Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Nov 2001 myrh WHEN YOURE UNDER 13, U SHOULD B HAPPY, RIGHT?? WELL... THAT'S WAT I THOUGHT, ALTHOUGH I WASN'T, I'M ONLY 14 NOW, BUT I CAN REMEMBER DAYS WEN I WAS 7, AND ASKED MY PARENTS HOW I COULD KILL MYSELF. The truth is, is that some people are born with chemical embalances, and it's hard to see, and go through, i'm still suffering badly, and i've attempted suicide more times than i can count, because of all of this, i am addicted to pain, i cut and burn my legs and arms. i let guys abuse me, and i don't care, my father beats me, and my mum doesn't care. there are people who care, not just cause they're paid to, but i push them aways, i get in shit with the police all the time, and i lived on the streets for a while. There are soo many ways to kill yourself, but the truth is, is that more often than not, ur unsuccesful, and in many cases u can be left with many life ruining damages, which just make u feel worse. I know im being a hypocrit when i say this, but u should go get help, if ur thinking of suicide, no matter how much i hate talking, and it hasn't done anything for me, at least give urself a chance, u owe it to u! i hope u all understand what i mean, i'm sure u do, if any one ever needs to talk, or wants sum 1 there for them, i'll do my best, my email is and my name is myrh, thank you for your time
21 Nov 2001 the Wizard of Madness There are MANY ways to kill yourself if you are under 13. My favorite would be to steal the keys to the car. Get on the four lane, and run 100MPH (or faster if possible) into a bridge support. Not only would you die on impact, You would hopefully take the overpass with you and any other vehicles driving over. If you're going to kill yourself, kill as many other people as possible. Personally I would go on a killing spree before i killed myself, such as my heroes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
20 Nov 2001 Can't Tell You get 8 F's in school subject and wait until your parents see it... well~ that's what i thought...
20 Nov 2001 jessica I jus wanna say this site rocks now i have plenty of hurtfull ways to kill myself and be free thank u ever so much
19 Nov 2001 john This goes to the maker and the person who's picture and stuff is after the post. I don't want to know you, I am older and not a pervert anyway. But in all respect I mean to be nice and compliment you, in that you are a cute girl, as I could see from the picture. Also you are not alone, and you aren't weird or anything. My mood changes all the time too! My friend and I call it "modes", and we believe a human can only be truely understanding and human if they have them, as to understand what other people go thru. I liked your site, good luck and I wish the best for you.
19 Nov 2001 John I'm 16, but I contemplated suicide from when I was 12. I haven't done it cause I love my family too much and even though I would be dead it still seems wrong. My life sucks though, well maybe in essence it does but I warp it in my head to suck, and can't help it. I even go to a psychiatrist and am on happy pills and lithium. They do shit, for me that is. I hate this world, it's evil, this is hell! I don't think I can be held responsible for suicide cause then fuck God for making me with screwed up biochemistry. Anyway, it's just our culture that condemns it, its social cultural conditioning, and in other places once someone is useless in society members are encouraged to kill themselves. But I want to do just the opposite, fuck this shit society that makes me a mere product of capital. The rest of society should go to hell, not me, if hell even existed. People have countlessly abused me for my generousity and niceness. This is a world were agressive fuck faces manipulate everyone and own the world. A world where once you become intelligent in an abstract and understanding way it hurts to live. Personally if I can get myself to do it, I am going to get drunk and jump in front of a high speed train. Or i'll get drunk and swim and swim and swim until I can swim no more and I am too far to get back. I just don't know if I can do it to my parents though. If I do, I am going to carry a large proclamation and statement in order to help the world realize some of its badness. But no one listens now, and I am not sure anyone would care. Peace, if you can be happy, go for it and tell me how you got there. Don't give up until all hope is lost. Also, "die" to your family in a better way before the actual act such as becoming very queer and distant, drive them nuts, make them not want you, so that you don't hurt them as much. Trust me, it really sux to loose a loved one and I wouldn't want to do it to those I loved. Existence does not only lie in ourselves but them too, they go on, and then they suffer as much or more as we did that made people to kill themselves.
19 Nov 2001 Iceman When i kill myself im going to masterbate until i die!
18 Nov 2001 serious_about_it I'd say that the best way to commit suicide is to swipe five of those put-to-sleep needles inject yourself with it and slowly drift off to wonderland... peacefully... and happily.
18 Nov 2001 Nina Kat do it publically at skool, and just start cutting yourself once every minute, and when you finally get too tired to cut anymore, drink chemicals in science, slit your wrists, and wait peacfully... i dunno. i kinda dug what that one guy wrote about putting pencils in your nose, then proceeding to slam your face down on your desk. let me know if you guys have a really inventive way. i've been seriously lacking in the creative department.
