Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Jan 2002 baby smith Publish a sexbook with you posing in many different, sick, sexual positions (like Madonna did) and commit career suicide. this has a big chance of back firing on you big time, it could turn out that you become so popular from it you will be very well protected.
26 Jan 2002 Lucy Cortina I just discovered that my sister has used the last of my sanitary towels to make hammocks for her dolls. AHHHHHHHHH! I'm as close as ever to suicide!!
26 Jan 2002 io Make a fool of yourself attempting to seduce a Sex God. Cue the short skirt, bright lipstick and fishnet tights.
You will die of embarassment.
26 Jan 2002 Lucy Cortina There are 8 things wrong with my life:

1. I have one of those under-the-skin spots that will never come to a head but lurk in a red way for the next 2 years.
2. It is on my nose.
3. I have a 3-year-old sister who may have peed somewhere in my room.
4. I am very ugly and need to go to an ugly home.
5. I went to a party dressed as a stuffed olive.
6. My teacher is a lesbian.
7. She makes us go jogging in the cold in our gym knickers.
8. I suspect my dad is a transvestite. (I found a pink apron in his bedroom)

* If you want a form of suicide, try walking a mile in my shoes. You will soon think of plenty of good ideas.
26 Jan 2002 slipknot babe i cant understand life, and i cant get out. i dont want to feel the pain anymore, and so i cut. the blood takes away my problems. but i cant bleed forever, and all i know is that there is no hope. i wish i could die, i just cant succeed, god someone please give me a gun.
26 Jan 2002 ingrid z overdose on flinstones chewables and playdo, maybe sniff a couple hundred magic markers after to numb the pain.
25 Jan 2002 void What is the best way to kill urself? Well, I guess everyone who might know the answer are all DEAD!

Seriously, I cannot understand that, for people who does not consider how they want to die, can consider how they want to live. Death is a part of life, and life is full of choice, getting urself suicide is one of the choice u could make in ur life. What is wrong with that?
When I went to those search engines and type in 'suicide', those site for helping people forget about suicide all come out. It makes me sick! I am a chinese. I remember a great book everyone used to talk about in China a few years ago, and eventually it got banned coz it was too popular.
That was the book "the complete guide for getting suicide", introducing around 100 practical way to end ur life in an easy way(from what people believes). I am looking for that book right now. If anyone had seen it before, please put it up here. THANKS.
25 Jan 2002 Lady Venom The best way to kill yourself when u r under 13 (the perfect age cause u r still small!) would be to crawl into a furnace.
or for an extra gruesome death, eat a can of beans directly before wedging yourself into the furnace.
25 Jan 2002 Lyn Suicide is the biggest FUCK YOU to society.
- GingerSnaps (movie)
The suicide doctor Dr. Jack himself decided the best way to commit suicide was to starve himself - that way he was the ultimate death - feeling himself slowly dye bit by bit, his body eating away at itself in hopes to regain something. If you are going to kill yourself take lesson's from someone who knows how to do it. Be creative; bridges, gas, wrists, guns - they've all been done before and frankly I'm upset at the lack of creativity in this world. Suicide notes are for people looking for pity and reason. THIS SOCIETY IS FUCKING CONFORMIST AND I DON'T WANT TO BE A FUCKING PART OF IT. There's a fucking suicide note to leave your mommy.
25 Jan 2002 one fucked up nut if you really want to go out in a way so that no one will forget you i have some good ideas for all you little devils:
1.) procure a motorcycle, learn to ride it, then go out on the highway without a helmet. when you reach the speed of 100 mph hurl yourself off face first. I assure you there will be nothing left of your face besides a bloody heaping mass of flesh.
2.) This is a good one for anyone who lives near the ocean: find a way to get out to sea, cut yourself in several places and jump in the water, i guarantee no one will forget your pale bloated carcass, with massive chunks of flesh ripped out from a shark, floats to shore or the surface.
3.) have someone very close to you dissect you while you're still alive, then have them place hooks in between the incision and pull in every which way, once your stomach is completely wide open with you watching, your intestines and other organs will proceed to fall out.
25 Jan 2002 true name the best way to kill yourself when you're 13 is to live a long life and die of natural causes. i could get very philosophical about this, but the answer to this Koan is simple. life is death. death is life. your body and brain are your suicide kit.

i could get semantic and argue the meaning of 'best' but that's pointless.

