Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Aug 2001 LifeIsAwesome First of all, most of you underminded children haven't even reached puberty let alone even know what it's like to live! You think life sucks now, wait until you are grown up and raising a child on your own! What about going through a divorce, you children haven't even begun to live, take a walk with god, realize why you are here! After all he put you on this earth for a reason and obviously you are so damn inconsiderate to see that! Once you kill yourself, that's it!... You will NEVER be able to look down on your family, and when you do get to see them you will be looking up! Just because you died painfully, well that's nothing compared to what you will go through in hell! I guess you must want jagged rusty old razor blades and knived dragging across your soul... even though you are a spirit you can FEEL IT!!!!! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON.....

You children really have issues, I personally think you guys only want to die because you think it's "in and the cool thing to do". NOBODY will respect you for it, it's NOT funny or even cute, and little as you asshole know, insurance will NOT cover a suicide! So think of your family and how you want to be remembered! I had a VERY close friend of mine hang himself because he was going to go to jail for theft, so he got drunk and hung himself! The downside of that was me being one of the EMT's on call! I've seen things you guys only imagine about in your sick little minds, you can become and EMT-1 at age 16, but you need 125-150 hours of training! But wait a minute, why would you selfish children care about saving others! Just turn to god and ask for forgivness now and turn to him and learn to love! You guys have A LOT to learn and I found this retarded little site while looking up stuff on fake dental braces for a halloween costume! GROW UP!!! Life is soooo WORTH living!
22 Aug 2001 Anonymous Actually, that should have been the "5-second rule".
20 Aug 2001 Anonymous Jumping off something would be a good idea, but it has to be very tall. If you are jumping out of a window or off the roof of a building, make sure it is at least 8 or more stories tall and that you land on something hard such as concrete. If you are jumping off a cliff or other natural feature then you should be able to spit and have the spit fall for eight seconds or more. This rule of thumb I call the "8-second rule". If you fall for 8 seconds or more and land on something hard you will most definitely die. This is completely painless. As soon as you hit the ground you cease to live.

An even better way, though, would be to go skydiving. Jump out of the plane, and take off your parachute and throw it away. Turn yourself upside down and stiffen your arms and legs, so you are upside down doing a "pencil dive". This posture speeds you up so your skydiving instructor cannot save you.

If you are jumping off of something else such as a building or cliff, turn upside-down and at an angle so that you hit the ground with your neck and upper back. Happy falling!
20 Aug 2001   What's with everyone's attitude here. Doesn't it say above that this is meant as a TOY so you can PRETEND to kill yourself? Can't you self-rightous morons READ? Man, just mention the word "suicide" and watch a million peoples faces go blank as they mutter some inane platitude about how sacred life is and how it would hurt everyone else and how selfish you are and...


But, let's play devil's advocate, shall we..?

If you want to commit suicide, it's out of pain and the lack of hope that things will improve. Are you selfish to kill yourself without regard for how your family will feel? OR PERHAPS your family are the selfish ones for not being able to accept that you were subject to such a level of pain and hopelessness. Perhaps they're guilty of expecting you to soldier on despite a deep, overwhelming pain that's consuming you - a pain that, presumably, they are not subject to.

Perhaps suicide is a personal choice.