18 Nov 2001 Cez the super whore I like 2 slash my arms and legs. it feels good 2 c the blood spill. the pain is good. im a 13yr old chain smoking psycho whore. i slept with sum boy cos i sniffed 2 much glue. i do 2 many drugs and i drink 2 much. my new boy wants 2 lik me out. i sukd him off on a public footpath we got caught. i was abused at the age of 9 till 11 he used to touch me i can still feel it burning. my dad ran off he scares me. my mom nos i self harm but she doesnt care. she h8s me so much every1 says im a slut. truth hurts i guess dont try 2 slit ur wrists u get scars and every1 says u r attention seeking. take 30 paracetamol. i did b4 it hurts a bit but it should work unless u dont take enough like me. i did 10 OR u cud fuk my boy and i wud slash u up with a meat cleaver and drink ur blood HAHAHAHA fuk this
18 Nov 2001 somebody i think this is really sick're supposed to be supporting kids not wrecking them!!!
17 Nov 2001 Katy I tried commiting suicide loadsa times and i'm only 14. It made me feel better that i wouldn't wake up.... but then i did.. I was so fucking pissed off i'd tried something and i failed like everything else in my life. My friends my family my skool everything woz against me. I tried the easy one an over dose i took 25 paracetamels and made it go up and up but the bastards didn't work.... now i'm in a new skool and i haven't tried to overdose for ages.... my life is till fucked up but i'm gonna have to get fucking used to that... my friends aren't all real friends but i dont really know wot one is, they all use me for there convenience but i'm planning the greatest suicide of them all...... i just have to think it up first!
By the way....if ur thin these pages are a fucking load of rubbish.... wot the fuck are u doing on here???
17 Nov 2001 Never around when.... Alright this is what you do, you drink amonia which is in almost any household cleaner and drink sulfuric acid, light a match and drop it down your throat. now it might just go out in which case drink something flamable and then drop the match which will burn you from the inside out. remember to also cut your writs and stab yourself in the chest and make holes in your stomach for it will burn everything and inside out this might be very painfull but god damnit you've experienced enough shit, go out with a BANG!
16 Nov 2001 Tragic Demise First, You need to get together an extremely powerful bomb. Next, get a gun with bullets dipped in nitroglycerin. Third, find any newscaster/live tv broadcaster and shoot them with said gun. Steal a fast car. Bear in mind that you should still have the bomb with you. Get a real good police chase going, wait until you hear about it on the radio station of your choice, or better yet, get a portable tv tuned to a tv network and wait till you see your car on tv. Now for the key part. In mid chase, trigger the bomb. Should be a fairly nice explosion, and catch everyone by suprise. Well it's good for style anyway.
16 Nov 2001 n3wdude Only a handful of people here are here because they were thinking of suicide. I don't know what the rest were looking for when they found this site. The reason I'm here is because I've tried to kill myself about 12 times but it didn't work. I'm not 13 I'm 26 (just turned Nov. 10th) and have been in a bad marriage since I was 17. Most of the times that I have tried have been by overdosing, with the exception of once. I was going to shoot myself but could not. Idon't know why. No balls I guess. Pills are neater. But the problem with pills are I can't find anything that works, and believe me I have tried, taking hundreds and going off in the woods and going to sleep, just to wake up puking my guts out. What I'm here looking for is something that will work and can be gotten over the counter. Tylenol Benadril (both mixed) bottles of cough syrup and nameless others have not worked for me. I don't think I will ever be happy or even just not living in turmoil. See my problem is this: if I get divorced the bible say's I'm an adulterer to be with anybody else and for that I'm going to goto hell. But if I kill myself I am going out as a murderer and I go to hell. So I'm thinking what difference does it make? Why keep going through the shit just to go to hell. I hope nobody reads my fucked up logic and adopts it for their own. It's just that me and my spouse are playing the "let's see who can hurt the other the most" game again and I'm thinking about ending it all again. So anyway let's get some real suggestions in here so I can get on with my death. Oh and this could be a good room if we would put it to good use.
15 Nov 2001 Wouter Look @ Wouter Nottebaert !
15 Nov 2001 Robert Smith I killed myself when I was young, I used my mothers favourite gun, Into my mouth like a chocolate bun, and now I'm dead, oh what fun!
Well actually, I DID kill myself,(kinda). When I was 14. I hanged myself with a belt or something. ooh I remember it getting tighter around my neck, harder to feet were streching as hard as they could to reach ground. lol, but they just couldn't reach!...then i passed out..well, i like to say i died.. sounds cooler.
but then! my legs! they musta got longer whilst i was "dead". 'cause next thing i remember was..waking up. still hanging mind, but i ooh sorry. gotta go! bye! great site!
15 Nov 2001 Mr. Magestical Well it's an interesting question,
what do we mean when we say best. Quickest, most simple, funnyest most dramatic. Realistically being 13 or under should hardly limit your options. There is a virtual rainbow of self inflicted death out there if your only willing to look for it.
Quick list: electrocution( hairdryer in the bath) massive bleeding (slit wrists in a warm bath) debraining (shotgun blast in the mouth) overdose (eat every pill you can find)Defenestration(out the window you go) suicide by cop (call the cops and when they show up start menacing them with the knife a bit then rush em!).
As you can see there are many options and it would be regrettable to see anyone limit themselfs because of their age.
So best of luck and remember creativity is the key.
15 Nov 2001 dead already i plan on nicotine poisoning, apparantly there is enough in 6 cigarettes to kill an adult if fully digested, so a pouch of tobacco should do it. Thing is, i want to make surei do it properly so intend on painkillers and vodka too, so will somebody please email me telling me how many i should need to take? and what are the strongest ones. im waiting for replys. thanks.
14 Nov 2001 Carol If you're serious about suicide, any form of self destruction will do because, all feeling and emotion is gone. I still read feelings and emotions all over this site, and besides you're afraid you'll succeed. I've attempted sucide 5 times, sometimes I'm glad I here and sometimes I'm not. Life is hard but that doesn't make me sucidal bi-polar does and some day it may kill me. My suggestion go lay on the railroad tracks, believe me it shall be fast painless and you will be the hero of all your friends. Good luck, I hope you put as much energy into life, for it can be better. A SUICIDE SUVIVOR

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