if you're actually asking 'what's the best way to exorcise these hormonal demons i'm living with by eliciting pity from strangers by being histrionic about suicide' then refer to the other silly answers above and below mine
25 Jan 2002 Jesse Stoddard Hello, this is Jesse again. I just read all the nasty things people have said about this site. Well, have a little respect kids. I am appalled that you show no appreciation whatsoever towards a site that aims only to help those in need. Shame on you!
25 Jan 2002 Jesse Stoddard Christ, this really is a hard question! But it does need answering... If I were 13 and wanted to kill myself, first I'd do all the things I ever wanted to do that I never did (ie- Having sex, Eating another human (canniblism), fucking a child under 6 years old, Brutally killing anyone who had ever crossed me etc...) After I did all this, The cops would probably be after me, so, I'd in turn take the gun I had previously killed my enemies with, throw on some headphones with some Slayer blasting into my ears at full volume (song: Mandatory suicide, Album: South of heaven) Go to the tallest building I could find and take a dive, while on the way down, I'd shoot myself in the head. I hope that will serve as a suitable reference for those under 13 who are going to commit suicide.
25 Jan 2002 Guardian I'm 15, so I can't really tell you what the best way to kill yourself is when your under 13... not that that should make a difference or anything. Well anyways, what I would do, is first, find a gun. Any gun will do, preferably a semi-automatic... and make sure you have tons of ammo. Go to the main office at your school, make sure no one is around. Point the gun at the clerk, and demand the schedules for every jock and prep and christian freak, and goody goody jackass that ever wronged you. Make sure you know exactly what sport all the jocks play, and what position, AND that they are idiots, and their only hope of making it in life is a scholarship by sports. The preps/everyone else, don't really matter. Soon after you leave the office, I am sure your school will announce that it's time to go into lockdown procedure, or code red, or whatever the fuck they call it. Find every classroom that your victims might be in. Bust down the door, order everyone to stay perfectly still, except for your victim. Order them to stand up and come to the front of the room (of course, all of this would be much better if you had one of your homicidal/suicidal friends with you.. just wait, the good parts coming soon) If he happens to be a star quarterback, shoot him in the right shoulder. If he happens to be a soccer player, shoot him in the thigh, etc etc. But don't kill him, kill the preps and assholes, and everyone who doesn't have anything to live for but doesn't know it yet. Beforehand, be sure you leave a will and all that shit for your parents. continue your killing spree untill you get bored, or finish. Then with your remaining bullet, kill yourself. Otherwise, if you don't feel like going through all the trouble of killing all these people yourself, and the preplanning and all that, you can wait untill some other kid starts to shoot up the school, knock him out and take his stuff, when he wakes up, yell at him for being a moron, for a while, and then tell him your plan. ask him to help you out, if he doesn't, kill him and continue as above stated. Don't forget killing yourself in the end, but it's always best to get the assholes first.
24 Jan 2002 meow walk through new york city and scream " I am Osama Bin Laden" or John Walker, your choice
24 Jan 2002 The BiPolar Lady Talk 2 me. Im bi polar so i kno wat its like 2 hurt. And no i wont cum out with sum kinda 'god luvs ya' bullshit cus it aint tru. I been thru more shit than ne fucker i kno. I got paranoia problems and god knos wat els. Life sux but sum ppl deserve a chance. Sure, it feels degrading 2 kno that a brain disease is takin ova u but if i can cope ne fucker can. I have dark moments and i have a lot of them but iv learnt 2 shut up and rely on myself. Yeah, lifes hard, its very hard and it often dusnt get betta, but u can stop ureself from gettin in the shit ppl like me hav got ourselves in2. If uve got sum1 2 talk 2 in those dark moments @ 2 am on a friday nite wen ure stoned or drunk and cant c 4 the tears and u just dont have the energy 2 scrape ureself off the floor then ure lucky. But if u havent then talk 2 me. I dont discriminate and iv been thru more shit than ud think. I wont lecture u ill listen. And i wont spin sum bull about life bein precious cos the world dont work that way. Even if u dont wanna talk about ure probs feel free 2 chat bout drugs or sex or wateva. Take care xxx (TheLadyKnos)
24 Jan 2002 monica slit your wrists
23 Jan 2002 Karen Wow, this is quite a site. After doing research on this "Movie" all I can say is...
The girl? Mouchette who started this site is an artist. I do find it a bit disturbing (to be honest I find it very disturbing) but in this country we pride ourselves on our constitution and Free Speech is part of that.

The only two people that I have ever known that have died have committed sucide. Why? No one knows Why? So answer me this question. What in "life" makes you believe it will be better "after life" and how do you know it won't get worse after you die? Shouldn't you live you life to the fullest now while you are still here, rather than cutting it short? (no pun intended) After reading all of these ideas that other people have don't you realize now that you are not alone! That there are people out there just like you. Can't you find support in them rather than wanting to end it all?

Continue being free and making decisions that is what LIFE is all about after all.

And for all you kids out there who think you have it bad... I thought I had it bad when I was your age. I don't live at home now and my "bad" childhood has made me a wonderful adult... Hang in there...Not litterally!

Good luck with this site, And continue to be the artist you are...
23 Jan 2002 thanku 4 sextoys! Hey make it fun! Go to Area 51 (or whatever its called) and search for the little green men they keep there. With luck u will get shot to ribbons before u get anywhere near. If not, this is ur opportunity! If u make it to the place where they keep the aliens in buckets of vinegar then that's cool! You have a few choices here - Jump into the buckets of vinegar with the aliens (when they find ur corpse they will be none the wiser) and choke on vinegar or whatever. Second choice: Head off to that 'other' secret room where they keep the 'alien spaceship'. On entering, you will be shocked out of ur pants. You will discover the REAL purpose of Area 51. You will see that the reason they have been keeping it so secret is...... wait for it......
Cos thay are making secret new 'state of the art' SEX TOYS! Stuff like shaggable dolls, chocolate covered condoms (hey, don't they already make them?), spandex whips laced with cum etc. So having got this far you can be the first person to test these secret sex toys. You will soon realise that they need a bit of work, after they rip off your privates and you die from the terrible pain.
Have a nice day!
23 Jan 2002 CoW pAt Overdose on milk. You stupid cow!

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