Oh yeah, best way? Carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn on car while still in garage. Go to sleep. Don't wake up.
18 Aug 2001 Tom Bush I always thought the best way to kill myself would be to hide in the back yard in the long grass and wait till my dad comes out to cut the lawn. He would run over me with the lawnmower and cut me to ribbons hence loss of blood
15 Aug 2001 Mr.X I'm not saying it's ok to kill yourself, in fact I escaped death many times, only to find out that my life is starting to fall into place, although I haven't completely found the answer to why
I'm here, it's starting to come to me, I just want certain people to understand that these people who want to kill themselves need to hear down to earth answers, not this petty " you're stupid for trying to kill yourself, or God said not to commit suicide........ These people need to be comforted by others helping them find away out of their deep depressions, like I have, only I had to do it on my own...... IF ANYONE IS THINKING ABOUT COMMITING SUICIDE FOR WHATEVER REASON AT LEAST GIVE ME AN E-MAIL, I'M NOT HERE TO PRESSURE ANYONE, I'M NOT HERE TO CONVINCE YOU NOT TO, BUT I MIGHT BE ABLE TO REALLY GET YOU TO THINK ABOUT YOUR SITUATION, AND I'M EXPERIENCED IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW, BUT MY LAST MESSAGE THAT I POSTED, HOPEFULLY I CAN HELP YOU TRY AND FIND SOME ANSWERS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! MY ADDRESS IS
15 Aug 2001 StormHeart In search of happiness:
Happiness in like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but when you turn your attention to other things, it will come and safely sit on your shoulder.
15 Aug 2001 chelle pplz i have a psychotic mother and she has tried to kill herself many times! have u ever stopped to think about what u r gonna do to ur family! you may have problems but don't hurt your family coz u can't deal with them
15 Aug 2001 Cocaine this page is fucking cool! i always thought it would be crazy just to walk up to some dude and shoot them in the back of the head, with a shot gun. lol
15 Aug 2001 Can-d u people make me sick. i tried to kill myself before and i don't find u should kill yourself dudes cause it is better to live
15 Aug 2001 Dr...Anonymous First of all, you shouldn't worry about what will happen after your death. For you, there will be no consequences, you will be dead. There will however, be consequences for your friends and/or families so THINK IT THROUGH!
Secondly, before you act consider this, everybody changes drastically in their teenage years. As you get older, you will probably find that the things that upset you now, will become trivial and unimportant to you. Look at how you have changed from when you were a baby!
Finally, if there is absolutley no other way out, and you have exhausted ALL other possibilities, then I would recommend an overdose of sleeping tablets/Heroin (These will almost certainly guarantee a painless death.) The necessary dosage will vary upon the type of tablet or the purity of the heroin. Of course, firearms offer another painless solution but, like Heroin, they may be difficult to obtain.
13 Aug 2001 becci Lick your fingers then put them in a plug socket in the wall.
13 Aug 2001 suicidaire se rentrer un pieu par les narines, jusqu'au cerveau
13 Aug 2001 email me death is no joke. i don't think that you people are sick. i think that you just have very serious problems, i mean i have a suicidal mother and i know what it's like but there are other answers. and to all you people that say they are crazy, they are not crazy, they are just people who really have no one to talk to and need someone there. so if any of you ever need someone to talk to email me. my email is
12 Aug 2001 jessieB some sort of poisonius bug!!!!!!!!!
or your mom's homemade chutney
12 Aug 2001 Bizkit just walk fast on a highway and don't look either side. you never no which side will hit you first
12 Aug 2001 12yr old english whore I am depressed and have been 4 the last year. I'm a prostitute. i hate my self i am anorexic but i cant stop. I have had 1 pregnancy scare already. My x boyfriend is threatening me he says he will hurt people soon and i might b 1 of them. He is on pills. I am so scared of wat he might do. My mom is out 2nite at a gig with her band and i have 2 look after my sister, i cannot cope mom is never in. 4 yrs ago my dad ran off with mom's drummer's wife. i miss him which is stupid cos he is a wanker. he doesn't want me, we haven't spoken since october. My mom suffered from depression 4 a while and i had 2 look after her. i was so scared i was only 8, it's so unfair. I have a good singing voice which people like, so they dont think i could be depressed. No1 understands. I smoke a lot, drink a lot, and i am addicted 2 paracetamol and solvents. I don't think i'm worth a lot 2 boys cos something happened 2yrs ago over a period of about a year i think it was sexual abuse with my music teacher. I feel damaged and used. I get so tired of living. I can never let emotion out like by crying cos my face just goes blank and everything stays squashed up inside so i cut my arms partly just because i deserve it. Some people say i need help but i tell them 2 fuck off so should u if they tell u that. A while ago i started trying 2 find ways 2 kill myself on the Web. The best 1 so far is 2 write a huge suicide note 2 all the mother fuckerz who have pushed u over the edge (parents, teachers, other scumbags) and then get pissed off ure face and swallow as many pills as possible. Just make sure no1 finds u b4 u hav died. xxx
11 Aug 2001 tracey i would say lay in the middle of a street so and try to go to sleep. that way it looks like you were hit by a car to your family but yet to you.... you killed yourself... and you felt no pain. but you could also be awake whatever makes you happy, i guess...
11 Aug 2001 that girl Somehow make a bomb (with timer preferably) ...doesn't have to be a large one ...strap it to yourself and when you jump from the top of a large building, set the bomb to explode in mid air.
Or i guess one could have it set to a few minutes after one lands so that when others come to investigate...
But then again when I was thirteen i wouldn't have been able to do this, for lack of tall buildings and lack of bomb-like materials. I just slit my wrists instead. It doesn't work when people find you and take you to the hospital... Make sure no one finds you, or tries to save you...
If you think death is bad, try living through it.
11 Aug 2001 The name's help2000ag This site is not helping.
My whole life I had maximum of 1, 2, 3 friends and every year I lost them all but this year is the worst one of all and If I kill myself I will be happy to go to hell because in hell I don't have to worry about anyone being hurt by my actions and besides by the way people are describing hell I would say I am in a fucking hell already.

But if I don't kill myself and It doesn't get better remember the 1st chance I get to hijack, build or buy a nuclear weapon then I will blow this planet out of orbit.

Anyone who wishes to help in hijacking or building a nuclear weapon when I or anyone else has a chance to then e-mail me at

soon I'll be making a website and a club and believe me I will bring this world to an end if I don't kill myself first.

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