If you genuinely have not a single person who cares about you (and ask around because you may be more important to others than you think!)(pets count as people by the way, in fact a loved one's death can hit them harder as they have no way to understand why or how it happened) then go ahead and kill yourself.
13 Dec 2001 Vampyre_Yak With sleeping pills and vodka. So it doesn't hurt so much. Blood messes up the carpet somewhat and, the razor DOES hurt!
13 Dec 2001 Daniel I Just had a friend kill himself and I think this page is amazingly fu@#^* up and I am going to try my damndest to get this piece of shit web site taken off the internet... However you stuipid fucks probably have nothing better to do then make another stupid ass web site anyway! So the way I see it is I am not going to waste my time but I will say this, anyone who thinks no one cares about them you're so fucking wrong no matter who you are... You could be one of the fucking terrorists for shit sake's, there is still someone who will love you and miss you and the people who are saying no one will care you're so beyond stupid and fucked up in the head it's ridiculous...! so if anyone needs to talk to work shit out then just write a response...!
12 Dec 2001 dlsan Dying by the death, you cannot die without death.

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